1. Stefan says

    “If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game.” I come from a family with a long history of military service, from WWI through WWII, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan. I’ve had several relatives lose their life or come home injured. I’ve never been in the military. I’m thankful for that. And I appreciate from my relatives’ stories the intensity of battlefield conditions and the importance of shutting off empathy, doubt, and other emotions associated with taking a life that can mean you or your fellow soldiers get killed. But in all the stories I’ve heard, I’ve never heard someone speak so cavalierly of what they had to do as a game between good and bad guys, or analogize it to video games. If one is going to be put in a position to take a life, even in a military context, I would hope that person would have the maturity to be a man and human about it. Harry is neither.

  2. HOCKEYJOCK says

    So, I wonder when reality-quality military games shooting CGI “bad guys”, and flying pilotless drone planes to bomb human ‘bad guys’ in far off lands will intersect?

    I really hope the dialogue involving killing foreign people doesn’t become ‘oh no it doesn’t bother me at all, it’s just like a videogame, it’s no big deal, it’s kind of fun actually!’

    It’s pretty disappointing to hear that from someone who should be acting as an example for those in or thinking about military service…

  3. Fahd says

    Dehumanizing and objectifying the enemy is part of the psychology of turning our sons and daughters into killing machines.

    No matter what he says or does, he will be criticized.

    He’s not a fame whore – he was forced to give the interviews.

    Yes, he’s a child of incredible privilege. Get over it.

  4. Fahd says

    Dehumanizing and objectifying the enemy is part of the psychology of turning our sons and daughters into killing machines.

    No matter what he says or does, he will be criticized.

    He’s not a fame whore – he was forced to give the interviews.

    Yes, he’s a child of incredible privilege. Get over it.

  5. Jere says

    Keating, never fear for the British monarchy. Harry has already been bumped from 3rd in line to 4th (behind the Prince of Wales, William, and the as yet unborn baby of William and Catherine). The chances of him actually ascending to the throne are slight. He will likely have a career in the military and then take up some sort of public service position the way his uncle Andrew has done.

  6. ryannson says

    Finally some of the people who have been salivating over this entitled halfwit n these pages can get a good look at what a walking caricature he has always been.

  7. ratbastard says

    I believe this is all part of a campaign to make him and the royals appear like an everyday guy. And in fact he may be just that.

    I also don’t think he, his brother or his dad are the sharpest tools in the shed.

    That said, it was his job. That’s what military personnel do. It’s particularly important to prevent your enemy from launching assaults and offensives to begin with. People in Britain and elsewhere who are squeamish need to understand the things that sometimes [not always, and I’m against this ‘war’] must be done to protect their country and it’s citizens/subjects. It is a dangerous world.

    And he is a nice looking guy.

  8. ratbastard says

    Should have added: I’m personally VERY anti-royal, and think they [the so-called royals] should all lose their ‘job’. But that’s up to the Brits.

  9. HM2 Matt says

    Welcome to reality. I just got back from Afghanistan this past October. This is how we (military personnel) deal with the stress of ending human lives. It was a bad move to talk to him before he gets a chance to decompress after a long deployment. He might have spoke a little more intelligently and not come off as so childish. In the thick of it, we don’t see them as human, they are the enemy.

  10. Thinker says

    @Rat: “…it was his job.”

    It was part of his job. The other part is not to look like a fool, which is what he sounds like here. While killing IS a reality of war, you need someone more intelligent, more mature, with more perspective who can articulate that reality–NOT some flippant uber-poshy who compares it to playing video games.

    What’s worse is that Harry (and anyone around him) now becomes a more likely civilian target for some revenge-bent Islamist extremist nut job once he leaves military service. Really, really short-sighted to let him be exposed to the media this way, and have it broadcast as it was. Whatever short-term image rehab gains he made are offset by the longer-term threats to his security.

