1. Lucas H says

    My money is on “real.”
    The only reason I think it MIGHT be fake is because: who records their tv, especially just random news segments?
    Ah well, who knows. I sure wasn’t expecting that!

  2. BETTY says

    “who records their tv, especially just random news segments?”. Lots of people actually if you go on Youtube.

    It’s got to be real. There is no way you can accurately guess when that many cops are really going to blow by your house chasing someone then find a copy of an old police chase on the DVR. If you do look hard enough you will see as the car turns in his video, the car on the tv screen (got to pause it) is still going straight on the road. BUT, don’t forget TV stations run on a delay of at least 8 seconds so that could explain that. I just think it is too hard to stage. It’s simple to figure out. Just find out if that person really lives on the street that the chase went by (the cops always radio what street the chase is going down). Plus, the cars look identical so how could you match that if you are trying to stage it?

  3. JET says

    I used to live in LA and these ridiculous things are one of the reasons I left. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it were real as a similar thing happened to me some years ago when I was stuck in traffic. I turned the radio on to hear that OJ was on the run, just in time to have the whole mess come right past me as he headed to Brentwood. Thanks to him this all became a spectator sport in LA almost as popular as making a sex tape or not aging.

  4. HUH? says

    Yes ANON, but what if that person had just assaulted you, robbed you or a family member or murdered a family member, would you want the cops to just let them get away?

  5. Rrhain says

    Fake. Take a look at the position of the car on the TV at 0:27. The car is going straight. And yet, in the seconds that follow, the video shows the car turning.

    If you keep watching at 0:30, you can see on the TV that the car is still going straight on the TV and yet we just saw it turn a corner in the background.

    If you then look at the street outside the window, it is shown as extremely narrow, wide enough for only two cars of traffic (with a parking lane on each side). But when you go back to the video at 0:43, the street is much wider.

    Plus, the cop cars are much closer together when they pass the window than when they were on the TV.

    It’s fake.

  6. BETTY says

    As for the cars being closer together, the car being chased would have had to slow down to turn the corner on to the narrower street, allowing the cop cars to catch up.

  7. Sargon Bighorn says

    Gotta love living in a hood where you need wire in the house windows to keep the kids from breaking in and raiding the fridge.

    Why does the commentary say “this guy once again…” is this someone that does this every weekend?


    To Will….if he was watching the chase which was unfoling on live tv and and knows it is in his neighborhood (since it says Inglewood on the screen, the commentator is giving out the street names as the car is turning on to them, plus, local landmarks would be recognizable from the helicopter shots) he has some prior warning and it only takes two seconds to turn on your phone cam when you know it is in your hood. Please go to the KNBC website. They did a story on it.

    It is real.

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