Calvin Klein Ex Nick Gruber Totals New Boyfriend’s Car

Calvin Klein's ex-boytoy Nick Gruber is not staying out of trouble, according to Page Six:

GruberThe troubled ex-boyfriend of Calvin Klein totaled current boyfriend John Luciano’s $100,000 BMW in a three-car accident in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon, reports The Post’s Kirsten Fleming. Even worse, Gruber was on a date with a woman when he had the crash.

Gruber was reportedly on a date with a woman at Six Flags Magic Mountain near L.A. before the accident, they add:

Gruber and the woman enjoyed the day at the theme park. But, Luciano said, on the way home, Gruber was broadsided by a PT Cruiser as he hung a left turn at Moorpark Street and Laurel Canyon Boulevard. The PT then smashed into another car and caught fire. The Beemer was wrecked, and Gruber went to Sherman Oaks Hospital after he suffered a broken nose and some bruises. None of the other passengers, including Gruber’s female date, was hurt. “The thing about Nick, he has a lead foot and rocks for brains,” Luciano quipped.


  1. Fahd says

    My much younger, maybe “druggy” “boyfriend” is much hotter, and I would never lend him my car.

    This Nick here must have qualities that are not so obvious.

  2. Fahd says

    @Mike B and @ He looks sorry

    As my sponsor says, “You cannot use “he’s really beautiful” as an excuse for enabling this behavior.” The hard truth though is that mine is “really beautiful”.

    Also, there is no evidence that Nick was at fault for this accident. I am willing to bet that a high percentage of PT Cruiser drivers have symptoms of senility.

    Let’s keep an open mind.

    As for the “what’s he got that I don’t” comments, maybe Nick makes up for his looks with his attitude.

  3. Onnyjay says

    No sh*t, a little PT (aka Plymouth Neon) took out a high-end BMDuuh?? Time for brand snobbery (and all the people who paid that much money for so little car) to be put out to pasture.

  4. Timo says

    You can hate all you want, but you all know that you wish you could have a hot, straight blonde guy like this. It may cost a fortune, but it would be worth it.

  5. Fahd says

    I do not take offense, but are the rich and powerful men who have much younger girlfriends (wives), e.g. Tony Randall, Ed McMahon, Silvio Berlosconi, Nicholas Sarkozy, etc. etc. also “morons”? Au contraire, they are heroes to the many heterosexual men who lead lives of “quite desperation”.

    In my opinion – however, humble and unworthy you may deem it — the “holier than though” comment is a variation on the “what’s he got that I don’t?” comment. (I am basing this on my 2 semesters of college psychology.)

    Do Nick and Luciano, who are both well over 21, have to conform their private lives to the judgmental, socially correct commentators? Is the only variation now legal marriage followed by surrogate birth and 60-month hybrid Toyota Camry contract? Have we learned nothing from lesbian bed death?

    I know many have suffered, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, and mine is indeed a very transparent, thin and brittle glass house.

    As it has ever been, so shall it ever be.

  6. Fahd says

    Also, I meant to write “holier than thou” not “holier than though”.

    Isn’t that always the way when one is taken up with righteous indignation.

  7. Fahd says


    You have no idea how relieved I am that I entered my correcting comment first. When one is speaking from on high it is important to be correct in all things.

    P.S. The name of my cold medicine is closely guarded.

  8. testington says

    What an idiot, first off if you were coming from Magic Mountain and ended up on Moorpark going left on Laurel than you have no idea where you’re even going. And who tries to make a left onto a constantly busy four lane street without waiting for the light?

  9. MaddM@ says

    Oy, don’t get the fascination with “straight” guys, who by definition shouldn’t have much interest sexually in gay men…. what a depressing manifestation of internalized homophobia. At least give me a nice meathead furry brunette faggot if he’s gonna total my car….

  10. Billy Crytical says

    What has John Luciano done for gay people?

