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GOProud Will Cruise Through March For Life Tomorrow


Trying to further ingratiate themselves with the conservatives they so desperately want to rally with, the gay Republican group today announced they're participating in the "March for Life" gathering in D.C. tomorrow.

They'll be distributing the name tag seen above. I wonder how many they'll actually unload.

UPDATE: A friend reminded me that GOProud leader Chris Barron once worked for Planned Parenthood, a group that obviously believes in a woman's right to choose. While there, he helmed Republican outreach to bring pro-choice GOPpers into the mix. Guess those days are over...

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  1. Diogenes, not only are they nearly-always also anti-gay, they're also against gun regulation and PRO-capital punishment.

    and against universal healthcare.

    how much does it cost to deliver a baby in a hospital if you're uninsured? wouldn't universal healthcare give women more room to "choose life" (ugh) if having a baby didn't put them thousands of dollars into debt?

    you can't be against abortion while being part of the reason that a great many women choose to terminate their pregnancies.

    alas, this is GOPround. this is just another pathetic way to try to buy one more day of almost-tolerance from the GOP.

    fail. as always.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Jan 26, 2013 3:15:51 PM

  2. hmm very thnks

    Posted by: sohbet | May 4, 2013 3:42:39 AM

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