Brooklyn Man Plans to Sue City Over Alleged Assault by Homophobic Police Officers

A Brooklyn man says he was attacked by homophobic police officers who responded to noise complaints at a party he was having. He says the officers arrived after another group of officers had left, and tried to disable a surveillance camera on the outside of the building before entering.

The NY Daily News reports:

Officers from the 77th Precinct, responding to reports of noise at the Sterling Place party, "bum-rushed" Jabbar Campbell after he opened the door of his apartment.

"They were screaming and cursing saying things like 'fag,' 'homo,' 'a–hole,' just a bunch of anti-gay slurs," Campbell, a 32-year-old forensic specialist, told The News.

Campbell said he was beaten by the officers, who bloodied his mouth, split open his lip and caused swelling to his left eye. He was then handcuffed and charged with resisting arrest — and spent 24 hours in police custody.
Campbell filed legal paperwork Wednesday revealing his intention to sue the city.

Said Campbell's lawyer: "They were trying to conceal the evidence by turning the camera away. They committed a hate crime inside a gay pride event."


  1. Francis says

    We obviously need to see what comes of this investigation, but if true, this is really horrible, and it would come as no surprise if it were true, as police countrywide still victimize gay/trans persons at a very alarming rate. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if the allegations are true but we need to see what happens with the NYPD response and how this investigation develops given we’ve been burned by several incidents that are somewhat similar to this one over the past year.

  2. Derrick from Philly says


    I had a much nastier response to your comment, but that isn’t necessary…yet.

    You automatically sided with the police. What if you hadn’t seen this Gay guy’s photo would you have still sided with the police?

  3. Sean says

    Here we go again. Derrick the Racist always bringing race into it.

    Dude – you are OBSESSED with race. You need to seek help.

    I don’t care what he looks like. For people to call and police to respond, the music must have been L O U D. Hello, you have neighbors. Be considerate.

    And of course they didn’t just charge into his apartment. That doesn’t happen. This story just doesn’t add up.

  4. ratbastard says

    And we know the so-called race [we’re all members of the human race] or more accurately skin tone of the cops? Black cops are just as bad as any bad white cops towards black defendants, if not worse. Ditto Hispanic and Asian cops. Who reading this actually believes a cop of your particular background will automatically cut you slack because you both have something in common? You believe that, I got a bridge to sell you.

  5. millerbeach says

    I hope you have a good lawyer…look for one if you don’t. You have an excellent case on your hands. If you have financial trouble, I believe there is a gay legal organization that can help…sorry I cannot think of it off the top of my head. When cops do crap like this, it makes me sick. It discredits them all the more. Yes, a few bad apples can indeed change opinions and rot the whole bushel. If the good cops would work to get rid of the bad, it would be better for all. I know it’s a tall order, and I may as well file it under “fantasy life”, but hey, I’ll still throw it out there. See, someday I may be on a jury. Someday, there may be a case where some scum shoots a cop. When I see cases like this, I tend NOT to believe the police in ANY circumstance. It may not have happened in your district, but guess what? You get the blame. When I am sitting on that jury, who should I side with…the ones who want to bash my head in because of my sexual orientation? Think about it, Mr. Cop. It could be ME on that jury. Do you want scum to walk free? Then tighten up your game on the streets. Stop the bigoted comments, the hate-beatings, the injustice. Stop it and you will have my full and undivided support. But stop it now.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Sean said, “Derrick the Racist always bringing race into it”

    And of course, the bigoted (and maybe racist–if you feel other races are inferior to yours) Sean totally ignores the cops’ use of anti-Gay slurs during their arrest of the accused.

    Yes, people should be considerate of their neighbors and not blast music at 2:00am in the morning, but cops ought to be professionals and not let their personal hatred affect their jobs. Maybe you ought to try the same, Sean.

    And then you said to me, “Dude – you are OBSESSED with race. You need to seek help.”

    Sean, you’ve mentioned (in past comments) that you are Korean American. B.tch, I work with Koren Americans everyday and I have no prejudice towards them. You’re the one who has a problem with Black people and Black Gays. But I don’t advise you to seek help. Suffer with it, and stay scared everyday of your f.ckin’ life.

    Hey, Sean, have you ever looked up the definition of “racism”? Of course not.

    As far as being “obsessed with race”? I post on various topics here on Towleroad. You’re the one who only post comments on topics which allow you to vent your hatred of Black people.

    Just remember, Miss Thing, there are Americans other than Black ones who aren’t respectful toward East Asians such as yourself.

    Hey, Rat…you hear me, RATBASTARD! Isn’t part of this story about the cops anti-Gay brutality? I don’t care if the f.ckin’ cops were cadaver white or coal black. It was an arrest fueled with Gay-bashing, wasn’t it? Oh, that doesn’t matter in this case. And we know why.

  7. ratbastard says

    You’re right, Derrick; if this really did happen as it’s being portrayed it, his homosexuality could indeed have played a role in any abuse. I agree with you.

    That aside, if you’re making a lot of noise, enough to p*ss of your neighbors, you IMO get what’s coming if and when the cops show up and ask you to turn it down. I wasn’t born yesterday,Derrick, and most people ‘partying’ and making a lot of noise are also inebriated, high, with a loss of impulse control, which gets them into trouble.

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