1. SayTheTruth says

    I remember the effort of the tsars to force their people to look European, even with the Beard Tax in place. Well, they failed, they are still barbarians in disguise, they go back to their natural state.

  2. ratbastard says

    Russians are a harsh people. They’re still suffering from PTSD after being under a brutal 70 plus year rule by the communists, and before that the Czars. Now they have a neo-fascist government in co-hoots with an oppressive form of orthodox Christianity. I’m afraid this type of situation is repeated often, everywhere there has been some kind of oppressive extremist [left or right] rule for any extended period of time. They tend to swing from one extreme [far right] to the other [far left], and Russians are doing this. You see this in other places like South America, also. It’s like these societies have been controlled for so long by various extremist they know and understand nothing else.

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