1. says

    Seriously, Fox? A fictional show set in the 1920’s is a threat to the Left?

    The Talking Points parrots have been grasping straws so hard, they’ve become a fine powder.

  2. Eric says

    Heh, have they even watched the show? Given how many financial problems those “rich people” in the show have had, I don’t think progressives have anything to worry about.

  3. says

    actually, it threatens the Right because it shows the galling disparities of the still-in-effect class system.

    Grantham would be like Mitt Romney, but lord Grantham knows *his* servants name and treats them with occasional respect

    no wonder the GOP wanted PBS funding cut. they dont’ want people to see this exception program and realize that the Caste System is alive and well in America.

    in other news, Fox & Friends continues to show all that is wrong with this bigoted network.

    I don’t think any of the Talking Heads on the program have even seen the show – their slant on the program indicates they haven’t, at least. they’ve missed the entire point.

  4. says

    Nonsense ! FOX is so impenetrably stupid.

    I thought it put forward the cause of the Irish struggle in 1920-1922 and the changes towards more democratic accountability after WW1…….not to mention the absurdity of the Settled Land Acts and inheritance by tail-male !!!!!!…..not to mention the class based society in its death throes.

  5. Mawm says

    Downton Abbey threatens the right, because it presupposes a literate, educated viewing audience.

  6. says

    more and more i believe that if fox news headquarters got the Ted Kaczynski treatment then the world would be a better place.

    it’d be just like Hiroshima or Nagasaki, except there wouldn’t be a single loss of Innocent life.

    not that i’m saying i hope it happens, because i don’t. but it would take a big cancer out of the USA.

  7. woodroad34d says

    Oddly enough, I was having this same discussion on Saturday with a couple of Republican anglophiles…they also pointed out that not all families were as benignly benevolent as the Crawleys. There wasn’t any national welfare system; gays could still be maimed, killed, or jailed; the ability to rise above one’s station was extremely limited, and the dependence on the good-heartedness of people in a mean-spirited world (see Charles Dickens) was almost pointless. That last item certainly could describe the Fox anti-news team.

  8. Strepsi says

    A commenter on YouTube under one of their videos put it best: FOX and FRIENDS is like choosing to spend time with the stupidest, most unpleasant people at your office.

  9. says

    it also brilliantly illustrates the dependency the “uppers” have on their servant-class.

    something they don’t like to be reminded of.

  10. SFBob says

    So out of it that they still mispronounce it (and have no idea how to spell it)! Wonder if they even realize they’re talking about PBS. Wonder how these people feel about electric toasters!

  11. Matt26 says

    Four rich airheads sitting in front of camera telling rich is fun and nice and miss the point of the entire series of Downton Abbey.

  12. nick says

    Faux Snooze -once again doing its part to make Umerica dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber.

  13. Elsewhere says

    The current Lord Grantham’s father lost all his money by not modernizing the farm; Lord Grantham lost all of his American wife Cora’s money by not modernizing the farm; now Lord Grantham has his sensible middle-class son-on-law that he want said son-in-law to help manage the estate (with son-in-law’s money)but Lord Grantham says no, nothing must change, and he’s proceeding to lose all of his son-in-laws money.

    How does this make rich people look good?

  14. Hank says

    By their behavior and compassion, while still living within a restrictive class system, the Crawleys are nothing like the Romneys or the Trumps. They are like the Roosevelt clan, both branches of which worked for greater enfranchisement of the needy and strove to build a more inclusive society.

  15. jjose712 says

    Well, i don’t want to spoil anything, but the rich characters on Downton Abbey are not homophobic, maybe if the rich americans want to be as popular, they better take note

  16. Hue-Man says

    Ignore that the “commoner” has to bail out the rich people! How do you explain to Faux Noos viewers that foreigners – ugly money-grubbing Americans – had to be imported to maintain the regime? The Fox fools also didn’t watch this week’s episode and preview where the gay valet is stalking the new footman!

  17. jamal49 says

    It’s fun to watch FOX&Friends sink to new lows of irrelevance. If such nonsense wasn’t posted here, who’d know how ridiculous FOX et al is? It’s a dirty job, I guess, and somebody’s gotta do it. So, uh, thanks Towleroad. Maybe.

  18. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Gretchen Carlson says, “I say it just like Brian says it, Downtown Abbey. What is it supposed to be, resident authority on British pronunciation?”.

    Er, like it’s spelled? Downton.

  19. ChristopherM says

    Stupid people. It isn’t the rich we hate. It is the greedy who enrich themselves at the expense of others.

  20. Randal Oulton says

    Ha, love the headline, for a minute I was thinking there was a new parody show out lol.

