Andrew Sullivan Pulls in Well Over $100,000 from Independent Donors in First Day After Announcing Pay Site

Andrew Sullivan's foray into publishing independence, in which his team will be supported by donations from readers who want to pay to read his content, is going well, at least after the first day.

SullivanHe brought in "well into six figures" in the first 24 hours, said Sullivan in an interview with Buzzfeed:

"But there's no meter yet, so we won't find out how it's really all going until mid-February."

Sullivan said he wasn't sure how many subscribers at a base rate of $19.99 a year he would need to make the enterprise work long-term; the blog not only consists of him, but seven staffers. (Reuters' Felix Salmon estimates that he'll need to earn $750,000 a year to keep the operation running.)

"To tell you the truth I’m not entirely sure, because the price point has more or less been blown through by about a third of our subscribers. About a third of them are paying more than we asked for," he said, adding that the largest individual subscription thus far was for $10,000.

Andrew Sullivan Set To Start Independent Pay Site February 1 [tlrd]


  1. matt says

    congratulations to andrew and the dish team! wishing you years of continued success and good health.

  2. Wilberforce says

    He’s a moron, and he’s being promoted by rich folk who want to flood the public square with ignorance. It’s the oldest trick in the scroll.

  3. Paul R says

    If someone really donated $10K, they have ulterior motives, too much money, and a few problems.

  4. says

    IF we are to believe “Raw Muscle Gluts” Sullivan’s current claim that he’s brought in “well into six figures” in the first 24 hours of announcing that anyone wanting to experience his future ejaculations will have to subscribe at a base rate of $19.99 a year, and that “about a third of them are paying more than we asked for,” including one person who alleged coughed up “TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS,” then I’d say that the conclusions that the Mayans were wrong about Civilization ending in 2012 were premature. What next—claims he’s the father of Kim Kardashian’s zygote? After all, mangy birds of a feather flock, etc., etc.

  5. matt says

    haters gonna hate. potatoes wanna potate. tomatoes have’ta tomate.

    three cheers for andrew and his hardworking dish team. bravo!

  6. Gary says

    Matt: “Hater” went out when the ball dropped in Times Square. It’s been replaced in 2013 by “honesty”

  7. Markt says

    The dude confuses me – is he turning into a liberal? He always starts out with a reasonable premiss and then he takes it someplace awful with perverted logic. Who would pay front-on money for that? He’s a side show – the Gay Republican – it’s occasional side-kick status for him. He can’t carry his own headline, that’s been proven.

  8. Brian says

    If you can’t blog for less than $750 a year, let alone $750,000, there’s another problem entirely.