1. Marty says

    I’m not so sure it’s that simple. We’re not talking about some regular person whose parents throw them out and they turn to a life of drugs, etc. This woman had resources beyond resources. And it’s not like she would have been the first closeted lesbian singer (hello Phyllis Hyman) who may have gone into a sham marriage. It’s more complicated than that. She clearly loved Bobby Brown for whatever reason…watch Oprah’s final interview with Houston. Whitney was far more complicated than that….

  2. Thomasina says

    Based on this clip, it sounds like this Robin lady was the only one who cared enough about Whitney to try to tackle her drug problem early on. It’s a pity that Mrs. Houston couldn’t even hear that in what she herself was saying.

  3. Andrew F says

    Cissy Houston has her own convictions, but it certainly seems that she does go by the philosophy of “live and let live”. She disapproved of the drugs, of Robin, of Bobby Brown, of a lot of things — but let her daughter choose her own path. You can see that she is actually very sad about Whitney’s death and tragic life.

  4. Caliban says

    When someone is raised in a homophobic religion, STEEPED in it, and in a family who doesn’t accept them, no matter their material gains they may never overcome those scars.

  5. says

    oh, honeybun. being a lesbian would have giver her a happier ending than being married to bobby brown. yeeesh.

    sad as this is, i’m very glad this interview is now out there for all to see. this is what happens when antiquated and indefensible opinions get in the way of an adult doing their proper job as a parent.

  6. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “You can see that she is actually very sad about Whitney’s death and tragic life.”

    I couldn’t see that. She seemed bored by Oprah’s questions. I guess that’s why Oprah has that grand skyline vista behind them, to compensate for a dull guest.

  7. disgusted american says

    Yep – best to be a Dead Crack Cock munching hetero married to Bobbie Brown – then a Happy well adjusted healthy lesbian huh? Is that what this lady is sayin…?

  8. Die Already, Willya? says

    Mama wanted control. Of Whitney. Of the money.

    At least she got the money.

    We’ll be a better society when old people like this finally die off. What’s keepin’ ’em?

  9. Francis says

    Oprah’s reaction was one of complete shock. You could see she was thinking “um………alrighty then” in her mind.

    Robyn and Whitney may not have been lovers but it’s pretty clear Whitney was most happy when Robyn was there with her as her right hand woman and best friend. Robyn was one of the few who went to the family about Whitney’s drug use and one of the few who said anything about Bobby abusing Whitney. Robyn truly cared for Whitney and wasn’t a Yes person, but because she was a lesbian, Cissy and Whitney’s handlers drove a divide between Robyn and Whitney.

    That makes Cissy a horrible person and parent. She allowed her internalized bigotry get in the way of her daughters’ happiness.

    BTW, Cissy is a joke for saying that people are exploiting Whitney’s death while she’s doing the exact same thing here with this book. She simply doesn’t have a clue.

  10. beef and fur says

    It’s OK. We’ll still continue to fight for your civil rights. We might not have marched across the same bridge, but our destination is still the same. Thanks for having our backs…

  11. Run, Bobbi Christina, Run says

    I don’t think we should discriminate against Cissy Houston because she IS Black. But I believe it’s completely appropriate to judge her for ACTING Black. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

  12. says

    Robyn loved Whitney more than any other woman but Whitney’s family was concerned for the pop icon’s stardom and reputation! The Houstons were upstanding and prominent Newark, NJ family. Whitney’s parents knew of the “CLOSE FRIENDSHIP” between their daughter and Robyn. Look, the Houstons did not want to risk Whitney’s career over some “lesbian romance” Cissy Houston started a church and raised Whitney within that bubble! She did everything in her power to stop the romance and kept that lesbian rumor out of the press come hell or highwater. Sadly it didn’t work. The lesbian rumor is indelibly connected to the Diva. Whitney suffocated in the CLOSET and died of heartache which separated her from her one TRUE LOVE. AMEN.

  13. Noteasilyoffended says

    How loving and Christian of her. Seems her daughter being a drug addict was more acceptable to her than her being a lesbian? That’s one messed up priority list. Eating snatch wouldn’t have killed WH. Doing drugs did. Way to go Cissy.

