White House Photo Of The Day Commemorates World AIDS Day


From the White House comes this picture of the president’s abode being adorned in the red AIDS ribbon for World AIDS Day.

President Obama released a statement about the annual event, saying, “Creating an AIDS-free generation is a shared responsibility… Working together, we can realize our historic opportunity to bring that fight to an end.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius‘ also struck an optimistic tone: “When the first World AIDS Day was observed in 1988, we could not
imagine the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. For those diagnosed with HIV
infection, the future was bleak. This year, the picture is very

She went on: “This year, the picture is very different. Scientific advances in
understanding HIV, and an increasing number of treatment options, are
turning the tide for millions of people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.
and around the world. We are greatly encouraged by evidence that new
HIV infections have declined by 50 percent or more in 25 low and middle
income countries.”


  1. Marco says

    I wish there was more official “celebration” for awareness and scientific study for a disease like Alzheimer’s. It’s a disease which has no hope of being cured anytime soon and which nobody can protect themselves from getting. I don’t think people grasp how much of an epidemic it will be.

  2. Geoff says

    While I agree Alzheimer’s needs real, concerted attention, it must be noted that the Obama administration has been truly superb in its recognition and focus on an incurable disease whose name Ronald Reagan would not even utter…until it was much, much too late. I will never, ever forgive him that.

  3. Matt26 says

    Obama now has freedom to say and do things he had to hold back before the election. In an idealistic world he would have spoken openly, but in the real world he needed to wait. But I guess better later…

  4. stefano says

    I just read an article talking about how ignorant the young (18-25 year old ) generation is in terms of HIV prevention and how the HIV positive rates are skyrocketing for that age group. We need to pretend it is 1984 again and promote and educate gay men like there is no tomorrow about safe sex and how protease inhibitors are NOT a cure all. Take it from me, I know.

  5. andrew says

    This may only be symbolic but symbols usually reflect underlying reality. Can you imagine a Republican White House being decorated with a big Aids Red Ribbon? Of course not.

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