1. rjp3 says

    John Stewert just covered the absurdity of the “today is not the day” === on the flip side there is a point to consider that some family members may not even know their youngest angels have been murdered yet – they may not want to hear a gun control debate today.

    Blasts of anger will not change anything – the Citizens for Responsible Gun Ownership (or does it exist already) will have to be created and become as well funded as the NRA before anything changes.

  2. SFshawn says

    Actually today is the day(as is every day) to see the real results of ZERO gun control in the good ole U S of A! Yehaa. Ya’all

  3. Kevin says

    Should we schedule the debate for next Tuesday? At this rate there will be another mass shooting and we will have to put the debate off again.

  4. iban4yesu says

    R U kiddin’ me? NRA elected O. Why should he bother? When it was said that he was only a lesser evil, did u think it was really a joke?

    Now I think of all the dead children in Iraq & Afghanistan…..180, 1,800, 18,000, 180,000… No correlations, rite?

  5. says

    Jay Carney seems kinda smug and insincere up there…

    I love the crack about ‘changing the constitution’ when a reporter states that ‘Obama isn’t up for re-election.’

    So it’s not time to talk gun control, but it is tome to joke about campaigning.


  6. anachro1 says

    Is it time yet AGAIN for us to mouth the pointless words that “nobody could have imagined that a nut would shoot up a school”? America always seems to doubt just how insane her people have become.

    We will always protect guns over innocent children. We need to get used to this.

  7. Joe in CT says

    The NRA is undoubtedly preparing an idiotic statement demanding we arm our teachers and permit kids to carry concealed weapons. They will say anything to distract us from demanding reasonable gun control laws.

  8. iban4yesu says

    And where are all the rabid Madonna fans right now?
    Shouldn’t they also prance around, fully armed, like that insufferable hag does in her tour as we speak?

  9. BSmart2 says

    The time is when it can be discussed in a rational manner. I grew up in a home with guns (Hunters/Collecters), guns don’t kill the people who use them do. That said, assualt weapons need to be controlled, but I believe if they are controlled, then only the criminals will have them.

    (A gay man who is used to being around guns)

  10. Eric says


    “guns don’t kill the people who use them do”

    I’m so sick of this NRA line being trotted out all of the time. It’s a slick line that totally ignores the facts and statistics. Guns were INVENTED to kill people. You don’t hear people going around saying “nuclear weapons don’t kill people, the people who use them do”. Why? Because it’s idiotic. We control nuclear weapons because we know they cause harm. Look at the statistics of countries that have real gun control and see the dramatic reductions of murders and injuries.

  11. Francis says

    Given the fact politicians are in the pocket of the NRA, little is going to change. And given how brainwashed about 40% of our country is, if not more……….the NRA has a chokehold on our society. Not to mention the fact mental/emotional illness is another ignored issue. And homicide in America is at some of the lowest rates of ALL TIME. But we have millions of unstable individuals walking the streets, who can buy a gun online or at Walmart.

    Little to nothing will change. My heart is in tears for all those affected directly, and the victims of this tragedy.

  12. Yupp says

    Be fair to the White House. Does whichever government debate gun control on the very day these things happen in any country in Europe or Asia ?

  13. Randy says

    The debate is going to happen today, and the NRA will surely hold their gun-worship rallies in Clackamas and Connecticut if they haven’t done so already. The only question is whether the president is going to be irrelevant or not.

  14. Eric says


    Today in China a man attacked 22 or 23 children with a knife- none of them died. What was that about guns not killing people?

  15. Bob R says

    As pointed out in the Youtube link Littlekiwi posted above, about 20 children die in America everyday due to guns. We’re sickened and outraged today because all 20 happened to be in one location and killed by one gunman.

    Forget gun control, it’s not going to happen anytime soon because the NRA and the gun lobby have a stranglehold on legislators. I think, for the most part, gun ownership is a result of fear and fear is a very powerful motivator. Gun sales have skyrocketed since Obama’s re-election because people are afraid he and the Democrats are going to “come for our guns.”

    If you’re not a hunter, sportsman or collector, what other reason is there to own a gun? Fear. Fear of crime or fear of your government, or fear of a foreign invasion or some other doomsday scenario. We most assuredly are not the home of the brave, we’re the home of the frightened and paranoid.

    Until people feel less afraid and paranoid, you’re not going to get them to give up their guns. Unfortunately, we live in a country where we fear our government a great deal more than our government fears us, its citizens, and so people will cling to their guns because if they don’t fear the government, they fear the government’s inability to protect them. America was founded with the gun, we glorify the gun and I don’t foresee us ever giving up our guns.

    What we need to attack is the underlying fear, hate and national division that make too many people think owning guns and in some cases arsenals, necessary. We need to attack and change our violent personalities. We need to stop glorifying violence. As for the lunatic mass murderers, we’ll always have them. And they’ll always find a way. Didn’t someone in China just kill 20 or so with a knife? We really need to work on the root of our problem. What causes our desire for violence?

  16. Bernie says

    if this tragedy is not the time NOW, when is the right time?!?!?!…the next big shooting…there is no rational or logical reason not to have a discussion on gun control ASAP….there is no excuse

  17. Yupp says

    Bob R. : They’ve already TRIED to stop inner city gangs (with the majority of those kids who are killed), in all sorts of ways, with only moderate success. Maybe the gang culture is just something that has to…live its own lifespan.

  18. Yupp says

    As far as “what causes our desire for violence” re. Mass Murderers : all around the world they’ve had similar factors going on, usually a long dysfunctional history and a feeling (to a psychotic degree) of being segregated from society. Finally they just snap. So…the answer might not be so easy..

  19. foobar says

    Gun control won’t stop shootings, just like controlling fertilizer didn’t stop any bombings after Oklahoma, and making us take our shoes off at the airport hasn’t stopped a single plane from being shoe-bombed OH WAIT.

  20. Deke says

    We never seem to be able to find the day to have a discussion about the horrific rate of per capita gun violence in the USA.

  21. Darrell says

    EVERY DAY should be a day for a “Gun Control” debate in the US.

    How many more mass slaughters can your country stand? No country is perfect but with the seeming eternal refusal to actually change gun laws in the United States to protect its own children or innocent bystanders who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time from mass murderers, You stopped being a “model” society long ago and neeed to realize that only yourselves can stop the unending bloodshed that happens across the US. its almost 2012 not the 1700’s in a frontier country.

  22. DC Arnold says

    Yet another example of those in the political class proving being out of touch with those of us in the real world. My niece asked me why it happened and I said because our leaders are cowards in the face of those who bear ultimate responsibility: The NRA. Who are they she asked, I said people who value gun ownership over common sense. I had no answer for her but now is most appropiate time to finally start the dialogue.

  23. boyce Sr says

    We already have oodles of gun laws. The problem is ENFORCEMENT of those laws. Stop coddling the criminals with little slaps on the wrist. Punish the criminals, not the law abiding citizens.

  24. smitty says

    don,t overlook the mental state of this young man.raised in a society of no discipline (time out ) environment.hangings may deter this type of hanus crime, but lawyers and legislatures don,t want that