1. Matt26 says

    Wonderful. This is also a huge step, ESPN is wathced mostly by men, who may have stereotypical views to gays.

  2. jamal49 says

    Please! Weeping? I think I might throw up. It’s bowling for chrissake! Note to Scott: can the tears and man up.

  3. Qj201 says


    Maybe one day when and IF you ever accomplish anything that you worked so hard for you will understand.

    In the meantime, shove that butch attitude into my pillow and take it like a man.

  4. SC David says

    Disappointing that the announcer failed to identify who the person was that Scott embraced. The average viewer was probably bewildered.

  5. Danny says

    Thanks for picking up the story.

    His name is spelled wrong in the headline and link though; also, Jason Belmonte’s title count is also wrong (he has 5).

  6. AriesMatt says

    What a great video. Would have been nice for the announcer to mention his partner, but it wasn’t necessary. Can’t imagine anyone thinking it was his “bro” he was kissing, hugging and crying with…

  7. ian says

    sweet. nice to see a bit of the emerging “post-gay” world.

    “It was nice to see the telecasters step into the 21st century and treat Scott’s homosexuality as just a matter of fact and not a sensation.”

    i don’t know why i don’t bowl more often. i have fun every time i do.

  8. GLAW2014 says

    I also thought it was a little odd that they did not even make mention that his husband came up to him and embraced him with a short sweet kiss. They mentioned the other guy’s wife, but at least they didn’t turn the camera away…so I guess we will take that as progress.:-/

  9. says

    JW is not the person who runs, that’s a totally different person!

    My name is Jaime, I am the gay bowler that cover bowling and does Behind the Scenes shows for ESPN.

    Also Jason Belmonte does not have 48 titles! That’s a totally different player.

  10. phill says

    I think I’m gonna throw up! If I had small children watching? Two dudes kissing, yuck!
    Okay, flame me now (as if you will change my mind), besides I won’t be back to read them anyway!

  11. Miguel R. says

    @Phill. I hope that posting your comment was as thrilling to write as it was to read. Coming to a gay website just to post this homophobic comment must have taken a lot of courage! Although I suspect that you come here more often then you like to admit? Maybe for the male model pictures? A click or two, no one needs to know, right? Just a hunch. Happy trolling!