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Prince Harry Talks Nude Pics, Killing Militants, PlayStation in Candid Interview: VIDEO


A candid interview with Prince Harry by the UK's Channel 4 is making waves in Britain. In the interview, Harry talks about killing Taliban militants, comparing operating his helicopter's gunner to playing video games, the NYT reports:

At one stage in the interview, Prince Harry said that he was not troubled by killing militants. “Take a life to save a life,” he said. “If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game.”

In another edit of the footage, posted online by The Guardian, Prince Harry, who is known as Captain Wales in the army, explained that he was glad to have been “pushed forward to the front seat,” the one reserved for the attack helicopter’s gunner. That was, he said, “a joy for me because I’m one of those people that loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs I like to think I’m probably quite useful — if you ask the guys I thrash them at FIFA the whole time,” referring to a popular video game series.

The Taliban are not pleased.

He also says that Prince William is jealous of his military career, and comments on the nude photos of him partying in Las Vegas:

"I probably let myself down, I let my family down, I let other people down...but at the end of the day, I was in a private area and there should be a certain amount of privacy that one should expect...It was probably a classic example of me probably being too much army, and not enough prince. It's a simple case of that."

Watch the clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. How can someone so dumb be an army officer?!?!?

    Posted by: Geez | Jan 22, 2013 1:22:34 PM

  2. Being born into royalty might help.

    Posted by: Paul R | Jan 22, 2013 1:28:23 PM

  3. So sick of the British Royals.

    Posted by: Stupid | Jan 22, 2013 1:34:21 PM

  4. "If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game." I come from a family with a long history of military service, from WWI through WWII, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan. I've had several relatives lose their life or come home injured. I've never been in the military. I'm thankful for that. And I appreciate from my relatives' stories the intensity of battlefield conditions and the importance of shutting off empathy, doubt, and other emotions associated with taking a life that can mean you or your fellow soldiers get killed. But in all the stories I've heard, I've never heard someone speak so cavalierly of what they had to do as a game between good and bad guys, or analogize it to video games. If one is going to be put in a position to take a life, even in a military context, I would hope that person would have the maturity to be a man and human about it. Harry is neither.

    Posted by: Stefan | Jan 22, 2013 1:38:15 PM

  5. I am more attracted to him than ever- and 28 is old for me, so you know he's hot.

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 22, 2013 1:47:59 PM

  6. let's hope nothing ever happens to his brother, because then this idiot could be king.

    Posted by: keating | Jan 22, 2013 1:57:17 PM

  7. He's hot, but pretty clueless, due, of course, to his upbringing. To compare killing people to playing video games is worse than naive.

    Posted by: Jack M | Jan 22, 2013 2:00:32 PM

  8. So, I wonder when reality-quality military games shooting CGI "bad guys", and flying pilotless drone planes to bomb human 'bad guys' in far off lands will intersect?

    I really hope the dialogue involving killing foreign people doesn't become 'oh no it doesn't bother me at all, it's just like a videogame, it's no big deal, it's kind of fun actually!'

    It's pretty disappointing to hear that from someone who should be acting as an example for those in or thinking about military service...

    Posted by: HOCKEYJOCK | Jan 22, 2013 2:05:41 PM

  9. He can be too much Army and too little Prince in my bedroom ANY day of the week!

    Posted by: peterparker | Jan 22, 2013 2:06:40 PM

  10. Dehumanizing and objectifying the enemy is part of the psychology of turning our sons and daughters into killing machines.

    No matter what he says or does, he will be criticized.

    He's not a fame whore - he was forced to give the interviews.

    Yes, he's a child of incredible privilege. Get over it.

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 22, 2013 2:12:35 PM

  11. Dehumanizing and objectifying the enemy is part of the psychology of turning our sons and daughters into killing machines.

    No matter what he says or does, he will be criticized.

    He's not a fame whore - he was forced to give the interviews.

    Yes, he's a child of incredible privilege. Get over it.

