1. jamal49 says

    Mr. Waldman, let it go as far as “gay” Republicans go. As a progressive Democrat, I will be opposed to any Republican, gay or straight, who promotes what passes for the “conservatism” of the current Republican Party.

    Conservatism is a misnomer for the LRC or GoProud. Their roots are in elitism and racism. Their cover is “strong national defense, less government, and free markets”.

    And, for the record, having been there and lived it, the Democratic Party in 1972 was NOT some “crazy leftist party”. The nominee was the Hon. Sen. George McGovern of South Dakota. The party’s platform was sane and sensible. It was not radical.

    Please. Do not speak of that which you know nothing, Mr. Waldman.

  2. says

    the GOP can’t, and won’t, drop their anti-gay policies and tactics.

    it’s their only way to convince America’s Stupidest People to vote against their own best economic interests.

    they cant talk honestly about their fiscal policies, so they talk to the plebes with words of “GAYS!” and “ABORSHUNS!” to win their support.

    ever talked to a romney supporter? ever asked them which policies of obamas they object to most?

    ever asked a GAY REPUBLICAN which policies of Obama’s they object to most?

    they can’t even name one. they only voted against Obama because their P.O.S. parents did, and expect the same.


    lovely interview, however. but no, the GOP aint gonna be dropping the anti-gay angle. they’ve made their deal with the devil to pander to america’s most uneducated bigots instead.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Jamal49: Give Ari a break for parotting the contemporary Republican view of McGovern in 1972 as being a left-wing radical. I know, I was a Republican then – but not yet able to vote. LCR and GOPround are just similarly ignorant for believing that the present crop of Republicans actually stand for anything they claim to stand for, e.g. anything appropriately labeled economic conservatism.

  4. Lars says

    Please don’t pay any attention to LittleKiwi’s divisive rhetoric. As a progressive Democrat, I strongly feel that LGBT rights needs to be argued before any and every audience. Even amongst conservative people, there is fertile ground for making a case for Freedom and Equality.

    Let’s not make the same mistake as Romney, and casually dismiss 47% of Americans as beyond our reach. We saw how far that condescending and lazy thinking gets you.

  5. Wilberforce says

    Moronic. Waldman’s premises are wrong.
    He implies that republicans represent good fiscal and economic policies. Wrong. Their policies of rich tax cuts, deregulation, and wasteful military spending go back thirty years, and much longer, and have regularly crashed the economy.
    He says says that gay rights should trump economic concerns. Wrong. How typically selfish of a gay conservative. We have enough freedom now to be more than single issue voters. And our loyalty should be to the democrats anyway, who have a much better economic record.
    If he’s an example of who is running this site, I’m going to have to rethink it.

  6. huskerman68 says

    I get the conservative Republican that doesn’t let their “gayness” identify them and that they don’t care about marriage or equal rights and all they care about is jobs. But how do you let the fact that you can be fired in most states just for being gay and not fight for that? Jobs may be important but how do you keep your job if you can be fired for who you are? I don’t know if I worded that the best but would love to hear thoughts from a “conservative Republican” on it.

  7. says

    it aint divisive rhetoric – there’s a very specific reason the GOP chooses, over and over again, to run on “gays and abortionists want to rob you of your Christian liberty!” campaigns.

    it’s the same reason every anti-gay political group around the world does it. because that’s how you trick people into voting against their own economic interests.


    the GOP’s fiscal plans are what i object to most.

    and the sad reality is that gay republicans are the only ones “defined by” by their being gay. liberals? we’re not defined by being gay. that’s why our non-gay allies support us and love us. we don’t need to apologize for being gay to win support. we’re already supported. the only people defined by “being gay” are those who can’t shut up about “not being defined by being gay” – incidentally, the people who support a party that cares not for all the “good” they may do, but only about whom they love.

    “sorry, i know you guys support the GOP and our policies and you join us in hating Obama, but we still think you’re undeserving of Equality, because to us being gay is the thing about you we still hate the most”


    if you think the GOP will drop its anti-gay policies, i’ll ask you this- what will their next angle be, then, to convince their base to vote, again, for taxation and healthcare policies that will actually not aid them?

    care to provide insight? i’m all ears.