  11. Fahd says

    My friend can’t be around people talking about Harry and his Vegas photos. He gets so excited he has to leave the room. Another gay man who has the sexuality of a teenage girl.

    I’m wondering if those photos will be the point where Harry will have jumped the shark.

    The disapprobation of the socially correct Towleroad commentators can be discouraging, but I am grateful for the forum.

  12. SOB says

    If I were a soldier I would love killing Taliban and I’d tell everyone so. It’s a good job, you can even get a pay raise, plus a whole lot of fame for it. You win, they lose. What’s not to like.

  13. Thomas Cardellino says

    As the descendent of maternal Irish Roman Catholic grandparents, I certainly harbor some major prejudices against the British Monarchy. It baffles me, though, why so many commenters here on Towleroad choose words to describe Harry as “stupid” and such. I have been born with a 155 IQ and I just don’t see it in these few video clips. The man is in a war zone; so, are the synonyms for “stupid” being used as false synonyms for a warrior in modern warfare? Whether you are a dyed in the wool member of the Society of Friends (a/k/a Quakers) or an Afghan Taliban sympathizer, can’t you muster the intellectual honesty to really get at what you despise about this soldier? He may be at times impulsively goofy, but to denigrate him as “stupid” is more of a reflection upon your misunderstanding than it is an accurate assessment of this self-confessed anti-Taliban British soldier fighting a real life, life or death cult of Islam that thinks nothing of throwing acid in the face of little girls because they are attending school. The Taliban has used deadly gas attacks against schools housing 6 to 12 year olds whose crime it was merely attending school. The Taliban considers women chattel slavery, and will kill a woman for being raped, for god’s sake. If our young warriors have to “de-humanize” these ultimately “inhumane” mostly illiterate, misogynistic throw-backs to the Dark Ages now armed with 21st century weapons they wield (but could never ever even design or manufacture) in order to eliminate such virtually “prehistoric” monsters from the face of the Earth, then I say kudos to our civilized soldiers who have to deal with these followers of a perverted Islam who only seek political power at with the armaments their puppet-masters give them so voluminously. Prince Harry is not in some Chippendale review for you to pass lascivious judgment upon. He is, just as was my own 28-year-old American Army nephew & godson veteran of Iraq, at risk of death daily, not merely some make-up hairstylist’s mishap before performing before the media cameras. Just as I considered and always will consider the invasion of and protracted war in Iraq to have been the blunder of having the Idiot Prince George Bush as President with his Rasputin Cheney as the real brains behind the vast waste of life and treasure that has been Iraq, I would never besmirch as “stupid” the dedication of our citizens who fulfilled their oaths to serve at the pleasure of our Commander-in-Chief, no matter how evil or misguided in retrospect those orders were. We were not Nazis marching Jews into death camps. The Iraqi Civil War, that wages still, drew our honorable forces into the misguided killings of 1,000’s of innocent victims in Iraq, and it would still be happening if not for President Obama’s firm commitment to drawing down our troops in Iraq. As to Afghanistan, had that Idiot Prince and his Rasputin kept their blood lust in check, we would have stayed constantly in Afghanistan since October of 2001 and been able to decimate the barbarian Taliban. Don’t tell me now, however, with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, that the destruction of Taliban fighters is a “dehumanizing” of these miscreants. Try to look into the eyes of an Afghan pre-teen girl whose face has been forever misshapen by an ounce or two of acid simply because she sought out an education by attending a school soldiers like Prince Harry have allowed to be beacons of promise to Afghan and millions of other Islamic women, promising that they, too, are human, of value and perhaps even eventual peacemakers.

  14. DONT says

    THOMAS – thank you for your maturity and measured remarks/reminders. You may find it a relief if you will remember that you are dealing with a great many silly people on this site, people who are immature, often unhealthy and unwholesome, spoiled fools in life and unaccountable on this site. Beyond Mr. Towel’s content I usually find it best to come to the comments section for amusement only.

