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Rush Limbaugh Links Support for Gay Marriage with 'Movement to Normalize Pedophilia': AUDIO

Rush Limbaugh spent a large portion of his show on Monday suggesting there is a link between homosexuality and pedophilia in a discussion about an article in the UK Guardian newspaper.

LimbaughSaid Limbaugh:

There is an effort underway to normalize pedophilia. Yep. And it has two aspects to it. One is that sex with children doesn't hurt them. Kids like it, and so do adults, and there's nothing wrong with it. It is something... I want to take you back. I want you to remember the first time, wherever you were, that you heard about gay marriage, and I want you to try to recall your reaction -- your first gut reaction -- when you heard that some activists or somebody was trying to promote the notion of gay marriage. What was your initial reaction?

"Aw, come on. It'll never happen. That's silly. What are you talking about?"

There is a movement on to normalize pedophilia, and I guarantee you your reaction to that is probably much the same as your reaction when you first heard about gay marriage. What has happened to gay marriage? It's become normal -- and in fact, with certain people in certain demographics it's the most important issue in terms of who they vote for. So don't pooh-pooh. There's a movement to normalize pedophilia. Don't pooh-pooh it. The people behind it are serious, and you know the left as well as I do. They glom onto something and they don't let go.

Listen to Limbaugh's segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Seriously, are there actually any cases of openly gay people being pedophiles? Most of the notorious ones identified as straight. The Catholic priests who rape kids all ID as straight. Jerry Sandusky was "straight". The only one I can think of is Jeffrey Dahmer who had visited gay clubs, but only to look for victims; I don't think he was known to have any conventional gay relationship. Please, do tell. I had gay teachers when I was a kid who the other kids made jokes about; but the only man who ever gave me the creepy "I'm a little too interested in you" vibe was a married church youth minister.

    Anyhow as to his main point, what part of "consenting adults" do these people not understand? The cultures which most abuse children are ones like Islam, Fundamentalist Mormonism, etc. that are thoroughly patriarchal and homophobic. OTOH, we have to deal with a certain elephant in the room here that is rather politically incorrect. The notion that male victims of child abuse are somehow permanently emasculated is a false one but apparently becomes something of a self-fulfilling prophecy for some of them. (I wasn't abused as a child so I won't know other than from what I've read) There's an article somewhere where Lawrence Lessig has unashamedly talked about the terrible abuse he faced (yes, full penetration at the hands, er, um, member, of a straight identifying man who had a girlfriend) but he obviously turned out "alright", and is still heterosexual with 3 children. He doesn't say it's right, but he says that as a child, not knowing it to be abnormal, he actually enjoyed the attention. So to say it's not a fate worse than death isn't to "normalize it", though I'm sure that isn't what the Limburger is talking about; since maintaining a homophobic, patriarchal worldview is all that he's about. People like him really want kids to keep getting raped, because it will probably turn many of them into permanent homophobes.

    TO me a picture emerges that people who do this are either "mostly" straight with a horrid sadistic, psychopathetic streak (like that notorious scene in a Neil Labute film where a straight, womanizing man gloats about having raped a boy) or people who are responding to an incredibly corrosive internalized homophobia. (most of the catholic priests, though some are probably in the former category, or a bit of both!) at any rate, neither of these are a result of the modern LGBT movement.

    Posted by: EchtKultig | Jan 9, 2013 4:19:10 PM

  2. There is a huge difference between "That's silly. That'll never happen" and "That's terrible! That should never be allowed to happen!"

    Posted by: Matt S | Jan 9, 2013 5:58:47 PM

  3. Sounds like Rush is back on the dope again. He is just confused, it is the Catholic priest who have the pedophile problem that will never go away, they keep trying to hide it like Rush hides his drug problems.

    Posted by: Roger | Jan 9, 2013 6:50:12 PM

  4. well that is how his strange mind works. he goes to sex with animals several times a day...he can't help it

    Posted by: tom | Jan 9, 2013 8:29:18 PM

  5. He's just trying to cover up the fact that he and his pundit friends (like Coulter) have been trying to normalize sociopathy for many years now.

    Posted by: Miguel R. | Jan 9, 2013 8:35:24 PM

  6. He's just trying to cover up the fact that he and his pundit friends (like Coulter) have been trying to normalize sociopathy for many years now.

    Posted by: Miguel R. | Jan 9, 2013 8:35:26 PM

  7. Giving this fool one word of coverage on this site is a mistake, stop reporting his ridiculous rantings.

    Posted by: lk | Jan 10, 2013 4:33:41 AM

  8. All of this claptrap was started by testimony before the Canadian Parliament about the punishment and treatment of pedophile sex offenders.

    The expert witness, a psychologist in this field, divides pedophiles into different categories. Some are sociopaths, for instance. The true pedophile is attracted exclusively to the young.

    He states - and I paraphrase - "coming to grips with the awareness of being a pedophile is like coming to grips with homosexuality, or even, heterosexuality."

    Those who feel this way are LIKE those, but not the same as those. His point being that, for this segment of pedophiles, treatment will not be effective.

    He was in no way accepting or condoning this behavior. He was not offering it as an excuse. He was only trying to explain the pathology of the pedophile.

    Posted by: gr8guya | Jan 10, 2013 4:37:05 AM

  9. Like I said, Rush, I regret I didn't have a camera with me when I saw you with that under-age, um, chica in the D.R., cavorting around and having, uh, fun. Yeah, I remember that nice, big Cohiba you had in your mouth, too. A couple of locals told me how you loved coming to their little pueblito and how you paid top-dollar for those young chicas. One guy said you were arrogant, loud and feo and pretty much as repulsive a gringo as there was.

    Posted by: jamal49 | Jan 10, 2013 3:49:44 PM

  10. How do you spell Obese Sleaseball??

    Posted by: billmiller | Jan 10, 2013 7:40:12 PM

  11. Why do so many people torment themselves every day by listening to Limpjaw spout his hatred, and then waste time writing all these paragraphs about what a nut job he is? I am waiting for the day when I check out a Limpjaw headline and find that nowone has wasted any time writing a comment (including myself).

    Posted by: Jerry6 | Jan 10, 2013 11:22:18 PM

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