  8. says

    and Lars, the day republicans, especially gay republican, man up for once and step up to the plate and demand and command respect as LGBT people….i’ll eat my words.

    until then, it’s the same old same old from them – rather than showing their fellow republicans about the realities of LGBT Equality, all they do is insist that they’re “not like those liberal lefty gays”

    yeah. us horrible lefty liberal gays. with our friends and family who stand up for equality. how terrible of us. ohhhh the shaaame.

  9. Wilberforce says

    And Mr. Waldman, the GOP has been a fiscal disaster, wasting trillions on useless wars, tax cuts for people who couldn’t spend their dough in three lifetimes, military spending for ten times more hardware than we need.
    That you people can repeat the same falsehoods for so many years without being called on it just shows the laziness and ignorance of the liberal base.

  10. RK says

    Also, the republicans are controlled by religious extremists (aka, AFA, etc.) Until the republicans jettison these lunatics they will continue to be a joke that they are.

  11. says

    isn’t the divisive rhetoric coming from the GOP who continue to lie about LGBT people rather than tell the truth about their fiscal policies to their base?

    romney doesn’t get in front of a room of millionaires and talk about “gays and abortions”
    that’s reserved for talking to po’ folk whom he plans to screw over.

    learn to discern.

  12. EchtKultig says

    I agree with Wilberforce, Jamal and LittleKiwi. He’s talking with a forked tongue. He combines some sensible rhetoric – “gay conservatives don’t have to vote for anti-gay Republicans” (although I shouldn’t have thought that needed saying) – with a bunch of nonsense. Guess what? This country will one day have single payer European style healthcare. Because it’s the only system that’s been proven to operate efficiently and fairly, and to benefit a country’s economy rather than be a drag on it. It was hilarious to see a moronic superPAC ad for Romney with a scaremongering list of the countries that were “more competitive” than the United States. All of them had socialized medicine!

  13. Fenrox says

    I also agree with Lars, Liittlekiwi is constantly doing this. Think of him as the gentle “rick” or like a mace in a tea cozy.

    Surprisingly the rest of the world has all these divergent thoughts that little doesn’t have time for. Like compassion and patience with someone who has an incorrect personal view, little has no time for that. He called me a self hating bigot for having a friend who is republican.

    All he is is divisive because he accepts no other view points.

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    FENROX, you’re right. Ari is very dashing. He looks like a cross between a young Kevin Kline and a young John Gilbert.

    Now, what is this discussion about? Who cares?

    Ari is very dashing.

  15. Lars says

    @LittleKiwi I would be the first to agree that gay Republicans have been often supremely unhelpful in our cause for equality. As Ari aptly identified, their endorsement of a candidate as vehemently anti-gay as Romney deeply undercut their legitimacy and effectiveness.

    But on the other hand it is beyond dispute that gay Republicans also played an integral role in overturning DADT, by lobbying members of congress behind the scenes and providing cover for those — like Sen Collins — who ultimately came out in favor of the repeal. The suit they filed in California also helped provide extrinsic pressure by way of the Third Branch of government.

    What concerns me about your comments is that they betray a simplistic understanding of the United States’ political system. The RNC and DNC are not monolithic organizations with strict party discipline. There is a diversity of opinion within their ranks — amongst elected officials and the people who vote for them — and that is why we would be foolish to write off a vast swath of the country.

    The us/them mentality (or 47%) suggested by your comments is a) needlessly oblivious to the reality that there Republicans working for equality, and b) potentially detrimental from a tactical point of view.

    Regarding your concern that the GOP will forever cling to this particular social issue as a necessary wedge (in the manner of Karl Rove in 2004): my answer is that they can only do that so long as a critical mass of people (ie voters and party activists) are actually divided by the issue. And that critical mass is shrinking. The ground is shifting and the movement for equality is ascendent. And this is happening precisely because people like you and I are willing to speak to Republicans (in my case this meant tough but productive conversations with specific friends and family members) and win them to our side, instead of telling them to go f*ck themselves.

  16. Goodcarver says

    @at LittleKiwi: I think you have discerned and adequately discussed the situation. The GOP is a backward group of haters who probably would pass something like the Uganda bill if they could. Thank you for extremely good comments.

