Gay Irish Couple Attacked by Grocery Store Security Guard: Report


A gay couple say they were attacked at a SPAR grocery store in Dublin Ireland by a security guard who called them "faggots" after spotting them kissing in the aisle.

Writes Lawlor on Facebook:

So last night myself and Emmett Daly went out for a few drinks together, during our nightly ritual of getting a roll in Spar on Georges street we kissed in the shop. The security gaurd then came over to us and told us to ''take it back into the George you faggots'. Emmett then asked if we were a straight couple who kissed would u asked us to leave and go back to Coppers? I then dragged Emmett towards the deli and the security gaurd followed and again told us to get out of the shop 'you faggots' .. Emmett then pushed him away in retaliation after which two lads pinned him to the ground and was practically strangling him, he now has cuts all over his face and is some amount of pain .. People today are losing their jobs .. its 2013 and the shop is three seconds from two of the biggest gay bars in Dublin, WHAT THEE F**K!?

SPAR Ireland released a statement:

SPAR Ireland notes the many concerned comments in relation to an alleged incident in a SPAR store on Dame Street which is independently owned and operated. SPAR Ireland prides itself on respect for all regardless of gender, nationality, colour, creed, or sexual orientation and abhors any action that contravenes that.

We are currently working with the independent store owner, the Gardai and the private security company to establish the facts of the alleged incident. In the meantime, it is important that we all respect the requirement for due process as the allegations are investigated.


  1. Francis says

    Sad. Ireland has made a lot of progress in regards to gay acceptance but there is still a ton of underlying homophobia, unfortunately. Good on Robbie and Emmett for standing up and fighting back and hopefully this is resolved with some major punishment handed to the homophobic security guard and the two thugs to attacked Emmett.

  2. ratbastard says

    Look. I of course sympathize with victims of real bias and bigotry. This story could be 100% as it’s being told. It could not be. There’s a lot left out, including official police reports and the other side’s story.

    As for something like this happening in a particular place: it can happen ANYWHERE…including S.F., Manhattan, West L.A., Boston, Atlanta, anywhere. Assaults and incidents between strangers where ‘words are exchanged’ are COMMON-PLACE, everywhere there’s especially a large population, i.e. a city. People get drunk/high and ‘exchange words’ with someone in the street, in a store, a train/bus, engage in road rage. People exchange words and brawl over parking spaces!

    I’m tired of the same responses when sh*t like this is reported on TR; posters feigning outrage or disbelief that it happened in such-and-such city. And people taking everything told to them at face value. The reality is in many instances there is more to the story.

    Cute couple.

  3. andrew says

    @Pigs: Ireland has become a very progressive country on the social issues. You may want to read some current history. It isn’t the 1960’s anymore. Sh1thole !!!

  4. reality says

    @PIGS get your facts straight. Ireland has become more progressive on gay rights than most states in the US. Also… I love that their statement uses the word “abhor”

  5. Walt says

    Wow, judging by his spelling and grammar, the school systems in Ireland must be as bad as they are here.

  6. beef and fur says

    Does anyone know what it means when they said: “…our nightly ritual of getting a roll in Spar”? I’m not implying it’s sexual. Do they mean stopping in for a snack? Like a doughnut or a cinnamon bun or something?

  7. jlavoy says

    @BEEF AND FUR, I’m assuming it means they have a nightly ritual where they buy some sort of bakery product. 😉 I read it twice too, but I think we can take that at face value.

  8. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Corporate always sheds crocodile tears when the minions get caught doing something stupid…but no-one gets punished. It just gets waved-away…

  9. ClaytonD says

    @BEEF AND FUR and JLAVOY, a “roll” in this case just refers to a sandwich made with a baguette (like Subway I suppose). A lot of these places have deli counters where they make them to order.

  10. Randal Oulton says

    I’m gonna start with the basics: have things got so bad in Dublin now that guards are needed in SPAR stores?

  11. derrysf says

    Lower George Street features a strip of pubs, clubs and restaurants. Of course there is security in open late-night venues, as there would be pretty much anywhere.

    The multiple comments on this item in which presumably Americans feel the need to opine that Ireland is some ignorant, repressive backwater are insulting and ignorant.

  12. andrew says

    @Icebloo: Read some current info on Eire. The people of Ireland are abandoning the Catholic Church in droves. According to the Arch of Dublin only 18% of the Catholics in Dublin attend mass.

  13. Francis says

    Rat is right, this type of s**t does happen everywhere. Obviously, less so in a San Fran or Manhattan, but it happens. No place is perfect.

    75% of Irish citizens are pro-marriage equality. The country isn’t an ignorant backwater. In the US, the Irish are very pro-gay. But there still is an undercurrent of hate in Ireland that exists that needs to be stamped out.

    Anyway, this is about Emmett and Robbie. And hopefully they receive the justice they deserve.

  14. ratbastard says


    TR threads have more than it’s share of trolls. Don’t take much of the comments posted at face value.

  15. says

    The debates are always grounded on national characters such as Irish people are backward and ignorant, swedish people are blond and dumb, french people are hot and lively, italian people are members of the old mafia and they only eat pasta, russian people are not to be trusted since they are criminal, german people are disciplined and without fantasy, danish people are weird, swiss people are….aren´t they swedish?, americans are shallow and uneducated, brittish people are conventional and go for football and so on and so on, when in fact nations are built from old, stupid agreements between untrustworthy generals and kings in spe, so where do all those national characters come from? I thought people were individuals and not ants, and why is it so important to always relate to your own country? It´s just a piece of land chosen by some idiot in the past.

    And above all, life as homosexual is and has always been difficult to live, whereever you are. One would think that what you were born to, would always be accepted, since that can´t be changed, unlike religion or political colour, but no, as it was in the middle ages, it still is. This world is made for straights, and gays are seldom welcome.

    Peter Brunius
    Sweden (haha)