1. Michael in Toronto says

    “Hard nosed” is right” — that picture!

    Sounds really interesting. Loved District 9 — which surprised the viewer every inch of the way — no cliches!

    And say what you will, Jodie’s a great actress.

  2. Satyr Troll says

    huh… and Mel Gibson isn’t the president.

    (eh, someone had to inject Mel somewhere in this… But eh, maybe George Takei will make a cameo too to balance things out.)

  3. Bob says

    From REGINALD:
    “Looking at those pictures I simply cannot believe that she is a lesbian.”

    Um, Reggie, how exactly should Jodi -look- in order that your teeny tiny brain would believe she is a lesbian?

    I’m sure we all can agree here that everyone is happy that you clearly do “look gay”.

    Or are you just baiting us Princess Tiny Meat?

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