Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1266

CALIFORNIA: Amanda Seyfried shows Ellen she knows how to rap West Coast style.

QUIET!: CALM Act goes into effect today, bringing the reign of loud commercial terror to an end.

‘NOT CHRISTIAN': Conservative commentator Todd Friel is disturbed… by Obama’s reelection.

‘CORNBALL BROTHER:’ AJ Daulerio says ESPN’s Rob Parker’s offensive comment about football player Robert Griffin III is “the Stupidest Thing Ever Said on Television in the History of Everything Period.” Quite possibly.

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  1. says

    “First of all, let me say I am uncomfortable with where we just went…” I would love to hear the rest of that comment, because frankly I’m appalled and disgusted with where that steaming pile went.
    What? Now we’re supposed to believe that if you aren’t a knuckle-bumping, eubonics-speaking thug wearing your pants around your knees and way too many electroplated car decals… then you’re not a real Black man? If you’re not a self-hating extremist, or conspiracy theorist who sees Klan members and racists under every rock then you’re not really a Black man? If, like this wack-job, you’re education actually took and you can form coherent thoughts and put them forward in recognizably English sentences… well, then you’re just not a real Black man?

    Jeee-ZUS HOP-scotchin’ Keee-RIST!!!!! Quick, somebody tell me again how you can’t be a “racist” if you’re Black? I can not WAIT to hear what all my Black neighbors, friends and work-mates have to say about this. I can see the paint melting off the walls now.

  2. says

    Sorry for repeating myself but… “Jeee-ZUS HOP-scotchin’ Keee-RIST!!!!” I got so incensed with the ESPN clip that I forgot to go on a rant about that steaming pile on the Packman clip. But now I’m just to flabbergasted… where the hell would you start? Tying “Jimmy Carter-like” and “post-Christian” together in the same breath… the shear hypocrisy and the contortionism necessary to create that parallel – it boggles my Stoli-pated mind.

  3. melvin says

    “The Church’s historical position on cannabis”? This would be news to the church fathers, who never heard of it. What next, the church’s historical position on extraterrestrial travel?

    Here’s my starting offer: let’s round the Christians up and put them in concentration camps. We can bargain from there. Maybe.

  4. Diogenes Arktos says

    As usual, thank you Pakman. I loved how his guest said that everything about the Obama election should have been about the economy – and then proceeded to list things that weren’t remotely relatred. I thought that real Christians, like their gods the Founding Fathers, respected the will of the people. I guess not. I’m so surprised;-)

  5. says

    The Calm act is long over due. I never put my control down when watching tv(if I wake up in the middle of the night). I always had my finger on the mute button automatically whenever a commercial came on. Now if they only stop making us feel like the program is about to continue, then they throw several more commercials at you. I’ve been watching TV since 1947, and in the old days there were a limit of how much time a tv station could could have commercials… now it seems like there are more commercials then programming!

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