1. Derrick from Philly says

    No matter how awful the world seems at times there are still some brave and wonderful folks in it. Thank you, Jacob Tobia.

    Rick probably looks fab in stilettos–even at age 54. White queens usually have nice legs.

  2. Paul says

    It is sad to think we need to help good children who have been thrown out of their house just because they want to love some one of the same sex. The anti-gay Christians have brain washed the parents of these LGBT children so much that they abandon their own living flesh and throw them out to die. How evil are these anti-gay Christians who would do this kind of thing? Surely they are not Christians but doing the work of the devil. These confused parents need to be arrested for endangering their own children and also arrest the anti-gay Christians who have brain washed these parents and charge them with the crime of being an accessory to a crime of child endangerment. What these anti-gay Christians are doing is criminal and they need to be stopped before they kill another child with their madness and hate.

  3. Wynn says

    Drag trivializes everything it touches. He should have just done the run without the minstrel show.

  4. TyN says

    @Wynn – running across the Brooklyn Bridge with sneakers on is easy and is done everyday. This is something different and fun to raise money.

  5. ratbastard says

    The guy is doing something, he’s got my respect.

    But I sincerely hope Ali Forney Center gets properly audited on a regular basis. Have a heart, but think with your head.

  6. Wynn says

    Ratbastard –

    Even though I object to the drag minstrelsy of this guy, I can tell you that the Forney Center is well run. They are audited annually by the federal government and they got excellent results. I have no problem donating to them, and I don’t have to denigrate myself wearing women’s shoes to do so.

  7. Gary says

    Yes, I was looking at the WTC myself. Wondering how it will fit in to the skyline. Will it become iconic?

  8. says

    @Ratbastard and Wynn – go f*ck yourselves… with a cactus. When you get off your lazy, whining, hateful asses and do something as worthwhile as Jacob is doing THEN you can open a mouth.

    Jacob, honey, when you’re done I’ll have the first-aid kit ready for you.