Matt Damon Gets Revenge on Jimmy Kimmel, Takes Over Show: VIDEOS

Ben Affleck runs from the studio:

Celebrities congratulate Matt Damon:

Kimmel auditions for every Matt Damon role:

Sarah Silverman talks about her relationship with Kimmel, and Nicole Kidman, Gary Oldman, and Amy Adams sit on Damon's couch:

And Reese Witherspoon and Demi Moore:

Finally, Damon bumps Kimmel from his own show:


  1. UFFDA says

    Cool as Matt Damon is, Ben Afflick and quite a few others, that got to be a bit much. Jimmy’a gag is a good symbol though for the celebrity gag that’s stuck in most of our faces. Get your own life folks. Kimmel doesn’t suck nearly as much as television and the media goons who govern pop culture. Talk about processed food!

  2. delish says

    So help me out, commenters, because I’m struggling to find the line between comedy and glorifying a pop culture that makes bullying/non-consensual hazing acceptable. I don’t even know where to start because inside when I saw the last scene with ‘looser’ scrawled across Jimmy’s forehead, I felt a line had been crossed. Maybe the line was crossed much earlier and I didn’t react. The thing is, I am not a prude. I get into all of these games when they are consensual. But are they only interesting as consensual games because they act-out truly *not OK* scenarios? Ah, the struggle to figure it all out. maybe it’s not my job to figure it all out, but to just make sure that I don’t participate in humiliating another human being without their consent. Yet, is not speaking out the same as participating?

  3. delish says

    Yes, I realize he was in on it, of course. I guess I just worry that some young people won’t make that connection and internalize the idea that abusing each other is, OK. Thanks for the reply.

  4. GUY says

    The whole thing showed a lot of love for Jimmy. No doubt about it. Cute and sweet for a little while…but jeeze you know it’s a private party for what we call celebs, doesn’t have to go on and on and on.

  5. jexer says

    If young people don’t get that this whole thing was set up by/for/with-permission-of Jimmy Kimmel… they’re going to have immensely bigger problems in life than any emotional scarring or attitude adjustment that might result from watching this gag.

  6. Robert says

    Jimmy really does seem to have the mainstream Hollywood appeal that typically transfers over to Leno for some unknown reason. (Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon are the perfect examples of a Leno guest.) I’d love to see him take more of Leno’s thunder since, ya know, Leno is painfully unfunny and a professional jerk.

  7. says

    Are you people really trolling this post with faux concerns about bullying, or are you just being facetious in an attempt at forum-posting comedy? Either way you made me laugh. This was a brilliant bit of comedy gold to kick off Jimmy’s new time slot. The ultimate payoff to Jimmy’s running gag about bumping Matt Damon. LOVED IT!

  8. AriesMatt says

    I thought the whole gig was clever and the star power dumbfounding. Wonder how this episode did in the ratings in comparison to his regular shows? Should be interesting.

    Damon is a natural at hosting!

  9. Felix says

    I loved it. My fav moment was when Demi Moore dumped her coat on Reese. The look on the faces of the much bigger stars Demi was trying to upstage was priceless. Andy Garcia was a hoot on the bike with the bottle of scotch.

  10. jhr459 says

    Jexer-you said exactly what I was thinking and was going to say-if the young people that Delish was concerned about don’t get this obviously over the top spoof, then we do, indeed, have much more to be concerned about!!

  11. Rodney Wollam says

    Jay Leno can read from a cue card better than anyone and I don’t really see the appeal of David Letterman, but no one has greater instincts and is a more natural talk show host than Kimmel. I think he will be remembered a lot more fondly than the first two.

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