1. Caliban says

    I cannot believe Bill O’Reilly tries to argue that Christianity is a “philosophy,” not a religion in that second clip! Mr “War On Christmas” is trying to SECULARIZE Christianity?! It’s clear he has no shame.

    Fox News often functions as a testing ground for Republican memes and talking points. They throw everything (sh*t) at the wall to see what sticks, and if their viewers buy into it they hit it hard. (See: Benghazi) I suspect that was the case here, trying to separate Christianity from religion to overcome the separation of Church and State. i.e, you can quote Socrates in the courtroom but not the Bible.

    Jon Stewart shut that little foray into idiocy down very nicely!

  2. Yupp says

    I like Stewart, but he’s not totally fair. When Walnut Creek entered that controversy by bowing to the p.c. bullies and renaming their Easter Bunny the “Spring Bunny”, he missed a chance for good material. Like when the cooking channel (I forget which) forced that chef to say “Holiday” cookies (remember his revenge on that station?). Stewart doesn’t ever want to seem contadictory, and he comes off the worse for it.

  3. andrew says

    When I was a kid, I remember a big battle over stores and greeting card companies using the phrase: “MERRY XMAS”. Christians organized a campaign to “put Christ back in Christmas.” And so it goes!

  4. says

    @Andrew – It’s even more funny that for the longest time naming God or Jesus was blasphemy. Now burnt toast or an oddly shaped Cheeto can be some divine image.

    O’Reilly’s “philosophy” also rejects debate or discussion of provable fact like how tides and physics work. So much for that idea.

    While us non-Christians don’t need to be directly changing whatever religious beliefs people have (as long as they doesn’t affect others), the rest is marketing, non-religious, and pre-Christian folklore. To think that gradual spread and change in how people participate is some kind of war is ridiculous.

  5. Yupp says

    Actually, those who’ve tried to ban even the word “Christmas” from public use are probably the same uptight bitter douchebags who banned “Indian red” from Crayola crayon boxes. Afterwards they found out….but it was too late..! In this case, I’m glad Fox News ran this campaign that DID make these people retreat, and now they try to claim…”Uh..we… never meant a war on Christmas..grumble..grumble..”