  14. Swiminbuff says

    Saying she would not have liked or condoned Whitney being a lesbain is not the same as saying she would have rejected her daughter. She also did not like or condone the drug use but she certainly never rejected her daughter or her son for that matter. The entire nterview last night was very interesting.
    I like Cissy. She is a 78 year old woman who calls things as she sees them and doesn;t really care what other people, including her family, think about it. You go girl!!

  15. Sabian says

    Why is everyone acting so aghast by her answer? Cissy is ol’ school and deeply rooted in the church. Her reaction is par for the course. I would’ve been floored if she hadn’t responded this way.

    And the “crack” and callous “dead” comments people are making here are frankly in poor taste. It’s as if some people are saying “Oh, you wouldn’t accept a lesbian daughter? Well your daughter is a DEAD CRACK addict, so ha ha.” You’re no better than she is.

  16. Moz's says

    Ive always said 90% of Whitney’s fall was Bobby Brown and crack BUT what led up to her choosing Bobby in the 1st place? Upbringing = religion and the pressure of a gospel singing family

  17. Tony says

    Get off Cissy’s back. She was basically keeping real. The truth is that most parents don’t like their children being gay, no matter how much they reconcile it and decide to keep a relationship with them. I’m sure she didn’t like or condone Whitney’s drug usage or marriage to Bobby Brown either, but that was still her daughter and she let her live her life as she chose. There’s a difference between not liking or condoning, and outright shunning or casting out. Considering Cissy’s age, and her coming from the Baptist church, this is not at all shocking.

  18. says

    Her mother could be best described as a money hungry stage mom, and there are several books to reaffirm that fact. Her mother did NOT give her the guidance she needed and was often just looking for the next paycheck.

  19. Tom Perez says

    Old lady Houston is no prize, she’s a bitter old washed up church hollering hate bag. Whitney is dead, her daughter is not far behind once she spends her 20mil.Who cares about Cissy what’s her name.

  20. Manish says


    Cissy was anything BUT a stage mom. The only place Whitney was allowed to sing was in church and occasionally with her as a session singer. When Whitney was a teenager, several record labels wanted to sign her…but Cissy refused to give her consent and basically made Whitney wait until she was an adult who could sign her own contract.

  21. Buckie says

    I don’t know why anyone is so surprised or upset, is this, like, news ?

    For all the progress “we” think we’ve made, the cold hard reality is that a LOT of it relies on the simple natural fact that people always eventually DIE off.

    That being said, anyone else notice how remarkably boring the woman is, I’m not sure why she’s even being interviewed.

  22. Tré says

    The headline is sensationalized and grossly exaggerated. NOWHERE did Cissy say that she’d “reject” Whitney if she were lesbian. Not “liking” or even not “condoning” doesn’t automatically equal out to “I’d have rejected…”

  23. Laura says

    Maybe if Cissy had accepted her daughter for who she was, there would have been no Bobby Brown or drug abuse.

    Maybe Cissy’s granddaughter would still have a mother. But I guess a dead daughter is preferable to a live lesbian?

  24. David says

    What a very sad, selfish, self-centered woman. Wanted to hurt her when she was high because it hurt her. She told her to just stop the drugs. Wow.

    Maybe if Whitney had been a lesbian, whatever the speculation, and had been out, she would have had far more support and help from her community than she ever received from the vampires that make up the music industry and her family.

  25. Tom221 says

    She didn’t say she would not have accepted Whitney if she was lesbian. She said she’d have a problem with it.

    Not the same thing. Nothing else was explored.
    But, I loved Oprah’s reaction. Like “wtf is wrong with you?”
    I could hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes.
    God bless Oprah.
    Thank you.

  26. jimmy says

    cissy’s comments make me very sad.

    makes me think, more than ever, that whitney was indeed a lesbian.

    as much as i hate what cissy said, somehow, i do appreciate her honesty and candor about her feelings.

  27. FunMe says

    What we are seeing is why Whitney never stopped doing drugs. She could never be true to herself and be with the love of her life, Robin. SAD.

    The brother might have been at fault for introducing her to drugs. But her mother is basically saying that she is at fault for not accepting her daughter Whitney for what she is really is. :-(

  28. Francis says

    I’m sorry, but let’s leave the apologist BS at home. Not accepting or “liking” your child, because your child isn’t straight, is being a bad parent, a bad person, and is rejection. That much is clear, and even if Whitney wasn’t a lesbian, Cissy and the Houston family more or less broke up an extremely close friendship/relationship out of homophobia. That is appalling and so is the almost boastful way Cissy Houston speaks on it.

