1. andrew says

    They are two great guys. Hope they have many years of happiness together.I got to admit that I was constantly checking out Brandon’s guns. I know that he is a jarhead, but wow, those guns.

  2. Patrick says

    Great guys. I am very happy for them. I am also proud of the respect that they both have for the American military and its protocols.
    They are a wonderful example of how to love, and how to be respectful.
    I hope that their love grows over time, and that they cherish each other for years to come.

  3. Bobby says

    Thanks for posting this. We need more positive stories like this and I love that these guys are so cool and so comfortable with who they are and how they feel. We could learn from them.

  4. Onnyjay says

    What a splendid moment of intense emotion and focus, my eyes still leak when I see the pic. The interview picks up on the dynamics, banal and profound, of passionate male relationships. The church’s pathological interference also plays a role in this story, and I love the remark about the Marine becoming a “one-man gay pride parade.” Blessings and joy to all.

  5. fred says

    The video on this page is not the video that is supposed to be on this page, nor is there any help to see the video that this page says is supposed to be on this page. Why??

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