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Gingrich Wants GOP To Understand 'Human Side' Of Gay Rights: VIDEO


Say what you will about failed presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, but the former Republican House Speaker is poised, either by design or by circumstance, to become one of his party's loudest voices on marriage equality. And that's a good thing.

A few weeks ago Gingrich said he's come to see the "reality" of our changing culture, and last night Gingrich told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren that he hopes the GOP will come to understand the "human side" of same-sex love.

An excerpt, via JMG:

I think this is a very complicated human problem and Republicans need to take a deep breath and understand we need to deal with the human side of this equation — and understand that we want to defend marriage in its classic form between a man and a woman. I don’t accept that there’s an alternative. The government can declare that a Ford truck is Air Force One. That doesn’t mean it can fly. It’s not that I want to change my belief. I think that in fact it’s a big mistake to be confused about this issue.

But I think it’s also a legal reality that now people are being allowed to create legal status over here.

Watch video of Gingrich's latest remarks AFTER THE JUMP. The pertinent comments begin at about the 8 minute mark.

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  1. "I don’t accept that there’s an alternative. The government can declare that a Ford truck is Air Force One. That doesn’t mean it can fly."

    Seriously? This is the voice of Republicans that can give us hope? Clearly he has not "come to see" this issue with any clarity at all. All he is seeing is the writing on the wall. Why is that a "good thing?" Fortunately, as long as they don't recognize that their fundamental positions on gay marriage and many other issues are wrong, Republicans will never win another national election. And for the record Newt, it's not that complicated if you are not a homophobe.

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 10, 2013 1:22:36 PM

  2. either he's not very bright or he's pandering to his base, whom we already all know are not very bright.

    remember this pig's support of north carolina amendment one?

    yeah. traditional third marriage.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Jan 10, 2013 1:28:27 PM

  3. All he's doing is trying to breathe some life into the dying patient that is the GOP. It's all about getting the votes and reclaiming the power. Otherwise, Newt has no purpose in life.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jan 10, 2013 1:30:05 PM

  4. "...to become one of his party's loudest voices on marriage equality." WTF are you talking about? He hasn't endorsed anything, he's still against it.

    Posted by: reality | Jan 10, 2013 1:32:51 PM

  5. While I am not a fan of Newt Gingrich, he obviously is evolving on this issue. Perhaps having a lesbian step sister is helping him see the "human side." While we all would like him to be further along on our issues, maybe we should cut him some slack for the progress he has made.

    Posted by: voet | Jan 10, 2013 1:32:56 PM

  6. Newt, equality isn't complicated!

    Posted by: oh dear! | Jan 10, 2013 1:36:02 PM

  7. Complete babble.

    Posted by: Christian | Jan 10, 2013 1:38:45 PM

  8. A day late and a dollar short, Newt. You and your party put all of your eggs in the narrow-minded, beat-up-on-everyone-who-isn't-rich-white-and-male, and you lost. Way too late to try to re-brand the GOP now. You have had you chance over the past, oh 16 years, and you decided against it. Sucks to be you, GOP. Sucks to be you.

    Posted by: Miguel R. | Jan 10, 2013 1:42:44 PM

  9. Newt's not supporting us, he's just telling the right wing that they've lost and need to get over it. He's hardly the first on the right to say that. Newt is more deserving of our scorn than our thanks.

    Posted by: SC David | Jan 10, 2013 1:52:21 PM

  10. I'm confused here. If Newt is not endorsing marriage equality then what is he advocating? The GOP will have no choice but to accept the changing legal reality. I don't see social conservatives being willing to engage in civil disobedience. Does he just mean they should stop trying to fight for a losing cause? Or that they should find new ways to promote traditional marriage that don't prevent or disparage same-sex marriage? As a conservative Republican myself, I'd find this last possibility intriguing. But I'm not sure how we'd go about doing this.

    Posted by: Mary | Jan 10, 2013 1:52:55 PM

  11. The government can declare that a Ford truck is Air Force One and a serial adulterer can declare himself a traditional marriage defender. Neither one "flies".

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Jan 10, 2013 2:07:48 PM

  12. Sounds more like he's saying, "look, we can't stop this thing, so just let it happen...at least WE'LL know it's not really a marriage."

    Posted by: KDNA | Jan 10, 2013 2:16:48 PM

  13. You are an angry old white male Newt, and you and your begrudging weasel words don't fly either.

    The election was a clear confrontation between progressives and conservatives.
    The progressives won, Newt, and we will go forward with "our agenda" as that slime Giglio called it.....we will have equality, ENDA, repeal DOMA, recognize foreign same sex marriages have absolute equality in the military and every other shade of equality we deem necessary and appropriate.....

    Anyone welcoming anything from Newt should remember the caution; if you sup with the devil use a long spoon

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Jan 10, 2013 2:29:51 PM

  14. @Mary: Newt is advocating trying to keep the wingnuts fired up while not appearing completely unreasonable to everyone else. If he really cared about the "Biblical definition of marriage" or whatever he calls it, he wouldn't have been forced to sign a "no adultery" pledge, or whatever it was that he had to sign to get the religious right wing to not oppose him in the last primary election.

    BTW, the religious conservatives already have a perfectly viable "out" to maintain their beliefs: getting married requires first obtaining a license and then executing the license by having it signed and dated in the presence of two witnesses and an officiant (e.g., a member of some clergy or some other individual authorized to perform marriages) just before the marriage ceremony. They can use the verse in the Bible, "Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's" to distinguish between a religiously sanctioned marriage and a state-sanctioned marriage, or ones sanctioned by other religions (all but one of which are "obviously" false according to many Christians).