  15. Thomas Cardellino says

    Thank you, DONT, for your kind remarks. It is regrettable that given a forum for discussion about matters of interest worldwide many commenters on this well produced site opt for the self-imposed stereotypes that have kept chains around the necks of LGBT folks who’ve so bravely fought for civil rights. Such “low brow” comments, as I often see here on Towleroad, still do not deter me from visiting the site to view its content, while like you, ignoring the importance of much of its comments sections. Still, I hope to contribute something of value to a sincere conversation. Sincerity herein, however, is a rare commodity. It’s a pity that so many individuals have so much free time in their narrow little lives to actually take the time to type out the tripe they spew. Perhaps they still reside mentally back in the 20th century when even the mention of something “gay” made grown men type with one hand while vicariously fondling with the other. “Low brow” as I’ve said, seems to sum up the Neanderthals who perplex this and other well-intentioned LGBQ websites out of sheer boorishness, isolation and inordinate self-involvement. Yah think?

  16. DONT says

    THOMAS – “Boorishness” is a perfect word for a lot that goes on here. Yet there are hereon some bright and sensible people reminding me not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    Your defense of Prince Harry was perfectly sound just as the commentators description of him as “grounded” also seems to be.

    best to you

  17. Ryan says

    Thomas — before you go boasting about your incredibly high IQ — self-reported and completely unverifiable, of course — maybe you want to actually employ the English language’s long list of grammatical rules and concepts, like breaking giant sums of text into separate paragraphs.

    That way, people can actually read it without wanting to burn their eyeballs in their sockets.

    I only say any of that since you’re so smart and all.

    PS. The Taliban has of course done terrible things, but not everyone in Afghanistan is the Taliban, and using drones to drop bombs all over Afghanistan and into Pakistan on the off chance that we maybe, could possibly, get some target is a great way to kill a lot of innocent people along the way, never mind destroy homes and livelihoods of people.

    Every person who is killed has friends and family, even the guilty. Maybe this is a war and the Taliban’s membership who continue to fight ‘get what they deserve’ — though their friends and family caught in the crosshairs certainly don’t — but we should strive to recognize the fact that in war these situations should at least present a moral conundrum. Anyone with a “155 IQ” should know that, assuming they aren’t a complete psychopath.

  18. navyboy62 says

    To all posting to this artical if the word Prince wasnt used in front of Harry’s name none of you would give two sents about his opinion of the war and his job ( JUST SAYIN ) and if you havent served in the armed forces of your country during peace time or war (killing) you dont understand what it means to take a life and in your own mind you deal with it in your own way~ Long Live Prince Harry~

  19. Thomas Cardellino says

    Nice try, Ryan, to base your unsupported assertions upon an ad hominem attack against what was merely a statement of fact about myself. Give me your address and I’ll mail you the documentation. Aside from that, “even bad guys” have family is one of the most damning thing against these barbarian Taliban. Even Hitler had Eva Braun. They will without hesitation use their own sons, daughters and many chattel slavery wives as human shield covers for their “blessed by Allah” criminality. It all becomes very simple for the simpleminded when they assure themselves that dozens of virgins await them after they and their adjacent family members are blown to bits righteously by their enemy who never wanted the Twin Towers in New York City to be leveled by killing innocent airplane passengers whom they looked in the eye by the dozens in order to meet their own afterlife harems described in a heterosexist medieval violence promoting text of warfare and world dominance claiming as late as the 16th century to be the word of god. While they were plotting revenge for the technical superiority of Europeans, Rembrandt was painting, Charpentier was composing music, and the precursors of these suicidal maniacs were still figuring how to keep sand from their eyes and how to stop camels from spitting acidic stomach bile into their faces.
    As to my run-on sentences, great thoughts spontaneously expressed without the benefit of a talented editor are at the core of every well written piece of prose, Ryan dearest dupe of “they’re humans, too” maudlin stands of morality and geopolitics.

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