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Lip Reader Decodes Boehner Joke That Prompted Michelle Obama's Epic Eye Roll: VIDEO


What prompted Michelle Obama's epic eye roll at House Speaker John Boehner?

Inside Edition thinks they have it figured out.

We asked expert lip reader Larry Wenig. Wenig believes John Boehner is asking President Obama whether he had a chance to have a cigarette before the luncheon.

President Obama gave up cigarettes three years ago. Boehner is a known chain smoker.

Our lip reader, Wenig, caught Boehner saying, "Somebody won't let you do it", referring to Michelle, which prompted the first lady's big eye roll.

Watch the clip again, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. After 20+ years standing at a styling chair, over 300 clients and a full 1/3 of them Black women, I can say with expertise and confidence that that moment is as close as the public will ever get to seeing the First Mom deliver an ass-whoopin'. Ask any juvenile deliquent child of a Black mother what follows that face... if they can stop their teeth from chattering in fear they'll tell you in low, awed and fearful whispers.

    GAWDS!!, I loves me some Michelle.

    Posted by: Mommie Dammit | Jan 24, 2013 2:56:09 AM

  2. These comments have been fun. Thanks.
    It's had job to be First Lady especially when sitting next to the one man who could make it a little easier but doesn't. It probably doesn't matter really whether they get along but If she could find a way to break some of that ice, there is one snowball in hell that it could be helpful in the future.

    Posted by: Markt | Jan 24, 2013 7:42:34 AM

  3. He did not just said that in front of her. He didn't just deserved and eye roll, but a hand to the face and a shaking of the head.

    Posted by: Art | Jan 24, 2013 11:07:24 AM

  4. That's what they call an "eye roll", she appears to just look up.

    Posted by: Johnny | Jan 24, 2013 11:18:32 AM

  5. cant we all just get along?

    Posted by: steven | May 5, 2013 8:23:49 AM

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