Josh Brolin Shows His Smooth Chest and Nips to Jon Stewart: VIDEO


I know I've posted one Daily Show clip already but how could I let a brief exchange betwen Jon Stewart and Josh Brolin referencing Bear culture get away?

STEWART: "We're just two wolves, two alpha males. No one alpha male. And one labrador retriever. And we're just sniffing each other's butts a little. This is our first time. The next time you get to talk.

BROLIN: You backed off, you backed off. See I saw the hair on your fingers, I thought 'he is more of a man than I am'.

STEWART: No, I'm more of an otter than you. You're not a hirsute gentleman, because I thought...

BROLIN: A hir-sute what's that?

STEWART: Like a hairy...

BROLIN: Do you want to see?