  17. says

    without the anti-gay wedge, what non-issue will the GOP use to distract their flock from the outright folly that has been their fiscal plan?


    most GOP leaders don’t believe a word of the anti-gay nonsense they spew. but they know their followers do. that’s the choice they’ve made.

    the most GOP-strong states are also those lagging most in education.

    this is the reality.

    there’s as much “diversity of opinion” as there is ethnic diversity in an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue.

    oh sure, there’s a few “non-bigots” in there. at the back. hidden away. next to the asian and the black guy. behind the walls of aryans.

    notice you can only ramble about me, not the points i’m making.

    mhmmm, gurl.
    *elegant curtsy*

    when you “convince” a republican to support LGBT Equality, how far does it go? one who says “i support gays but i’m still voting for romney, whose policies are anti-gay?”
    sorry. that’s a fail.

  18. Goodcarver says

    @at LittleKiwi: I think you have discerned and adequately discussed the situation. The GOP is a backward group of haters who probably would pass something like the Uganda bill if they could. Thank you for extremely good comments.

  19. Goodcarver says

    @at LittleKiwi: I think you have discerned and adequately discussed the situation. The GOP is a backward group of haters who probably would pass something like the Uganda bill if they could. Thank you for extremely good comments.

  20. says

    as for “having a republican friend”, i wholly understand your situation and that, frankly, beggars can’t be choosers.

    i get it. you don’t have the luxury of choosing to associate and spend your time with people with integrity who respect you. but that’s not actually my fault.

  21. dms says

    I don’t like how Ari makes it seem like Republicans are the party who have the answers to the economic crisis and the dems are pro-gay. I think jobs, economy, debt are more important than gay rights, but I think the Dems have much better solutions for these problems than republicans. My thinking about it, my values, may be informed by being gay– the notion of fairness, my thoughts against corporate oligarchy, respect for the opressed classes etc. So I don’t get how he frames his if you are gay, you have to prioritize being gay above the economy when you consider dem v. rep. Being gay should inform your values, I would think.

    PS when they make the ari movie, will they cast patrick dempsey?

  22. Lars says

    Aaaand now I’ll be late for class but whatever. Guess I’ll just circle back to my original point, which is that we would be well advised to steer well clear of any 47% mentality and associated hyperbole about Those People (I’m guessing everyone here knows that rhetoric when they see it).

    That dismissive attitude a) ignores the reality/nuance of the current political landscape, and b) is plainly counter-productive from a realpolitik standpoint. I want to win this fight for equality and I think we will — but not by leaving stones unturned.

  23. says

    hey, YUPP, feel free to provide the URL to your own page so we can all get the proper info on you, and make sure you yourself are american, by putting a face to your comments.

    i’m a proud canadian who like many in my homeland takes care to learn about what’s going on elsehwhere in the world. especially the US, where i occasionally live and work.

    do you know what would make the GOP change their stance? if gay republicans and those “non-bigoted” republicans grew some spines and said “we’re not voting for you this time”

    if you don’t give the party a REASON to change, it will not change. as long as you keep voting for the party while they promote anti-gay prejudice, you’re not doing enough to change them.

    don’t give them your votes. give them THAT wake up call.

  24. Yupp says

    Actually, I’m generally anti-Republican. My point is : why are YOU so interested in foreign politics? Same for the other foreign dudes here (some of who live in countries with far more gay rights than in the U.S.) Why do you folks often go onto U.S. blogs to stir up dissent ?

  25. Yupp says

    And if you were so interested in the U.S. gay scene (because of, as you say, your company sends you here to work sometimes) you’d certainly be covering other relevant issues, instead of this lame-o usual Republocrat stuff.

  26. says

    here’s my question – why ignore the words of someone who comes from a country that is decades ahead of your own on issues of LGBT Equality?

    i’m interested in foreign politics because my deplorable socialist education and upbringing in Canada taught me to know, and care, about what’s going on elsewhere in the world especially when it comes to affronts to human rights.

    am i supposed to apologize for this? it’s not my fault my canuck @ss knows more about US policy than many voting americans.

    i don’t stir up dissent. that’s the GOP’s job.

