1. Jacques Rosas says

    I would of sung it live. This did not require a celeb. I know a 100 singers who have worked hard for years and have never been given a break. Beyoncé has had so many she just discards them away as if they are nothing. Of course Mr. Cooper feels the way he does. He see’s huge opportunities and big breaks as a normal part of everyday life too. This was the inauguration, it was the Star Spangled Banner, not another performance with unsuspecting, and cheated, fans at some venue. In the end her need to be perfect exposed her biggest flaw, insincerity. Still love you B but could of loved you more had your voice cracked from the cold and you showed the courage to be flawed.

  2. UFFDA says

    JACQUES – you have lived up to your advice by showing “the courage to be flawed”. But actually it’s just ignorance. Learn to write proper English.

  3. QJ201 says

    Beyonce lip sync? Shocking.

    Even the recorded track isn’t that good. Some nitwit on morning TV referred to Beyonce’s angelic voice and I almost choked on my coffee.

    I would classify her singing ability as somewhere between Britney and Madonna.

  4. Marty says

    I would have lip synced too. Hell, Whitney Houston lip synched her version as well. At the end of the day, no celebrity wants to mess up singing at a Presidential Inauguration. It was 40 degrees, had her voice cracked it would have been all over the news and detracted from the day. Why would you want to risk it for a song? She looked good and it was her voice, so what? I would be far more pissed had I paid money to see her and she lip synced.

  5. Alex Parrish says

    Look folks — we’re missing the real point here. When did “Please rise and sing our national anthem” become “Please rise and listen to some flash-in-the-pan diva mangle our national anthem.” We’ve heard all about the acoustical and practical problems of a live performance — as though it hasn’t been outside and cold the last 46 times we did this — and all of those problems would go away if we simply did as our ancestors did. Let the MC Band play and have the audience sing it as it was intended to be sung — as a hymn, a pæan, to our nation. We don’t say “Please stand and listen to some actor recite the Pledge of Allegiance” and neither should we do so for the Anthem. What could possibly be more thrilling than 200,000 people singing the anthem together? The focus would then be where it belongs — not on some ‘personality’ but on the people. Then we would never have to argue about whether the diva mangled or merely lip-synced the anthem.

  6. DMM says

    What’s worse than lip-syncing is she messed up the lyrics. Damn, girl! If you’re going to studio record the National Anthem for the Inauguration, and least get the effing words right!

  7. Dback says

    I”ve hated the SSB for years as a piece of music–not only is the melody obnoxious with its swoops and leaps that make it impossible for the average person to sing, but the melody is from an English drinking song. This is our national anthem?!?

    I think we should have it so “America the Beautiful” or “God Bless America” are acceptable alternate anthems, though the atheists will probably carp due to the references to God in both. (But they apparently have no problem with our current anthem about the glories of firepower and militarism.)

  8. Jeremy says

    “Hate to break it to you would be American Idols, but the national anthem is often lip synched at large scale events, like say, The Super Bowl.”

    Funny, Kelly Clarkson sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl just last year…and did not lip synch.

  9. says

    it wasn’t a lip-sync, it’s singing live to a track recorded live the night before.
    and it’s used because it was bloody freezing outside. you gotta love all the non-singers saying “Oh, i COULD DONE THAT!” with little to know knowledge of the sheer physical realities of singing in subzero temperatures.

    oh well. if bit**in’ about Beyonce makes your own personal day a little brighter, then you’re a sad human being.

  10. Jon says

    To equate the Super Bowl, which is JUST an entertainment spectacle with the inauguration of an American President, reminds me of a quote from Bill Maher, “Americans are the most entertained, least informed society in the advanced world.”

  11. BEAHBEAH says

    Oh please, Beyonce has been huffing on stage and singing her @ss off live for 15 years now. She has nothing to prove as a singer or a performer at this point in her career. The girl can sing.

    Why is this such a big deal, Whiney did it, Mariah did it, Jennifer Hudson did it, even Aretha Franklin admitted today that she lipsanc the anthem before. At huge, live televised outdoor events, it’s common practive to lipsync the anthem because there are too many things that can go wrong. Big whoop. And when Beyonce slays the Superbowl in a few weeks, nobody is even going to remember this nonsense.

  12. Shut up Anderson says

    Oh, Anderson – nobody cares what you think. The fact is that if your career is supposedly that of a singer, you should be able to – wait for it – SING! I question these “singers” who can’t sing a 3 minute song from start to finish live.

  13. ***** says

    The cost to taxpayers for the inauguration is estimated to be over $125 million.

    Posted by: Jon | Jan 23, 2013 9:46:25 AM

    Please, cite sources for your determination that taxpayer money was used to finance the inauguration.

  14. stranded says

    I think it matters because we’ve reached a point in our culture where we just pretend to be authentic rather than actually having the courage of our convictions. There’s a messed up attitude that to be human means to have no flaws. Had Beyonce’s voice cracked she would have been excoriated instantly on twitter and blogs around the world. Being human is unacceptible to the mythologies our culture demands of public figures, and they’re more than happy to play along.

    The inauguration was filled with religious spectacle and jesus and god and weapons and military might. Our president focused on equality and soaring rhetoric about freedoms and struggles. I support much of his agenda and understand how fortunate we are that Romney wasn’t the one getting sworn in.

    But I’m not fooled by the spectacle. Beyonce or Aretha or anyone else singing to a prerecorded track during an event dedicated to renewing our authentic nature as US citizens is just another example of how we need the myth but can’t stand for the human factor.

    While we celebrate all the positives of this administration and gather our hope for a better way, invoking the names of Jesus and god and Martin Luther King Jr, let’s not forget that we also have a president who supports indefinate detention and spying on US citizens without warrant. That doesn’t negate his accomplishments, but I see this all as a part of the bigger picture about the narratives we create to gloss over our imperfections. Genuine people aren’t afraid to make mistakes or appear vulnerable sometimes when the occasion calls for it. Beyonce’s lipsynch is just a reminder that this was all just theater and not the real thing.

  15. Sean says

    She’s really not all that talented. There are *many* singers out there who sing better. She’s just pretty and black.

    If they went on talent and the ability to sing live, they would have gone with Kelly Clarkson, who totally knocked it out of the park with her fantastic LIVE voice.

  16. lee says

    “She’s just pretty and black” what are you trying to ignite? Maybe she is a friend of the president and a major supporter while Kelly Clarkson supported Ron Paul at one time.

  17. Randy says

    Thousands of people can march (not stand) in front of Obama and the world in the same weather, and play instruments (not sing) for everyone.

    Even Bill O’Reilly can do it live.

    What’s wrong with Beyonce?

  18. soreal says

    She didn’t lip sync she sung to her pre-recorded track because she didn’t get a chance to rehearse with the band. I think she did a great job. Why is this so much in a uproar when in fact Whitney, Jenifer Hudson was known singers that actually did lip sync? Also why in hell would that band person even make that comment to get things out of hand? People need to know/understand that Beyonce is a known perfectionist and not rehearing with the band is the reason why she choose to sing with her pre recorded track. That in itself is still her voice and can’t be taken away from her.

  19. Todd says

    As a veteran of the US military it seems truly ridiculous to listen to a recording when there are so many awesome voices in the military who consider it an honor if not the pinnacle of their careers to be able to sing at any presidential function let alone a inaugeration. What a shame we waste heritage on finding a famous draw who apparently was too busy to learn the words.

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