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 22, 2013 2:12:36 PM

  12. Are there any "gay rumors" about Prince Harry?

    I know at one time there was speculation that his uncle, Prince Edward, might be gay

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 22, 2013 2:16:15 PM

  13. And I'd always imagined he'd be so sexy with his mouth open. Guess I was wrong.

    Posted by: Dad. | Jan 22, 2013 2:18:00 PM

  14. Keating, never fear for the British monarchy. Harry has already been bumped from 3rd in line to 4th (behind the Prince of Wales, William, and the as yet unborn baby of William and Catherine). The chances of him actually ascending to the throne are slight. He will likely have a career in the military and then take up some sort of public service position the way his uncle Andrew has done.

    Posted by: Jere | Jan 22, 2013 2:36:20 PM

  15. Love Harry so sexy and good for him the uk and the us need men like him willing to take these savages out!

    Posted by: Lee | Jan 22, 2013 2:37:22 PM

  16. Finally some of the people who have been salivating over this entitled halfwit n these pages can get a good look at what a walking caricature he has always been.

    Posted by: ryannson | Jan 22, 2013 2:38:40 PM

  17. FAHD - "28 is old for me so you know he's hot' - not really, but I do know you're an immature chicken hawk.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Jan 22, 2013 2:41:45 PM

  18. I believe this is all part of a campaign to make him and the royals appear like an everyday guy. And in fact he may be just that.

    I also don't think he, his brother or his dad are the sharpest tools in the shed.

    That said, it was his job. That's what military personnel do. It's particularly important to prevent your enemy from launching assaults and offensives to begin with. People in Britain and elsewhere who are squeamish need to understand the things that sometimes [not always, and I'm against this 'war'] must be done to protect their country and it's citizens/subjects. It is a dangerous world.

    And he is a nice looking guy.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jan 22, 2013 2:43:12 PM

  19. Should have added: I'm personally VERY anti-royal, and think they [the so-called royals] should all lose their 'job'. But that's up to the Brits.

    Posted by: ratbastard | Jan 22, 2013 2:45:35 PM

  20. Welcome to reality. I just got back from Afghanistan this past October. This is how we (military personnel) deal with the stress of ending human lives. It was a bad move to talk to him before he gets a chance to decompress after a long deployment. He might have spoke a little more intelligently and not come off as so childish. In the thick of it, we don't see them as human, they are the enemy.

    Posted by: HM2 Matt | Jan 22, 2013 3:18:29 PM

  21. PS, man he is cute

    Posted by: HM2 Matt | Jan 22, 2013 3:18:45 PM

  22. @Rat: " was his job."

    It was part of his job. The other part is not to look like a fool, which is what he sounds like here. While killing IS a reality of war, you need someone more intelligent, more mature, with more perspective who can articulate that reality--NOT some flippant uber-poshy who compares it to playing video games.

    What's worse is that Harry (and anyone around him) now becomes a more likely civilian target for some revenge-bent Islamist extremist nut job once he leaves military service. Really, really short-sighted to let him be exposed to the media this way, and have it broadcast as it was. Whatever short-term image rehab gains he made are offset by the longer-term threats to his security.

    Posted by: Thinker | Jan 22, 2013 3:38:56 PM

  23. "too much army"

    that's what represents his army?

    Posted by: Mike B. | Jan 22, 2013 4:05:44 PM

  24. Harry like his Mom is the Prince of hearts and my favorite.

    Posted by: Jay | Jan 22, 2013 4:10:21 PM

  25. My friend can't be around people talking about Harry and his Vegas photos. He gets so excited he has to leave the room. Another gay man who has the sexuality of a teenage girl.

    I'm wondering if those photos will be the point where Harry will have jumped the shark.

    The disapprobation of the socially correct Towleroad commentators can be discouraging, but I am grateful for the forum.

    Posted by: Fahd | Jan 22, 2013 4:26:04 PM

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