  27. woodroad34 says

    I’m kinda with Little Kiwi here…and I’m a Republican…albeit under current Republican philosophy I’m more of a RINO than anything. The Republicans are not good fiscally; they’re lazy when it comes to economics (just look at this ‘fiscal cliff’ brouha, where they have no plan just repeated ruinous talking points)…always going for the quick fix and what can make them the most money in the shortest amount of time–They are literally the Fred Flintstones and Ralph Cramdens. This has been shown over and over during the last 30 years starting when Reagan introduced us to “Trickle Down” and where lean/mean corporate downsizing and corporate takeovers were the norm. In the short-term people made lots of money only to lose it in recessions after each Republican President left office–one spectacularly just recently and which is going to take 20 years to recover from. In the last 30 years there was only one Democratic President and he had the smarts to actually give us something AFTER he left in addition to giving Americans a good living while he was President. I’m kinda thinking Obama will do the same. The tide has turned and Republicans have left fiscal conservatives in the dirt, to paraphrase Ronnie R. Even the “gay thing” is being re-considered in the GOP as a losing bet–although I think it’ll probably go underground and be less obvious.

  28. Yupp says

    Well you SURE as f–k don’t care about gay bigotry in the U.S., the murder rate amongst gays, nor about other homophobic countries (Uganda, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Russia…). You should just stay in Canada and enjoy yourself. Refuse the work when they try to send you to the U.S. And drop this obssession about Dems/Repubs/straight-acting/gay-acting which…I might agree with…but is irrelevant to you.

  29. says

    i never said my company sends me to work here. dude, were you homeschooled or is your chosen obsession with me blinding your ability to read?

    and you’ll be happy to know a report i worked on regarding studying gay men and gay/queer identity is about to be published.

    so, werk.

    yes. you told me your american. but you didn’t prove it. show me your papers!!! (jan brewer, anyone? no? anyone?)

    i asked you to prove it. or are you one of those who likes to make their comments anonymously? i remember surpassing you in the 9th grade. good to know you’re still trying.

  30. Yupp says

    What’s “werk” ? Why do you sometimes live and work in the U.S. if not for a company sending you here (since you despise it)? And, seriously, can I find posts of yours all over African American blogs calling them out on their homophobia? How about Towleroad posts on Uganda ? On Saudi-American blogs protesting the hangings of gay men? (I think you need to just enjoy your luxury of living in lilly white and Asian homo-friendly Canada, dude, instead of coming here..)

  31. says

    oh, i get it. one of those anonymous wimps who obsesses over those of us who don’t live with that brand of cowardice.

    yes. exactly. you’re so tough while under your burqa 😀

    just so you know this is why your family is ashamed of you. it’s not because you’re gay. it’s because you’re such a wimp about it.

    you, as an american, should be out representing LGBT Equality. rather than anonymously coming online to complain that a Canadian is doing more work than you.


  32. Yupp says

    Fenrox : Kiwi might actually make good sense sometimes. But it’s irrelevant. He’s got a strange obssession with politics (American) which have nothing to do with him. I know ALL countries are interconnected, but….

  33. Yupp says

    I mean…I’ll admit, I sometimes criticize certain European countries for bending over backwards for Muslim-immigrant homophobia, but….it’s not for me to be on their blogs ALL the time about it. If Europe goes THAT way, I’ll just be glad I’m here and not there. I’ll be very sad, but… Anyway, etc.

  34. Fenrox says

    Good god, Look at your post:

    “oh, i get it. one of those anonymous wimps who obsesses over those of us who don’t live with that brand of cowardice.

    yes. exactly. you’re so tough while under your burqa 😀

    just so you know this is why your family is ashamed of you. it’s not because you’re gay. it’s because you’re such a wimp about it.

    you, as an american, should be out representing LGBT Equality. rather than anonymously coming online to complain that a Canadian is doing more work than you.”

    That’s not ok man, you are a bully. If you object to that term then jerk would fit.

  35. Fenrox says

    @Yupp, I wish he would just type his thoughts instead of adding a bunch of crap and attacking people with it. People are supposed to be opinionated on the internet, look at ratbastard, he is hated by people here for his viewpoints, and when challenged, he (usually, nobody is perfect) will reiterate his point instead of outlandish attacks.

  36. says

    yes. i’m a bully. not the GOP folks who are promoting anti-gay prejudice in legislature and policy. got it. riiiiight.

    listen, since you two boys don’t have the orbs to put a face to your own comments, and your own worth as gay americans, you should be thanking my canuck socialist @ss for doing what you refuse to do.

    i get it. those who refuse to stand up to be counted are bitter toward many that do. not my problem.

    notice you’ve derailed this from a discussion about politics to your own masturbatory obsession with me. move along, kiddo.

