1. Tony says

    Psychiatry is killing your kids most all of the shooters who kill in schools are seeing or have seen psychiatrist and have been taking their drugs or stopped taking their psychotropic drugs. Guns do not kill unless some body pulls a trigger and that somebody is some person on psychiatric drugs. The real killers are psychiatry and their drugs.

  2. Dan Mc says

    The country refuses to pay for teachers but the NRA wants to us pay for armed guards? Here’s a solution – put a 300% surtax on every weapon, magazine, every piece of ammunition and fund the guards with the proceeds. There might be a positive side effect.

  3. melvin says

    And the NRA will do the training? He wants the federal government to spend billions financing his private army. It would of course have to be extended to cover shopping malls, churches, any place people congregate. That should work out well.

  4. procrastinate says

    this blog is awesome. i could kill hours here.

    @LITTLEKIWI, your posts are everywhere. where on earth do you find the time? or do the more active bloggers get a cut? curious, how does it work?

  5. Disgusted American says

    hmmm, NO MONEY for school education but Money to have armed guards…….? REALLY?!? WTF ……yea, do that – and make America MORE of a LAUGHING stock!

  6. says

    are you talking about the reality that the elderly and children are often used as drug mules across borders?

    or the galling reality that most canadian gun violence is perpetrated with weapons smuggled over the border from the US?

    why are you even talking about the TSA when here we have the NRA claiming that, despite the Right not thinking money should be spent on healthcare, beefing up education, that somehow there’s money that would be best spent training and arming guards in hundreds of thousands of schools?

  7. Stefan says

    The one thing I will agree with LaPierre on is that more attention needs to be paid to the video game industry. My father was in social work, and as soon as realistic, hyper-violent POV shooter games became commonplace his client crisis load got much, much worse. But LaPierre and his ilk need to realize that the weapon Lanza used is a weapon that should never be in civilian hands, period. People should not be able to legally develop military style armories or own any weaponry without mental and physical screening of themselves and those residing with them. I’ll take that kind of curtailing of liberty over putting armed guards in school who might get a George Zimmerman complex.

  8. JohnAGJ says

    @LittleKiwi: Oh I’m sorry, apparently when you mentioned “free culture” such a term has little bearing to what these words actually mean. It’s okey-dokey to have TSA grope everyone without just cause but the very notion of having security in schools, regardless of how infeasible it is? That’s apparently too much and threatens us having a “free culture”. Gotcha.

  9. Diogenes Arktos says

    All I can think of when there are official guns in all schools is a totalitarian state.

    @Little Kiwi: one of the arguments about guns in the US is the remoteness of police in the sparser populated areas of the country. (It was even invoked in CT!) Are there similar discussions with Canada and its sparsely populated provinces?

  10. OddBet says

    Stefan, there is literally no evidence linking exposure to violent media and acts of violence in young men. The head of psychology and criminal justice at Texas A&M said just this week that there isn’t even the smallest evidence for any sort of causation. The US is in fact not the leading consumer of video games per capita, yet its level of gun violence is far beyond that of any other developed nation.

    Video games are just another convenient scapegoat for people that don’t want to deal with the real problems. John Hinckley attempted to assassinate a president explicitly because he saw Jodie Foster in a movie. Does that mean Jodie Foster causes violence?

    The vast majority of young men have played violent video games. You can’t take the fact that a small group of men happen to have also committed violent crimes and claim that their playing of video games is in any way related.

  11. Robert says

    Stefan, the video game industry already voluntarily puts age ratings on games, and a lot of video game stores already refuse to sell M (mature) rated games to minors without parental consent. I had a friend who worked at Gamestop who told me he couldn’t count the number of times a parent came in and yelled out him because he refused to sell his kid an M rated game.

    Nothing in video games can be compared to what is seen in movies.

  12. hugo says

    LaPierre sure has a weird concept of the definition of ‘meaningful’. This ‘more of the same’ crap sure ain’t it. But then, who would have expected anything else from them.

  13. bareback rider says

    With just one single exception, the attack on congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson in 2011, every public shooting since at least 1950 in the U.S. in which more than three people have been killed has taken place where citizens are not allowed to carry guns.

