1. Darren says

    Boy George has certainly managed to get things back together
    He’s a great talent.
    Derrick so true..
    I’m always amazed by some of the comments.
    Some miserable reader will find something to complain about..never fails.
    The hem on the gowns were wrong or the red was too red.!!!
    Watch it and enjoy it

  2. John says

    2 drag posts in one day. Oh, I get it. The spineless, cowardly Andy Towle is desperately trying to backtrack from a post in which he properly objected to a gay stereotype. Now he has to show that being gay really is about dressing up in female cloting and wearing lipstick. Apparently, the bigoted views of 50 years ago are politically correct today.

    Andy, grow a pair and stand up against stereotypes.

  3. Matt26 says

    @John, if you don’t like the blog, stay away, there are thousands of other blogs. This is Andy’s. Or start your own. You are entitled to your opinions, but why waste time reading sth you don’t like.

  4. says

    every gay man who continues to take issue with drag performers is yet another wimp who would likely have run away from the Stonewall raid rather than, you know, join the Queens and fight the Man.


  5. UFFDA says

    Drag is low and witless entertainment for the primary reason that it’s cheap and easy. The moves are all overblown, grotesque gay-goon vaudville, or what any 13-year old would do alone in front of a mirror in his mother’s clothes. There is no truly engaging talent in it and nothing whatever to admire. Nevertheless, I think I saw a drag show once that in the artful awkwardness of one mans performance wasn’t entirely trash, it was hilarious slapstick. Thing is, it’s stupid to start with, run with that and at least you’ve got comedy.

  6. Tatts says

    UFFDA: Exactly. With all the talent in the gay community, we deserve better than drag (and we deserve better than what passes for most gay cinema, too). Drag is so tired and predictable, and even with a “star” like Boy George involved, they couldn’t draw on any resources to come up with something original. Johnny Hazzard’s hot, though.

    LITTLEKIWI: (Yes, I know the reference. You’re showing both your age and taste in literature. 😉 ) But I think you’re wrong. Drag queens aren’t the only strong men in the gay community. You don’t give anyone credit by denying what others have done.

  7. says

    Speaking as a drag queen with 33 years of experience, I’ll give these girls credit for clawing their way up a step or two from the morass of skank and scary messes that pass for drag queens these days. They at least made a wee bit of effort to look “fish”… sort of. The staging was rank-amateur, and the b&w vignettes were better by far than the color portions. The song was cute, but would have been far better if these three actually could sing, had some range, and could have pulled of real harmonies. Scale of 1 to 10 I’ll give it a 5 1/2, with 1 of those points for them having the connections and money to get Hazzard and George involved with the project.
    As for the bitching and whining about drag… in some odd way I can’t blame you. Not with the sorry lot you’ve got to contend with now – after all, there’s a vast difference between the true performers and some skanky mess in a bad wig. On the other hand, someone like myself who puts hours into rehearsal, makeup, staging – spends hundreds to build a single outfit – and then does it all for charity and fundraising… my first and last thought is “KISS THE BROWNEST PART OF MY LILLY WHITE ASS!” I’ve spent decades raising money for your causes, speaking out on your behalf, fighting for your rights and your life and I’m “cheap,easy, low, witless, tired, predictable…” Thanks. Remember those words the next time you’re trying to organize a fundraiser. Let’s see how far you get. Now go back to whatever twinkie porn you were watching (speaking of cheap, easy, tired, predictable, yadayadayada…).

  8. says

    Don’t get me started, Garst. The lips are only the tip of the iceberg. Were any of my daughters, before I retired 12+ years ago, to go out on stage like that I’d have ripped off their wig and dragged them off stage by their ears.
    These three – while better than a lot of what passes for drag queens now – are the perfect example of what happens when a scrawny, pretentious, self-absorbed boy who’s too old to be a twink and too young to have learned any better gets access to a Maybelline pallet, an off-the wrack fire-sale dress, some cheap pumps from Fredric’s of Holliwood, a modocryl wig and a can of Aqua-rock. Now add a couple of coctails, a video camera, and someone who’s as deluded as they are to tell them they’re “FAAAAABulous” and you get this wet mess.
    Frankly, it gets my cast-iron panties all bunched up.

  9. Tommy says

    Why does it make one a bitter queen just because you don’t like a song or video? No one likes everything. Freedom of speech is freedom not to like something. I’m not against drag at all when it’s well done, but the ladies in this video are just not attractive and are cliched. I’m all for drag when it’s done with style and originality. Plus,their voices aren’t good.
    I’m surprised that Boy George is involved in this mess because he had amazing looks in the 80’s and had a great voice. You would think he’d have a higher taste level than it be associated with this mess.

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