    Posted by: Bill | Jan 10, 2013 2:34:09 PM

  15. Why doesn't he ask his f---ing lesbian sister. He's a fake.

    Posted by: mike | Jan 10, 2013 2:35:54 PM

  16. Of course he doesn't actually give two sh-ts about gay people including his sister, and would gladly push the button sending us all to Hell. BUT it's utterly hilarious to see one of the RNC's most "intellectual" pater familias realize that the math is hopelessly against them on this one.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Jan 10, 2013 2:48:04 PM

  17. A dinosaur has some vague understanding that his environment is changing and is trying to alert his fellow dinosaurs that dark days are ahead for them unless they can evolve.

    That's Newt alerting the GOP that if they want to win elections the society around them has changed and they need to at least pretend to change.

    Posted by: evolve or perish | Jan 10, 2013 3:18:45 PM

  18. Why do I get the feeling that Towleroad and many of its supporters are just itching to climb into bed with the Republicans?

    Newt Gingrich's comments are an "acceptance" of marriage equality? Newt Gingrich's comments are to be viewed as some major sea-change in the GOP's acceptance for full, civil equality of LGBTQ people?

    B.S. Pure and simple. Sorry, kids, but Gingrich has gay blood on his hands as his whole party has gay blood on its hands.

    Stupid, muddle-headed, half-hearted comments from one of the leading lights of Republican obstruction and obfuscation does not "acceptance" make.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jan 10, 2013 3:19:14 PM

  19. Marriage is a sacred institution, binding a man to his wife. Or his second wife. Or his third wife.

    I clicked on the video (above) hoping to hear this opportunist spew some common sense -- opportunistic as that newfound sense may be. But instead his muddled contortions leave me even more confused as to where he stands. Get back to me when you have a clear position on DOMA.

    Posted by: Lars | Jan 10, 2013 3:24:52 PM

  20. What the hell are you smoking? He said a bunch of incoherent sense and called the civil rights of gay people a "problem"

    Posted by: Steve | Jan 10, 2013 3:30:58 PM

  21. I knew Gingrich would quickly jettison his supposed principles after the last election because he doesn't want his party to keep losing and he sees that he and people like him are the George Wallaces and Lester Maddoxes of our day. But what does shock me is to see this blog declare that Gingrich is about "to become one of his party's loudest voices on marriage equality. And that's a good thing."

    Newt Gingrich is NOT a good thing. Not good for gays, not good for America, not good for anyone. His willingness to sacrifice gay people (including his own sister) for votes is only one of his many odious qualities. Remember when he shut the government down? Remember when he voted to impeach President Clinton while he was f*cking a Congressional employee (who is now his third/current wife) while married to his second wife? Remember when he opposed the building of an Islamic house of worship in New York, a city he doesn't even live in, because he has no respect for Muslim Americans' freedom of religion? Remember when he campaigned in the Republican loony contest declaring that he had a plan to magically make gasoline cost $2.50 per gallon? This is a man who will say anything for votes. Forget being gay for a moment: Newt Gingrich does not belong in the public life of a decent society. His miraculous conversion to accepting gay people as "human" is NOT a "good thing." It's calculated to make him electable. That's a bad thing. No decent person should want anything to do with this swine -- including his support.

    At this point in history, gay people need to tell people like Newt Gingrich: "We don't need you and neither does our country. Go f*ck yourself. And of course, since you've always had such passionately held, Biblical and therefore immutable convictions about the sinfulness and inequality of gay people, you're going to stick by those positions, aren't you? Because you're a man of principle!" And let them lose every national election until Newt Gingrich and his ilk are finally dead.

    Posted by: KCW | Jan 10, 2013 3:36:46 PM

  22. Mary: "Or that they should find new ways to promote traditional marriage that don't prevent or disparage same-sex marriage? As a conservative Republican myself, I'd find this last possibility intriguing. But I'm not sure how we'd go about doing this."

    Umm, sticking TO your marriages (you as in "republicans") and not extolling the wisdom and virtue of high profile "conservative republicans" who are DIVORCED or ADULTERERS might be the way to start.

    Gingrich, Dole, Armey, Limbaugh, McCain, George Allen, . . .even George Will, all divorced. Then there's Mark Sanford . . . I mean, your party doesn't exactly have a shortage of people who make marriage look disposable. We gay folk, however, are more than willing to take up the mantle of with our own ever-more-demonstrably stable families. :)

    Posted by: Jamie | Jan 10, 2013 4:26:05 PM

  23. This man is just another Repub crackpot, but he's come to the realization that his party has to at least mouth some acceptance of what's happening in the real world, or the Republicans are over.

    Posted by: Not Newt's friend | Jan 10, 2013 4:26:33 PM

  24. @ KCW :

    Best post I've read .....and thank you for reminding everyone of this hypocrite's spewed garbage.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Jan 10, 2013 4:39:36 PM

  25. Jack Twist : Will you get out of here??!! I swear, you are the most self-hating......(Gingrich never joked about Irish barbarians on St. Patrick's Day like gays have. And I'm sure HE doesn't want your family dead).

    Posted by: Yupp | Jan 10, 2013 4:41:50 PM

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