1. says

    I love him for this! He’s reallyhas dived in head on in a global manner on LGBT issues. If you follow his twitter, it’s …educational…about LGBT concerns. Informing people, especially Latinos, about how are community is truly effected by bigotry.

  2. Scott Johansen says

    I admire celebrities who roll up their sleeves and lend a voice to our cause. Especialloy those who are gay. They don’t have to, as I’m sure in their comfortable lives they lead, they don’t experience the cruel homophobia say the gay teenager in Omaha experiences every day, or the gay live in couple in rural Texas experiences every hour (lived it myself)….but they still stick their neck out and use their celebrity as a platform for change. I salute LGBT artists and celebrities who do. They make a tremendous impact along the way.

  3. Trees Meets KS says

    He’s been an incredible role model for our community. Kind, brave, open, honest, and truly PROUD to be a member of LGBT. I thank him so much, and know within my own family, his being out has helped open minds.

  4. Icebloo says

    Of all the great gay role models the UN pick this spineless, self absorbed loser ? Come on !

    Ricky Martin campaigned for George W Bush ! He even performed at Bush’s inauguration ! He helped set back out cause by TEN YEARS. He didn’t have the balls to come out and lose the millions he was making with his career at that time. He only came out once his career was over. He came out so the gays would continue to buy his music because no one else is any more ! It’s all about him. Not us.

    He is only getting involved in gay issues now to promote himself. He is TOTALLY SELF ABSORBED. Ricky is NOT our friend. He has damaged our community. Ricky is all about his own bank account.

  5. andrew says

    It is great to see the talented Ricky Martin using his fame as an entertainer and an out gay parent to help further the cause of LGBT equality. Congratulations and thank you Ricky Martin.

  6. Jerry says

    @ ICEBLOO you should be ashamed for being so intolerant and judgmental, typical a negative bitchy queen, sitting in his home being worthless, without having a purpose in life, WHILE RICKY his using his fame and time pro the LGBT community.

    Ricky Is AN ICON IN LATIN AMERICA, and huge part of the world, he still a huge pop star, and still having one of the most brilliant career in Latin America music.He came out when he was ready, and was a hard decission, he was very brave, in the Latino Community ( where he is a legend ) still very hard. Ricky has been millionaire for many years, I remembered Forbes reporting when “The cup of Life” was #1 on the global charts, before Living La vida Loca”, that Ricky’s fortune at that time was over 100 millions, inmagine now, his fortune must be at least over 200 by now.

    He is genuinely kind,compassionate man that really cares about the LGBT causes.

  7. TT says


    I’m sure you know that “Ricky Martin campaigned for George W Bush” is a blatant LIE.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  8. says

    Icebloo, Ricky Martin never campaigned for GWB. Although I’d prefer he’d declined to perform at his inauguration, the gay community could do a lot worse when it comes to spokespeople. Martin is more persuasive and articulate than many of our “professional” advocates.

  9. Scott says

    I love him for this!!! He’s such an amazing human being and he’s so involved with LGBT issues!!

    And Icebloo you need to STFU and have several seats. What have you done for the LGBT community lately other than typing hateful comments on a website?