1. says

    I live about 3 blocks from where this video was taken. Amazing video, but those planes fly so damn close to the buildings when they’re coming in for a landing. After living in NYC during Sept. 11 it’s still pretty freaky to see them less than 25 feet above my head.

  2. Peter says

    Agree with Sean. It has to be fake – the clouds are “stuck” while the planes move. Time-lapse photos of clouds show them moving and “boiling”. See for example:

    Good try though.

  3. Jay says

    That’s because this isn’t a true time-lapse video. If this was an actual time-lapse video, you’d only see one plane at a time…. The creator used whatever clip of clouds they wanted to, and superimposed each video of each plane on top of it.

  4. Alex says

    Go to the youtube explanation and follow the link to the creators web site. He explains it is a composite …. this has nothing to do with real time-lapse. Towleroad mischaracterizes it. He gives the illusion of time passing.

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