Prince William and Kate Middleton are Expecting a Baby


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a baby:

St James’s Palace announced the news after the duchess was admitted to hospital on Monday afternoon with acute morning sickness.

In a statement, a spokesman said: “Their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby. The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales, The Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news.

“The Duchess was admitted this afternoon to King Edward VII hospital in central London with hyperemesis gravidarum. As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her royal highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter.”


  1. J Y says

    Of course, someone has to chime in about getting rid of the monarchy, as if it’s anyone’s business but England’s. They choose to keep it for tourism and heritage, and that’s fine. Plenty of people in other countries have things happening with their government that probably look a little silly to outsiders, but that’s called “culture.” But hey, I suppose some people would prefer everyone in the world to live in the exact same little way, with the exact same little laws, foods, music, etc.

  2. Iban4yesu says

    Ugh, another freeloader! No thanks!

    @ J Y,

    U must be dreamin’ girl!
    “…as if it’s anyone’s business but England’s.”

    About about billion ppl died of starvation during the Brit rule of India for several centuries.(So they could have cuppas!!)

    The same empire brought gunboats to China and bombed it, all Twice, so they could pump in opium and drug everyone in sight!

    Let’s not even get into what they did in Africa!

    And these buggers are the direct descendants and beneficiaries of the crimes against humanities!!

    And it’s none of my and our biz?

  3. TANK says

    I don’t find Prince William very attractive at all these days. He seems like a middle aged person in a young man’s body, just as his father seemed years ago. Now Prince Harry, on the other hand, he seems like he’d be a great guy to chum around with, and that he’d be a lot of fun, and that he’d be worth banging until the cows came home!!!

  4. ratbastard says

    England and the UK [if it still exist in 10 years time] would be a better place minus this institution. This business of a human being officially being another human beings better by virtue of their privileged birth is plain wrong and everybody reading this knows this is true. I’m sure they’re lovely people and all that, but I can’t understand how the British [let alone the Canadians and Australians] tolerate it.

  5. andrew says

    The British are not going to get rid of the Monarchy. It is their greatest tourist attraction and a living connection to their Imperial past. The Parliamentary system with the monarchy is probably a better system than ours. It doesn’t allow for the gridlock which so often criples our national government.

  6. ratbastard says


    My mom was born and raised in England. Yours snark of course doesn’t surprise me. I expected the first response to my post to be exactly like yours.

    It’s pretty sad for anybody to define themselves by something or someone they aren’t. And do you say the same thing about France? Or Germany? Never mind most of the rest of the world who of course don’t bow to birthright ‘royalty’.

  7. ratbastard says


    There’s a HUGE difference between governing a the 3rd largest nation geographically and population-wise on Earth, a country MILLIONS of square miles in area and the size of a Continent, and an island off the coast of western Europe, roughly the size of Oregon, with 60 million people. The reason the U.S. political system is the way it is, is so all states, regardless of size and population, get a fair shake. If we had a system like the UK, it would be totally dominated by a small handful of the biggest states.

    And in fact there are many unhappy people in England, Scotland, Wales with the way the UK is set up. England with 40 million people doesn’t even have it’s own parliament or assembly [Scotland, Wales, and N. Ireland,do.]

  8. Luke says

    Big Congrats the couple. It makes me proud to be British. I know Americans struggle to understand the royal family and what they mean to us, but we love them like you love your family, president, flag, and constitution rolled into one. They’re not a tourist attraction to us – they define who we are as a free powerful country. We hold the Windsors close to our heart. I love Queen Elizabeth like I love my grandmother. Your system works for you – our system works for us. US and UK are both strong free countries and we should respect both equally.

  9. anon says

    The monarchy and the aristocracy are an embarrassing holdover from the middle ages and should have no place in a 21st century govt. The UK doesn’t even have a one-man-one-vote rule for parliamentary representation, resulting in what are called “rotten boroughs”.

  10. Randy says

    We tolerate it because it’s always been (for most of us) and the Queen isn’t too ugly yet.

    Now, if chuck is on our bucks, expect a fresh wave of anti-monarchism.

  11. andrew says

    @Ratbastard: You make some good points. However all of our states do not “get a fair shake”. Our system allows a state like Wyoming with about 800,000 people to have the same voting power in the U.S.Senate as the state of California with over 30,000,000 people. And nothing becomes law without passing the U.S. Senate. The small states have far too much power in our national government. It is the system we are stuck with because the framers of our constitution had to agree with this set up, or the small states would not have joined the Union.

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