  37. says

    Divisive rhetoric:

    “what point are you sad gay white boys …

    “i eagerly await the angry responses from your loyal …

    “your problem is that you’re all cowards …”

    Comment by Little_Kiwi — March 2, 2012 @ 4:36 pm – March 2, 2012

  38. Yupp says

    Cinesnatch : Yeah, we know he does that, but….again, I wonder why a foreign guy is so obssessed with this ONE particular aspect of gay life in the U.S. It doesn’t make sense. When there are so many really horrific things going on in the gay scene (the murders, the animal abuse, anti-Catholic bigotry, racism)in both the U.S. and in other countries.

  39. Fenrox says

    See, he can’t/doesn’t comprehend anyone he sees as “bad”.

    I for instance am bad because I haven’t volunteered in the last 5 years on any gay causes and I have a friend who is GOP. Never mind that I used to run several gay youth programs, no mind that I donate lots of money to gay orgs that do fight the fight. Nope, I’m just a coward and so on.

    The GOP doesn’t have a monopoly on bullying, see: Littlekiwi.

  40. says

    Little Kiwi shares his visage, but doesn’t use his real name. Unless I’m mistaken and its “little kiwi” and talks about having orbs? (Or maybe he does on his blog). Why the obsession with seeing people’s faces? You can use anyone’s face on the Internet.

  41. Caliban says

    I don’t understand the gay Republican or conservative mind-set that allows them to vote for politicians who are opposed, sometime vehemently, to their own civil rights. To me it would be like a black person or a person who believed in ending segregation, in 1960s Alabama, voting for George Wallace because they like his policy on property taxes or whatever.

    You can’t partition off just one part of a politician’s platform and pretend the rest of it doesn’t exist. No matter what you SAY, you’re enabling and empowering that part of their policies too by voting for them. They have no reason to change because their anti-gay animus isn’t a deal breaker for you.

  42. Wow says

    You guys really need to get up to speed on Kiwi. In a nutshell. She’s tired. This chick spends all day posting on this blog because (drum roll). HE AIN’T GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO. end point. He goes on and on about his blog (that nobody but his mama and his so called millions of str8 followers visit) and his only really comeback is “coward” “your daddy blah blah”. I mean he makes the occasional good point, but he’s troubled and lonely with lots of time on his hands (trust fund brat). Harmless.

  43. Derrick from Philly says

    Hey, CALIBAN:

    What you’re saying is true not only about people who don’t vote their own interest, but even voting for people that believe you are not a worthy of equal rights.

    BUT it’s intersting, if you go back before the LBJ administration there were Black Republicans who criticized Black Democrats.

    They asked,”how could you
    be in a political party with people who don’t believe you should have the right to vote, or not have equality under the law? How could you be in the same party as George Wallace, John Stenis, Lester Maddox and other avowed segregationists?”

    It frustrated Black Republicans to find out another Black person was a Democrat–the party of the “Solid South” where most Blacks weren’t allowed to vote.

    I have about as much respect for Gay Republicans and Black Republicans as Little Kiwi does? But this issue is not new.

  44. Lars says

    @DERRICK FROM PHILLY thanks for some historical context. Political allegiances shift and change, as different policy battles rise and fall. And that’s merely another great reason why it is so completely short-sighted to summarily dismiss an entire cross-section of the United States out of hand.

    Stand up to the bone-headed divisive rhetoric. Our message of equality is for ALL people.

  45. Diogenes Arktos says

    The Republican party will not drop its anti-gay rhetoric until they drop the Religious Right from their base. Right now, I think hell will freeze over first. The Religious Right almost universally believes Republicans lost because they were not anti-gay enough.

    There has been a severe uptick in party-line voting. Especially among the Republicans, some of whom claim a mandate from the election while denying one for Obama.

  46. Bill says

    Just to add some history, while the Republicans said many things about McGovern (radical leftist, etc.), one of the strangest was the “soft on defense” charge. While both McGovern and Nixon were in the military during World War II, Nixon was not in any combat position, whereas McGovern was flying airplanes, was nearly killed by shrapnel coming through the window, made dicy landings with an engine on fire, etc.

    Interestingly, McGovern didn’t brag about any of that during the campaign. Perhaps due to knowing what it was really like, McGovern did not want us to be in a war without a really good reason. Nixon by contrast talked about “peace with honor” after being more or less a paper-pusher during a war (its necessary and he apparently did a good job of it, but landing an airplane half shot to pieces is definitely going to get your attention a lot more than handling some contract negotiations). Nixon’s campaign tactic was used afterwards in much more outrageous forms such as the “swift boating” of John Kerry.