  21. Bilstr says

    It makes the rich people look petty, venal, self-absorbed. They’re obviously incredibly lousy financial managers. I know plenty of rich people, some righties, some lefties, but none so vapid as the DA crowd.

  22. anon says

    While the show does threaten to impose bad taste on its audience, and it’s depiction of the English class system is not realistic (it’s a Tory-rose-colored-glasses view of things), there have been numerous complaints about the show from left-wing publications. The idea that the show somehow escapes criticism is not true. However, you aren’t suppose to take it seriously.

  23. jaragon says

    The rich in “Downtown Abbey” had class,manners and style which is something a Fox friend like Donald Trump lacks. The show is more than just about the rich- these idiots probably have never actually seen a complete episode.

  24. Tim says

    Towleroad, are you going to remove Kiwi’s comment approving of the bombing of Fox?

    Kiwi, your comment has been recorded and law enforcement will be notified.

  25. Reggie777 says

    The wealthy in Downton Abbey not only have class, and style, intelligence, and wit, none of which the Faux FooFoos have, but they also have a heart about the people they employ. And in their own way, withing the strictures of their times, they cared. When last did any of Mitt and his minions ever give a hoot about the poor?

  26. says

    As a leftist, I enjoy fictional rich people. They’re often intelligent or responsible. In last night’s episode, for instance, Mrs. Hughes thought she had cancer, and fictional rich person Lady Grantham told her that, no matter what happened, she’d be taken care of her for the rest of her life.

    A *real* rich person would have kicked her out and said it was a pre-existing condition.

  27. Houndentenor says

    I don’t know a single right-winger who watches Downton Abbey. I don’t know how it threatens liberals since that’s the bulk of the PBS audience for such a program.

  28. says

    i’m actually still giggling about this. as IF these fools, who CLEARLY haven’t seen the program, think they can spin it into some “evil Leftists” drivel.

    that’s actually profoundly funny.

  29. Bollux says

    Rich people who take care of their employees with incredible compassion as if they are part of their own family?! *gasp* It’s the liberal nightmare come true.

  30. andrew says

    Today must be a very difficult day for the people at the Fox Network. For four years they did everything they sould to undermine President Obama and they failed.

  31. Nick says

    I wouldn’t consider Downton a literate program. I agree. Fox is really off its rocker, but Julian Fellowes is a conservative MP who wrote the screenplay and does hate the left. But his script is dumbed down and filled with anachronisms, inacurracies and flat out distortions about the class system in England during the 1920s. If you want accuracy and entertainment watch the 1981 Brides head Revisited series.

  32. Martin says

    Pathetic Right-Wingers grasping at straws because they want to believe so badly, that Americans hate the RICH and the RICH are all REPUBLICANS….sorry, there are many Democratic, Gay Loving,Kind, Liberals and Moderates, that care about the less fortunate…you prove to me that Paris Hilton or any of the Kardashians give a crap about the poor… I’ll eat my words….the real reason that people love DOWNTON ABBEY is because it is a well written, well acted TV show and NOT a REALITY show… Just remember most of those Conservative English and American actors are mostly Liberal in REAL LIFE..

  33. Evji108 says

    If this BS is what these people really think then the Right Wingers are more totally lost in their bubble world than we thought. And Downton is on PBS their favorite hated liberal TV channel, so it makes it even more ridiculous.

  34. millerbeach says

    This is so foolish, it is humorous. So grossly misinformed, they need to lose the “news” moniker from their screen. This isn’t “news”, it’s nothing but twisted opinion. Too bad sheep can’t tell the difference.

  35. Lee says

    Typical, that Faux&Friends and their target audience would have absolutely no clue what Downton Abbey is about, given the shallow, superficial black and white world they live in.

    On a side note: I’ve actually had discussions about this with my friends, who also remarked that the portrayal of the rich Crawley family was “too positive”. I actually find it refreshing to see for once that the rich upper-class people are not always by definition also the big bad meanies. That concept got so boring so quick.

  36. Michael says

    The Earl of Granthom and his lot are clearly being presented as fossilizing relics of a class system on its way to ruin. Or did Fox News happen to miss the episode where Lord Granthom and Matthew were shamed for not wearing white-tie. Or, as the lovely Dowager Countess called the beautiful tuxedo…RIDICULOUS. If all of the Fox News anchors combined brains, I’m not sure that they’d still have the cabilities to look beyond the surface of things. What morons.

  37. jakeinlove says

    My god these are some dumb ass people. A practically extinct social class is a threat? Not to mention a fictional family representing the practically extinct social class? Not to mention an ENGLISH fictional family representing the practically extinct social class?