1. acorlando says

    Bwaaaa… Ours came in the mail yesterday. And interestingly, we have that same pasta maker, and a rack of Wusthoff knives. Truth in advertising!

  2. Book says

    Just saw this yesterday and the gay couple’s ‘story’ is at the end. It caught me by surprise and made me smile so hard. I went back and paid attention to the rest of the narrative. It had a nice blend of male/female with a good mix of seating and chatting arrangements – not obviously het or gay pairings, which was refreshing.

  3. Randal Oulton says

    I had one of those manual ones 15 years ago, only used it twice and yard saled it.

    I want them to invent one where you put the ingredients in one end, turn it on, a while later it beeps and the pasta comes out the other end ready to pop in water…

  4. Caliban says

    Obviously Crate & Barrel knows who their market really is. I’d be willing to bet that if the “One Million Moms” (all 10,000 of them) put together an OMM cookbook most of the recipes would start with a can of mushroom soup and a bag of Ore-Ida frozen potatoes. And no Christian Right “table-scape” is complete without Franklin Mint plates!

  5. I wont grow up says

    Bravo to C & B, but really gang, who has space in their kitchen for all this stuff. My partner of 30 years and I spent a fortune on a remodled kitchen and don’t use half of what we had done. But in the gay tradition we remembered that “An ounce of pretention is worth a pound of manure”, if it’s displayed in the kitchen does not mean it’s ever been used.

  6. Mary says

    Caliban, were you being sarcastic in your depiction of the One Millions Moms (or as I like to call them since they are so unsuccessful, “Moms for Bombs?”) Franklin mint plates? Ore-Ida fries? We might as well say that all gay men are named Bruce, eat pesto, have a loft in Soho in New York City and know all the fine points of interior decorating. About all that was missing from your depiction of the “Moms” was the Minne Pearl straw hat with the tag still on it!

  7. TomR says

    For someone like me who’s been around almost since Stonewall days, this brings tears to my eyes. Nonetheless, I recently bought the same pasta machine off EBay for 8 dollars! And, yes, my sweet husband and I do share a bowl of homemade pasta, a bottle of wine and whatever else, and the table is definitely ours for the evening. So Cheers!

  8. Caliban says

    No, Mary, I literally meant that EVERY single member of OMM can’t cook for sh*t and uses dishes they bought from infomercials!

    OK, not literally, but if you if don’t want to be stereotyped as a sour and regressive religio-paranoic with her lips permanently pursed up like a cat’s @sshole, don’t join groups whose leaders are exactly that and throw a drama-fit every time a company dares acknowledge that gay people actually exist. And my guess about the soup and Ore-Ida recipes is based on every church cookbook I’ve ever seen.

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