    Maybe the Democrats are “soft on defense” (whatever that means) but that’s a lot better than having decisions made by swaggering paper pushers who show how macho they are by putting someone else’s “rear end” on the line (“rear end” to avoid Towleroad’s filters).

  47. andrew says

    That was a great interview. I agree with everything Baruch said. I especially agree with the point he made that there are many things in the democratic party today that conservatives can support. The political spectrum, in the last few decades, has shifted so far to the right that nost of the national democratic policies are more centrist or moderate than liberal. The democratic party is a big tent party. Today the democratic caucus in Congress has a huge center and a small conservative wing and a bit larger liberal wing. “Virtus in medium stat”.

  48. just_a_guy says

    D.A., I think you are onto something.

    For example, if Brewer is the face of the Republican party, then the 400 (?) or so (cowering) gay republicans in Arizona CANNOT be blamed as the single cause of persistant anti-gay hate in Republican politics in Arizona. However, I don’t think Ari is doing that.

    In any case, GoProud and the Log Cabin Republicans SHOULD be called out for their lack of effective leadership. Sadly, I have little hope for the Republican party’s gay quislings. (That said, Republican-open Dan Choi, where have you been?!! Were you single-issue even within gay rights??)

    Overall, I predict further decline of the Republican party as a national party in the next decade. The Republicans won’t quite die out though (unless they refuse to budge on minority/lgbt/women’s dignity).

    The next successful GOP President (around 2020 or 2024) will campaign on a pro-gay-rights platform. That GOP President will be (perhaps hopelessly) straight, but a nice-enough moderate guy who does ZERO catering to the religiofanatics. Unfortunately, the gay leaders who emerge under this future gay-friendly leader will be more George Washington Carver than King Jr. (It’s OK, Dan Choi is still a good guy; could he be a Secretary of State??)

    Things could move quicker–and the Republican Party might just go the way of the Whigs??–if the Obama/Pelosi/Kucinech team passes ENDA next year at the same time as the Supremes overturn DOMA. THAT could change the landscape for good, fast.

    In the meantime, ask not what … (right??).

  49. andrew says

    @Yupp & Fenrox: LittleKiwi is the Donald Trump of the left. With meanspirited and bombastic rhetoric he attempts to silence anyone who dares to disagree with him. He will say anything to crush those who disagree. He sometimes pulls out aliases to help him crush opponents. At other times he will post sick comments about you in your name. He sometimes posts very pointed and sophisticated comments, but down deep he is a very troubled individual.

  50. UFFDA says

    ANDREW – you’re right about KIWI. It’s also true that as someone said not long ago he’s the only poster on this feed who’s as smart as he thinks he is. So much for smart. It’s undone by his intolrance and outright sick viciousness. I love calling him Frankenfag and such because despire ocassional posts of real charm, and often of insight, he’s not normal enough in the healthy sense to be either trusted or welcome. He’s the Marat Sade of the Left. Smart but bad company.

  51. Randy says

    This was disappointing. I know all that, and this has been hashed out repeatedly here.

    What I was hoping to hear was more analysis that if the GOP doesn’t win over gays, they will continue to lose elections. Are we critical to their hopes of regaining the White House, or not? That’s what I want to know.

    If a strong case can be made that we are critical, then we can make that case to the GOP leaders, and perhaps they will come around. If we are NOT critical, then nothing will change.

  52. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Just_a_Guy: Sorry, no more Kucinich. Due to redistricting, two progressive Democrats went head-to-head in the primaries: Kucinich and Kaptor. Kucinich lost.

  53. JayJonson says

    The idea that Republicans are conservative is nonsense. It is not conservative to prosecute unpaid for wars, to provide corporate welfare and then complain about the size of the deficit while refusing to tax the wealthy, to pander to bigots and special interests, to refuse to heed warnings of scientists about climate change, to refuse to protect endangered species, to violate the separation of church and state, to promote discrimination against glbt people and other minorities. Republicans are not conservatives. They belong to a party that has cobbled together a coalition of oligarchs, greedy rich people, religious nuts, ignorant rednecks, and bigots. They sad thing is that they constitute 45% of the country.

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