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Protester Interrupts NRA Press Conference: 'NRA Killing Our Kids' - VIDEO


Having said it planned to offer "meaningful contributions" to end gun violence in schools, Executive Director Wayne LaPierre spoke at a press conference on Friday morning and called for Congress to immediately appropriate money to put armed officers in every school in America. LaPierre said the NRA has 11,000 police training instructors willing to help.

LaPierre was interrupted by a protester from the activist group Code Pink, who unfurled a banner that read "NRA Killing Our Kids"and was carried out yelling the phrase.

The National School Shield program will be led by former Congressman Asa Hutchinson.

Watch the protester's moment and the full press conference, AFTER THE JUMP...

More from USA Today's live blog:

11:17 a.m. LaPierre asks: "Why is the use of a gun when it's asked to be used to protect the president or used by the police, but bad when it's used to protect children." He calls on the media to "at least admit that it's possible" that armed guards could have stopped the Newtown massacre.

11:13 a.m. LaPierre criticizes the media for getting basic facts about guns wrong. "They don't know what they are talking about. He makes the point that increased regulation of guns amounts to "dishonest thinking." He adds, "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

11:09 a.m. Federal gun prosecutions have decreased by 40% to lowest levels in a decade, LaPierre notes. He criticizes media for placing the blame on gun rights advocates and failing to talk about the "callous, corrupt shadow industry" pushed by Hollywood and video game makers.


And here's the presser:

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  1. Molc : Some American gays might be sick, yeah, but none of ours have been convicted of purposely injecting sex partners with HIV like in the Netherlands.

    Posted by: Yupp | Dec 21, 2012 2:19:47 PM

  2. @ Tony: You're either a Scientologist, a conspiracy nut, just plain stupid, or a combination of all three.

    Posted by: Rich F. | Dec 21, 2012 2:20:03 PM

  3. right, taxpayers should abet the nra to have MORE guns in schools. whores

    Posted by: t | Dec 21, 2012 2:24:36 PM

  4. From Michael Moore:"While NRA was on TV talking about more guns, some guy in Pennsylvania was walking up and down a road shooting people dead" Where will the security guards go?

    Posted by: Molc | Dec 21, 2012 2:54:12 PM

  5. Strangely enough, it was just reported that the 2012 suicide rate in NYC will top the homicide rate. (It's gotta be that Bloomberg character).

    Posted by: Yupp | Dec 21, 2012 3:59:25 PM

  6. @LittleKiwi: while your just shakes their head and wonders where they went wrong. Face it, you have no problem with police state tactics when it comes to things like TSA but even the idea of armed security in schools, which we have in some right now btw, is suddenly a threat to liberty. Give me a break. At least show some consistency in your reasoning or is that just too hard for you to do?

    Posted by: JohnAGJ | Dec 21, 2012 4:10:43 PM

  7. LaPierre's head looks like an egg with a fungus problem

    Posted by: Will | Dec 21, 2012 4:50:13 PM

  8. I felt like this could be fake. This guy didn't make a coherent point and kind of seemed creepy. I don't mean to insult him if it was real, it's probably hard to speak clearly when people are hauling you away, but if it was fake, it wouldn't surprise me. The NRA planned this press conference very well, maybe they planned the protester too?

    Posted by: NE1 | Dec 21, 2012 5:15:50 PM

  9. NRA's LaPierre just demonstrated his organization prefers pro-gun fanaticism over common sense.

    Our public schools are already hurting for money and have faced school supply shortages. If armed guards in every American school is such a great idea, how much would the NRA and its financial backers be willing to accept in raised taxes to pay for this program?

    Also, to have an armed guard's presence be more than just show, said guard has to be willing to kill someone with a gun. Is seeing somebody killed with a gun right before their eyes a life lesson the NRA feels comfortable imparting to kids? Have they talked to kids who live in communities where drive-by shootings take place?

    Finally, there's something I always wondered about those people freaking out about the federal government or other state apparatus taking away their guns. Given how lethal guns can be, it's probable cops would be given the impounding job. Let's say NRA types are willing to do what it takes to stop the state's representatives from taking away their guns. So explain to me why it doesn't mean that to keep their guns, NRA types are quite willing to kill cops. Or is that "cold, dead fingers" bit just hot air?

    Posted by: Peter | Dec 21, 2012 5:16:24 PM

  10. *his sign was a good point, I meant when he was speaking.. i dunno. when i watched it again it sounded better.

    Posted by: NE1 | Dec 21, 2012 5:17:05 PM

  11. Ok so wait a minute, this guy wants us now to use tax payers money to bankroll his organization to train people to use guns around school children? Not one mention of why a civilian should have an assault rifle to begin with? Why aren't there more background checks and finger printing of those who acquire guns? Oh right, that infringes on "freedom."

    These people are nuts and they have no intention whatsoever in finding common sense solutions to gun violence. Their solution is more guns for everything (more profits too). I seriously doubt the framers of the constitution had the idea of anyone in society having the right to own an assault weapon in mind when they came up with the 2nd amendment.

    Posted by: NY2.0 | Dec 21, 2012 5:31:19 PM

  12. @Rich F: LOL There seem to be way too many Scientologists on TR.

    @Artie_in_Lauderdale: In fact legal treason is exactly how some interpret the second ammendment. They believe they should be able to match the government in fire power. I have, thankfully, yet to hear them say they deserve to have nuclear warheads.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Dec 21, 2012 9:40:51 PM

  13. Worked great for Columbine!

    Posted by: Mike | Dec 21, 2012 11:01:29 PM

  14. The guy who held up that sign in front of LaPierre created a great visual.

    Posted by: andrew | Dec 22, 2012 5:58:43 AM

  15. @YUPP Regardless of our sexuality, we are all Americans so this is a very "gay" issue.

    Also, hon, remember that NRA money has been used for decades by conservative group in their political and legislative campaigns to deny LGBT Americans their civil rights.

    That makes this a VERY gay issue.

    Posted by: mikeinqueens | Dec 23, 2012 11:40:10 AM

  16. @Bareback Rider: You are ignoring the continuous street violence. For example, the Pennsylvania shooting referenced above had more than three dead.

    @Yupp: Read the masthead. Andy routinely has non-gay topics. For example, his science geek postings, which is one reason I like this blog.

    Posted by: Diogenes Arktos | Dec 23, 2012 1:46:51 PM

  17. The NRA is the largest domestic terrorist group in the US, maybe the world. Please watch this video called THE NRA PRAYER FOR NEWTOWN CT. I'm the creator of this music video and invite you to use it if you wish without obligation. If nothing else I hope you like it.
    Thanx and peace!
    William J Urmson aka cuaroundclown on Youtube~

    Posted by: William J Urmson | Mar 10, 2013 7:54:41 AM

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