1. bookish says

    That was pretty funny. I think the guys were just right for the part. And just for a bit more a masturbating bar tender. Woof.

  2. hotbeef801 says

    @bythebay effeminate are you crazy. NO wonder the young gays of today are so confused with masculinity. Those 2 did not come close to being fem.

  3. Icebloo says

    ….and the point of this badly acted video was ?

    I guess it’s a slow news day but don’t panic gays it’s still early so there is still time for the daily update on Anderson Cooper.

    Here it comes now…..Anderson Cooper brushed his teeth today.

  4. says

    “effeminate”, used as a negative, is a word a closet-case uses to describe someone who makes no cowardly efforts to try to appear straight.

    i enjoyed this 😀

  5. Chuck Mielke says

    What a fun lampoon of homophobic male bonding. The silly posturing and competition is somewhat exaggerated for comedic effect, but anyone who’s annoyed by this should examine their own longings.

  6. Kyle says

    These guys aren’t effeminate at all. I think some gay men over-scrutinize other gay men’s behavior, finding whatever they expect to find. Pick apart random men’s demeanor and I’ll bet you’d be surprised how few men meet your standards of masculinity.

  7. wds says

    I found this very funny … and I agree, it’s a wonderful lampoon of the whole “I’m masculine, BUT I’m comfortable with who I am so I can go anywhere (and in the case of my son-in-law) say anything.” I also agree with the comments about effeminate as a “closet-case” word … especially when the guys (as has been said) were anything but that. It was a funny video … thanks!!!

  8. Francis says

    Effeminate? Uh…… They’re average gay men. Oh wait, I forgot, some here aren’t attracted to such individuals, and rail against every gay man who doesn’t act super hyper-masculine. Never mind.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Could it be that BYTHEBAY (the first poster) was being EXTREMELY sarcastic? I’ve tried to use that strategy at times on the blogs. And sometimes I’ve failed pretty bad. BYTHEBAY join the club.

    Oh, and the video was hilarious.

  10. jaragon says

    Yeah the guys looked good- but the joke did not work for me- never met a straight guy who goes around “woofing”.

  11. Darren says

    THANK YOU.!!
    For those of you that missed it..this is a complete mocking of the lame
    act of “woof-ing”..
    The fact that the majority of gay men that seem so intent on portraying the image of masculinity with the facial hair, body hair and gym bodies unfortunately are only capable of the image till they speak.!!
    The moment they open their mouths it’s like being in a room of prepubescent girls.
    “woofing” offers the opprotunity not to talk !!

  12. woodroad34 says


    “never met a straight guy who goes around “woofing”.

    Neither have I and I really hate the whole “woofing” thing, but I have seen straight men talk about another guys physique to the point of homoeroticism, which made me kinda nervous, actually, because I thought my gaydar had gone on the fritz. Those two guys, however, are really “hot”, “woofy”, and any other term you could use.

  13. jaragon says

    The joke was suppose to be that these two straight guys weren’t really that straight- yes straight guys do talk about each others bodies but not in an overtly sexual way unless they are joking- you know the boys will be boys thing. I thought the women were really bad actors.

  14. Diogenes Arktos says

    I fould “woof” in this flick more annoying than Nate Silver’s “right”. In spite of finding the guys hot, my favorite part was the text at the end (while trying to block out the straight kiss in slow motion).

  15. millerbeach says

    How can ANY video featuring shirtless men be bad? Woof. Loved it. Especially when the shirts came off…

  16. Darren says

    Once again it seems a select number of you are dissecting this and commenting on the acting and scripting.!!
    Its humor’s mocking the use of the practice of “woofing”
    If you watched this video and didn’t immediately find it hilarious..then you missed it.!!