Mark Zuckerberg Holding Fundraiser for NJ Governor Chris Christie

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is holding a big fundraiser for NJ Governor Chris Christie, the Washington Post reports:

Cnn_christieZuckerberg previously donated $100 million to the Newark school system after striking up a friendship with Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D). Booker, Christie, and Zuckerberg announced the donation together on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” There has been some controversy over how that money has been spent.

“Mark and [his wife] Priscilla have worked closely with Governor Christie on education reform in the Newark school system,” Facebook spokeswoman Sarah Feinberg said in a statement. “They admire his leadership on education reform and other issues and look forward to continuing their important work together on behalf of Newark’s school children.”

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Feb. 13 event will be the first campaign fundraiser at Zuckerberg’s home. Facebook’s corporate PAC donates to both parties but currently tilts slightly in favor of Republicans.

Does that get a "like"?


  1. andrew says

    IF Christie loses some weight, continues to do a good job as governor of N J and IF he can survive the wing nut Republican primaries he has an excellent chance to be the next president. A lot of democrats and most independents like him.

  2. zacherieshavell says

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  3. Ain't it Funny says

    I’m a Democrat and would totally support Christie. Yes, I am ADAMANTLY opposed to his views on same sex marriage but other than that, he’s a stand up guy. Like Obama, Christie needs time to “evolve”.

  4. BamaMan says

    Uhm, the man has repeatedly said same sex marriage is not a right, and civil unions are good enough for gay couples. To give this much money to support a candidate against equal rights of gays? Well, that makes you a bigot too. No way to dance around that.

  5. says

    Amazing how some democrats here perfectly prove that they aren’t democrats for gay rights but strictly for everyone else’s rights. A man who is heavily against equality is a good man? No, he’s really not. My partner of 12 years and I deserve every right to get married, and if you would support someone who doesn’t support my right to get married— YOU are the problem. Get out of our way!

  6. Scott Johansen says

    I’d be very curious to know if those who would vote for a politician against same sex marriage would also be in favor of voting for a politician against inttercial marriage? Or how about Latino marriage?
    I’m certain you wouldn’t be in favor, but why not?
    Are gay people LESS deserving of equality to you than other demographics?
    Are you MORE outraged by a politician adamantely denying rights to other groups and more indifferent if not supportive, when they are vocally opposed to gay people being treated as equals?
    Then you should do some soul searching and ask yourself why that is.

  7. Duration & Conexity says

    Scott Johansen-
    And that brings up the big elephant in the room of who is truly stiffling LGBT equality, it’s often flippant LGBT who’ve grown so accustomed to be treated as second class citizens that they have grown comfortable to it, and even accept it by an elected official and would willing let it slide. If you’ve been told all your life gay=bad and aren’t free thinking enough to shake that off, then sadly… You would vote for a person as President who doesn’t see you as an equal member of society. It’s those types who end up doing the most damage to our community.

  8. says

    Reality check: You can’t be in favor of marriage equality and vote for a President who would be opposed to marriage equality in this day and age. When there’s two candidates to choose from; one being in favor of gay citizens being able to have equal access to civil marriage (and there WILL be a candidate who is in favor of this in 2016) and yet you willingly vote for the candidate who is opposed to it, you are not only against marriage equality and gay rights, you are actively against both, and casting a vote for those values to rule the most important position in our nation.

  9. Klien says

    It’s 2013. In four years, unlike in past elections, we will likely not have to choose between two candidates against same sex marriage. When given the choice between two candidates with opposing views on our rights, one being in favor and one not being in favor; and you’d still support the one unfavorable toward same sex couples, please then check your claims of support for equality at the door because it’s neither genuine nor worth much. Own up to championing bigotry. 2013 guys. Really now!

  10. Dynex says

    Guys, the poster Andrew has never really been on our side. He has consistently been against gay rights and respect and following the pattern of his posts will prove that. he often uses gay slurs with straight friends and encourages others too. Say gay youth who hear the term “thats so gay!” need to get over it and laugh at themselves. And has often supported the anti gay marriage legislator or politician. At a certain point, you gotta consider the source and know they aren’t coming from a good place.

  11. JoyRideStan says

    Christie is not a hero. He has shown leadership in some brackets, but has failed most of New Jersey in many other brackets. I live here. I know. The man is not flawless, no matter how much the Conservative party makes him the second coming.

  12. gio says

    Although I GUESS I can understand a straight person not being so engaged in gay marriage where they could support a candidate who was against it, but they themselves be for it. But I can’t wrap my brain around a gay person being for a candidate like that. As others pointed out, if it was a different era where ignorance toward our rights were to be expected of all candidates- sure. But with so much progress being made for our community, it’s pretty startling that any member of our community would happily vote for someone who would deteriate the momentum gay rights have. When you don’t have to.

  13. Freedom4All says

    I didn’t support politicians 30 years ago who had something negative to say about interracial relationships {and plenty existed}
    And I sure as heck won’t support a politician in 2013 who believes two loving, committed, tax paying same sex couples are lesser than, and deserve to be treated as less than.

  14. Carlos says

    Andrew is UFFDA.
    Same poster. Same thoughts. Same Rick defender. Same poster obsessively fixated on Littlekiwi, and will claim anyone who doesn’t agree with Rick/Ratbastard is LittleKiwi. Even if you’ve disagreed with Little kiwi in the past.
    Andrew/UFFDA, be secure enough in your opinion to not need to create different handles.

  15. Observer says

    @ carlos
    I always thought UFFDA was Mary? Since they seem to always stick up for Mary, even when she says completely ignorant things. I’m confused now.

  16. T.J says

    Christie thought Romney was the best thing for our country. And said many times over that Romney’s principles were his and ones he agreed with. That is a frightening thought, and won’t be sitting in that white house.

  17. U-Hauler says

    Chris Christie is Fox News and companies answer to defeating liberalism and the Democratic party. They realize they have no hope outside this guy, and he is just as much an extension of them.

  18. Amy says

    Let’s get one thing straight, civil unions are not the same as marriage and the plethora of rights that seperates them tells you that. More over, with many Republicans now supporting marriage equality, no longer is being against same sex marriage but for civil unions suddenly this forward- moderate mentality.
    Second, conservatives need this man to win. He’s their last great hope.

    No, thank you.

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