  29. Francis says

    I’m sorry, but let’s leave the apologist BS at home. Not accepting or “liking” your child, because your child isn’t straight, is being a bad parent, a bad person, and is rejection. That much is clear, and even if Whitney wasn’t a lesbian, Cissy and the Houston family more or less broke up an extremely close friendship/relationship out of homophobia. That is appalling and so is the almost boastful way Cissy Houston speaks on it.

  30. Paul R says

    It’s hard for me to understand how there can be comments on a gay site saying, Oh it’s OK that she’s antigay. It’s just how she feels and it’s her truth and religion.

    Can you look in the mirror every day? Get a grip and grow a pair.

  31. Chitown Kev says

    Allright, you queens don’t even want to go and read Cissy’s book.

    She completely trashes Robyn, even though she does the reveal that it was Robyn that first told her about Whitney’s drug use…and that was pre-Bobby Brown.

    But let’s avoid idealizing Robyn and Whitney’s relationship too much; after all, in some ways, it seems as if Robyn was as controlling and possessive of Whitney as Cissy H. or Clive Davis.

  32. jok says

    oh come on cissy, remember the black peoples rights activism?? what would you thing if i (white person) did not accept a black guy as my son in law, for example??. Aparently some black people (who really suffered “apartheid” just for being different), have learnt nothing about individual rights

  33. Ray says

    It’s clear to me at least that Cissy Houston knew that her daughter was in a loving relationship with Robin and she DIDN’T reject her.

    The woman lost her daughter and she must live everyday with all that, that implies.

    Cut her a little slack.

    After all, it’s tough being a famed gospel singer with TWO crackheads in the family.

  34. Reginald says

    Well of course Cissy wouldn’t have liked it or condoned it… she’s an older, religious African-American woman. Duh! But the headline here is misleading…. she’s not saying that she would have rejected Whitney or not accepted her. It’s just not what she would have wanted or liked. Same with my own mother… she doesn’t like the fact that I’m gay and she doesn’t condone being gay… but she hasn’t rejected me or turned her back on me or stopped loving me. She simply didn’t get what she wanted.

  35. Chitown Kev says

    @reginald…well, there are plenty of older religious white women that would not have liked or condoned it either.

    But the thing is…what’s to “condone”?

  36. Michael says

    Let’s be clear folks – Drug Addiction is a Disease, period! And it is not born from bad parenting or a lack of love -I can attest to that.
    YES a mother’s love and understanding can help, but only to a certain point. Being gay does not cause addiction either, but certainly the heavy pain of staying in the closet helps keep many of us out there using until our death.

  37. Rene says

    @Tré, Exactly. Sensational headlines are unfair, and headlines should strive to be explicit and factual, not ambiguous, not given to assumption OR presumption, and certainly not misleading. This headline does that; “reject” isn’t in the headline. Reread the headline, then follow the transcript.

    Actually, several of you should watch or at least read the transcript before commenting:

    “Oprah: Would it have bothered you if your daughter WAS gay?

    Cissy: Absolutely

    Oprah: You would not have liked that?

    Cissy: Not at all.

    Oprah: You would not have condone it, or…?

    Cissy: No.”

    Furthermore, before commenting, you shoudl reflect on what was said. For everyone trying to apologize for Cissy, please look up some key words: condone, accept, reject.

    Folks are getting caught up on two words not used: accept and reject. You can, however, understand Cissy’s position at least in part from the word she did use: condone.

    You cannot accept something if you don’t condone it. It is, by definition, impossible. If you don’t accept something (or someone), you ARE, by definition, rejecting it (or him or her). Now, she may have played an active role in her daughter’s life as an out lesbian — ultimately, whether or not Whitney was a lesbian and her decisions on how to live her life were hers — BUT existing in someone’s life does not mean you fully accept and embrace that person. You can, and we often all do, reject people in part.

    There are so many gay people who are a testament to this. They maintain contact with their parents, but their parents do not accept their homosexuality. It remains a point of contention — even if left silent.

    So, is Cissy saying that she would have rejected Whitney as a lesbian? Yes. To what degree? We don’t know.

  38. Miguel A. Mendoza says

    I don’t fault her for being honest and can understand her not being happy if Whitney were a lesbian. Most parents aren’t happy about their children being gay. The real question would have been how she would have handled (or reacted to) the news.

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