Towleroad Talking Points: SCOTUS to Take On Marriage Equality

 PHOTO OF THE DAY: These are the wonderful faces of marriage equality in Washington


A look back at today's top stories


Historic news from the Supreme Court today as they have announced that they will hear DOMA and Prop 8 cases! Our legal editor Ari Waldman discusses what we can expect from the two cases the court is hearing. What a monumental day!

Some good news too from across the pond where British Prime Minister David Cameron made a strong statement in favor of equal marriage for all



Bill O'Reilly was spouting some more crazy about the so-called "War on Christmas" last night. Apparently it is we gays who are to blame. You know how we hate merriment. As the Ugandan Parliament mulls the idea of a "Kill the Gays" Bill, the nation's tabloids are ramping up the anti-gay propaganda. A paper recently printed a photo purporting to show the head of the Uganda Cranes football team "sodomizing" a younger player




The writers at General Hospital have introduced a gay character and he introduced himself by helping a woman apply lipstick. Because what else do gays do? Also check out four new featurettes about the upcoming Les Miserables adaptation



Stephen Colbert would like to be considered to replace Jim DeMint's now vacated seat in the Senate, because there aren't enough white guys there. Apple CEO Tim Cook gave his first full interview since the death of Steve Jobs on Rock Center last night. 

Also check out when things started to go south for a young and dashing Santa Claus


  1. Gary says

    What is this obsession with the Boyscouts? Another conquest? Looks like Santa may be gay. We need to get everyone’s picture out there, so they will be easier to round up. :)

  2. andrew says

    The big question is where will Justice Kennedy stand. The most important outcome of the recent election is that Mr Obama will nominate any SCOTUS vacancies that occur over the next 4 years. That is the single most important power of a president if you leave out his power to take us into undeclared wars.