1. LiamB says

    Rumor I heard was that the villain is Gary Mitchell. The statement that the villain was someone from within Starfleet seems to support that better than Khan (unless they completely rewrite Khan’s history of being from the 20th century). The new blond women featured in the trailer also looks a lot like Elizabeth Dehner, from the same episode.

  2. AJ says

    Not a Trekkie at all. But the last movie was so awesome I can’t wait for this one. Looks dark, like it has a bad ending or something ala “Empire Strikes Back”. Plus Chris Pine…

  3. says

    It appears they’re not bringing back Bruce Greenwood as Admiral Pike. Pity. That guy’s a dilf.

    But I’ll still be there on May 17 to see it.

  4. Bob says

    Thought the first one was dreadful — a complete negation of everything Star Trek stood for. This one looks even worse. Include me out…

  5. LiamB says

    Don’t think it’s Flint. He really never wanted to destroy humanity or Starfleet. He mainly wanted to be left alone.

  6. johnny says

    Hate to show my trekkie-ness, but pretty sure Khan was killed in “Wrath of Khan”(if a mega-explosion where bits and pieces were all that was left is any indication).

    That would be one hellova re-write to Trek history, if they bring him back. Perhaps some evil genius gathers his DNA and clones him?

  7. LiamB says

    @Johnny- The new series is an alternate timeline, so in the new timeline, the Botany Bay has yet to be recovered.

  8. Elliott says

    Johnny, the entire series was rebooted in the first movie. All of the original villains can make an appearance since they’re still alive in the new timeline.

  9. stranded says

    I enjoyed the first one but found it doesn’t hold up to repeated viewings like the TV shows. I’ve been waiting impatiently for another though. Probably something to do with all those dreams of Zach and Chris having zero gravity sex. That IS going to happen this time, right?

  10. Matt says

    I am beginning to be worried that it IS Khan and not Garth of Izar, which is the theory I’ve heard that makes the most sense.

    Having said that, none of the theories make much sense. I’m no PC policeman, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to cast a white man as Khan. I really hope it is not Khan for many, many reasons.

    Gary Mitchell was already dealt with in the official Star Trek comic. That leaves Garth, of the theories I’ve heard.

  11. Tom in long beach says

    Star Trek used to be thought provoking. This one looks like overkill, boring, recycle, lots of explosions to attract first time viewers without honoring the great legacy of the late Gene Roddenberry. He had a vision of a unified humanity with equality for all.

  12. Scottevill says

    I love people who are like “battles and explosions and planets blowing up are a complete negation of everything Star Trek is about!” Have these people seen the first show called Star Trek? Wars were common. Planets were devastated routinely. Genocides happened. (Kirk himself was said to have survived a genocide as a young man.)

  13. Scottevill says

    BTW, @Hank–Bruce Greenwood *is* in the movie. Looks to me like he might get blown out of a chair and killed in the trailer, which features Kirk eulogizing someone at a big Starfleet memorial service. Probably his mentor. In terms of the hero’s journey/monomyth, it’s time for him to lose his mentor…

  14. Zlick says

    Um, it’s a movie. The various television series had lots of opportunity to do some thought-provoking sci-fi drama, but that has never been the strong suit of any of the Star Trek movies. And understandably so – with 2 hours every few years, instead of 1 hour per week.

    I really enjoyed the first of this re-boot series, but agree it doesn’t hold up too well. Too many silly plot devices that could have been easily fixed with any attention to the script. Oh well, I loved it the couple of times I saw it in theaters … so I’ll be there for the new one with the stupid title. If only to watch Pine and Quinto have zero gravity sex!

  15. Bill says

    @Matt: “I’m no PC policeman, but it doesn’t seem appropriate to cast a white man as Khan.”

    Why not? If you’ve ever been in Pakistan, for instance, you’ll meet some citizens who look “European” due to their distant relatives including members of Alexander the Great’s army, or maybe the British due to the British empire. With prejudices hopefully dropping with time, in the future we may have less correlation between last names and facial or other features currently associated with particular ethnic groups.

  16. Jeff says

    Thank God they aren’t messing with Khan. This reboot is bad enough without them screwing up that.

    I don’t see how the villain could be Gary Mitchell.
    Cumberlatch’s eyes would be silver.

  17. Randy says

    Narration sounds like Shinzon.

    The reboot film was great, but in keeping with Star Trek tradition, this one is bound to suck.

  18. Brandon H says

    I’m still pissed off about the destruction of Vulcan. It was one of the founding members of the federation! And they would really do themselves a favor by adding some exploration and moral tales to the story. It’s not Star Trek without it, even if it is just a little side story.

    And Kahn’s story would still have to involve him in the 20th century, because the timeline doesn’t change until 2233. But I’m pretty sure its going to be Garth of Izar because I’m almost certain that was a stolen Starfleet ship coming out of the water.

  19. Keith says

    How many films do I have to wait until this Kirk and crew have go back to the 20th Century and bring back some humpback whales? That’s my favorite one!

  20. Dback says

    JJ Abrams sure likes to smash stuff up, doesn’t he? Pity almost everything I’ve seen by him jumps the shark in the end–he’s always so pleased with his incredible premises/pilots, he never seems to think through the entire thing to the end. (Plot coherence? What’s that?)

    I’m officially joining the “whatever, dude” club on this. My partner can go see it with our friends.

  21. says

    It’s definitely not Khan. Just watching the trailer, you can see that much.

    As others have stated, it’s probably Mitchell, a character from the original series who ended up with god-like powers that drove him bonkers.

    If it’s not Mitchell, it’s probably some entirely new character, but the smart money is on Mitchell.

    (Karl Urban, aka Bones, already basically let the cat out of the bag — the only chance that it isn’t Mitchell is if Urban purposefully gave us all a head fake. It’s possible, but I doubt it.)

  22. John says

    My nerd head exploded in happiness…I’ve seen the first one over 20 times, LOVE what they are doing and will be front and center when this one comes out.

  23. Mercedes says

    Never watched a Star trek movie to save my life but I am watching this one just for the CUmberbatch. Gosh I will listen to this trailer in a loop just to hear his orgasmic voice, yum!

  24. JAMES says

    This gave me the goosebumps. I cannot wait! JJ Abrams is the man and I must’ve watched the first installment four or five times.