    When will these old gay scum move on? Younger generations of gay men should not be infected with the garbage John Luciano and Calvin Klein’s are swimming in. For these old gay scum heterosexual males are the only ones with genuine masculinity. If you believe that then you can’t have a gay boyfriend because they supposedly don’t have what you want. This is the result. The masculine traits that people are looking for are LEARNED. They are learned during the 0 to 16 formative years. If this John Luciano wants to be treated like scum then one day maybe Nick will run him over with his own car. Maybe then he’ll get a raging hard on.

    There are many more attractive gay men with much better faces and definitely bodies and with better attitudes than Nick Gruber.

  11. Fahd says

    Maybe Nick is genuinely attracted to Luciano. You don’t know. The comments about hustler’s being dumb – even if Luciano chimes in – are another stereotype that goes right along with “I’m holier than though” and “What’s he got that I don’t”. Was it Coleridge or Keats who wrote, “a thing of beauty is a boy forever”?

    My sponsor warned me: As really beautiful as my “boyfriend” is when I stood up to him and I wouldn’t let him trade a chunk of my wine collection for “medical” marijuana, he tore my heart out and went back east to his mother. Now he sends me texts telling me that he’s writing a book, but “don’t worry he and I are the only ones who will be able to identify me”. I don’t even know for sure that he is still back east.

    This afternoon, the 6’3″ Lance Corporal who resembles Nick (white, dark blonde str8, married with muscles) and always scores in the 99th percentile on the Marine’s physical training test and also their sharp shooter tests – texted me to see if I wanted him to “stop by”. Too bad I’m burning up with fever from my cold.

    He likes me for whom I am. Not everyone is a user, and I think I will find true love – if not today, then tomorrow.

    It doesn’t remind me of societal oppression of gays when younger gay men call me “old gay scum”. How hurtful! I’m not even that old. Karma will get you. You must have been a joy as a teenager!

  12. ty says

    If he was with Calvin, then he definitely has a big wanker, you can see it in the underwear shot posted a couple months back. Unfortunately the bigger the tool, the more messed up the dude. There is a sense of propriety that makes guys like this defective. Sorry to say…

  13. Fahd says

    Corrections to my last post:

    “hustlers being dumb” not “hustler’s being dumb”


    “holier than thou” not “holier than though”

    I also now think the correct quote might be, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

  14. Bill says

    While the car was evidently totaled, none of the news accounts seem to indicate who was at fault – this Gruber guy was making a left turn and was
    broadsided. Since Gruber was the only one hurt and was driving, the most likely reason is that his car was hit on its left side (the red splotch on the side of his face in Towleroad’s picture is consistent with that). In an uncontrolled intersection, the car on the right has the right of way, so it would have been Gruber’s fault if he had a stop sign and the other car didn’t, or if he ran a red light (or if the light changed while a car going along the cross street was already in the intersection and didn’t have time to clear it). Unfortunately, the original article Towleroad linked to did not say.

    Perhaps you could blame him for not maintaining safety margins in case another driver screws up, but until more information is available, it is not clear if he is at fault at all.

    Whatever the case, it is not cool to accuse him of causing the accident merely because he seems to have a skill set that revolves around getting very wealthy boyfriends to support him (if that is in fact true as many articles seem to suggest).

    The good news: an insurance company undoubtedly has to pay for replacing the car, not his boyfriend. The bad news: insurance rates will not go down as a result.

    Also, if he is a 2 or 3 on the Kinsey scale, he could easily think of himself as predominantly straight. The low Kinsey number would be a good match for an older boyfriend whose sexual performance is starting to slow with age. Aside from “fun with numbers” as an academic exercise, this should not be taken as speculation regarding his personal life – if you want to know, ask him.
    As to me, I simply don’t care as it is none of my business.

  15. bandanajack says

    i read this whole comment section just to find out what fahd would say. if he is often wrong, he is most amusingly so, and he IS right some of the time.

    so fahd… do you have a blog, a twitter feed, a youtube account, or a tumblr blog? i’ll give you a try.

  16. DC Arnold says

    Perfect example of a hustler hitting the jackpot and getting lazy. Everyone knows you get your sugar daddy to pay for your education so when it ends you have something to fall back on.

  17. NE1 says

    this kid is trash and he’s not even good looking. rich people need to start having some standards with their paid dates, dating women is a deal breaker.

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