  14. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    The current proposals in Congress do not pertain to ordinary handguns and rifles, but rather military-style assault weapons capable of firing hundreds of bullet in a very short space of time. Such assault weapons are not used to defend someone’s home or in hunting. These assault weapons are weapons of war, and the only reason for having them is an intent to begin civil war or violently overthrow elected government (if, for example, the results of an election are not to your personal liking). This is also called treason. Oh, I’m sorry, does anyone need the spelling for that word again? T-r-e-a-s-o-n. RSVP.

  15. Adam says

    Every other country and person in the world knows the answer. You want to get rid of the gun violence? Get rid of the guns. I don’t know why Americans can’t see this.

    This time it’s video games. Remember last time when they blamed Marilyn Manson? Keeping pointing the finger away from the problem.

  16. says

    @Diogenes, not really.

    we do indeed have our pro-gun nuts up here, but we have a decidedly lower level of gun violence.

    jognagj, congrats on your willful moving of goalposts. your fifth grade teacher just gave you a C- in debate.

  17. Molc says

    From Michael Moore:”While NRA was on TV talking about more guns, some guy in Pennsylvania was walking up and down a road shooting people dead” Where will the security guards go?

  18. JohnAGJ says

    @LittleKiwi: while your just shakes their head and wonders where they went wrong. Face it, you have no problem with police state tactics when it comes to things like TSA but even the idea of armed security in schools, which we have in some right now btw, is suddenly a threat to liberty. Give me a break. At least show some consistency in your reasoning or is that just too hard for you to do?

  19. NE1 says

    I felt like this could be fake. This guy didn’t make a coherent point and kind of seemed creepy. I don’t mean to insult him if it was real, it’s probably hard to speak clearly when people are hauling you away, but if it was fake, it wouldn’t surprise me. The NRA planned this press conference very well, maybe they planned the protester too?

  20. Peter says

    NRA’s LaPierre just demonstrated his organization prefers pro-gun fanaticism over common sense.

    Our public schools are already hurting for money and have faced school supply shortages. If armed guards in every American school is such a great idea, how much would the NRA and its financial backers be willing to accept in raised taxes to pay for this program?

    Also, to have an armed guard’s presence be more than just show, said guard has to be willing to kill someone with a gun. Is seeing somebody killed with a gun right before their eyes a life lesson the NRA feels comfortable imparting to kids? Have they talked to kids who live in communities where drive-by shootings take place?

    Finally, there’s something I always wondered about those people freaking out about the federal government or other state apparatus taking away their guns. Given how lethal guns can be, it’s probable cops would be given the impounding job. Let’s say NRA types are willing to do what it takes to stop the state’s representatives from taking away their guns. So explain to me why it doesn’t mean that to keep their guns, NRA types are quite willing to kill cops. Or is that “cold, dead fingers” bit just hot air?

  21. NY2.0 says

    Ok so wait a minute, this guy wants us now to use tax payers money to bankroll his organization to train people to use guns around school children? Not one mention of why a civilian should have an assault rifle to begin with? Why aren’t there more background checks and finger printing of those who acquire guns? Oh right, that infringes on “freedom.”

    These people are nuts and they have no intention whatsoever in finding common sense solutions to gun violence. Their solution is more guns for everything (more profits too). I seriously doubt the framers of the constitution had the idea of anyone in society having the right to own an assault weapon in mind when they came up with the 2nd amendment.

  22. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Rich F: LOL There seem to be way too many Scientologists on TR.

    @Artie_in_Lauderdale: In fact legal treason is exactly how some interpret the second ammendment. They believe they should be able to match the government in fire power. I have, thankfully, yet to hear them say they deserve to have nuclear warheads.

  23. mikeinqueens says

    @YUPP Regardless of our sexuality, we are all Americans so this is a very “gay” issue.

    Also, hon, remember that NRA money has been used for decades by conservative group in their political and legislative campaigns to deny LGBT Americans their civil rights.

    That makes this a VERY gay issue.

  24. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Bareback Rider: You are ignoring the continuous street violence. For example, the Pennsylvania shooting referenced above had more than three dead.

    @Yupp: Read the masthead. Andy routinely has non-gay topics. For example, his science geek postings, which is one reason I like this blog.

  25. William J Urmson says

    The NRA is the largest domestic terrorist group in the US, maybe the world. Please watch this video called THE NRA PRAYER FOR NEWTOWN CT. I’m the creator of this music video and invite you to use it if you wish without obligation. If nothing else I hope you like it.
    Thanx and peace!
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