Posts from January 3, 2013

No Marriage Equality Vote in Illinois This Week


There's still hope before the end of the legislative session on January 9, but it's running out. Senate Democrats say it will not happen this week. The Windy City Times reports: Anthony Martinez, executive director of The Civil Rights Agenda,…

Amazing Facts to Blow Your Mind: VIDEO


The guys at ASAPScience are starting off 2013 with another one of their "amazing facts" clips, including what it takes to turn peanut butter into diamonds, and how long it would take to heat a cup of coffee by yelling at it. Watch, AFTER TH…

Flight Suit of Fancy: VIDEO


Let's follow up a post about evil nasty pigs with another one about much sexier ones, shall we? Watch (warning: disrobing ahead), AFTER THE JUMP… And if you like this campaign, there's more from them here and here.…