1. HadenoughBS says

    Isn’t it interesting that so many Christian ministers – Pastor Gaydos being a prime example – have perfected the art of insulting their fellow human beings? They truly have mastered the non-Christian use of disgusting, despicable homophobic language toward the GLBT community.

  2. GregV says

    I would guess this probably has something to do with trying to ease their consciences about hate speech that has gone on for years at their church.
    This kind of reminds me of how so most Southern evangelican churches supported hateful anti-black rhetoric for so long, and then later would take up donations to “help the blacks have their own church.” Invited to one such sermon, I asked, “seriously, your church is still segregating?”
    I was told, “Oh no, it’s not that thru’re not welcome here; they would probably just feel more comfortable over there.”
    Being told that the undesirables can go “over there” probably eases their consciences about all the hate speech.

  3. Dan says

    FWIW – They’re more of a cult than a church. A weird combo or Scientology, Branch Davidianism and hyper-masculinity.

    And the leader is a raging closet case.

  4. T.s. says

    Mars Hill is a blight in Seattle. We are the most unchurched city in the states last I heard, but that small number of churches per capita is rather undone by the Mars Hill cult. They have campuses all over and the leader (Mark Driscoll) is a virulent misogynist and homophobe. He grabbed headlines a few years ago by preaching against yoga as “little demon classes.” I was HORRIFIED to see their banner at that space downtown the other day. That was supposed to become a performance center, but apparently the Martians bought it out. Horrifying stuff.

  5. Janice says

    Lifelong Seattle resident and member of local community for decades:
    1) I have NEVER heard Capital Hill referred to as “gayborhood.” Some writer just made that up for this article. The neighborhood is referred to as “the hill” by everyone.
    2) The location of this church building is not in the historically gay district of the city. This church building is located downtown. It’s in the same city, but it’s not on the hill.
    3) The Mars Hill Cult is not only anti-gay, it is outrageously anti-woman. They preach a “man is in charge of the women-folk” kind of mind-set.
    4) These strange cultists don’t fit into the Seattle culture one iota, as evidenced by their ignorance regarding AIDS, among many other topics.
    5) They pretty much define the modern phrase of “Haters,” complete with plastic smiles and vacant eyes.

  6. Lars says

    As noted above, their hostility to gays is well known. Mark Driscoll is one of those macho-masculine preachers who think Jesus was a 1st Century William Wallace. Homosexuality doesn’t fit into his world of neatly compartmentalized gender roles (where, by the way, men are the heads — duh).

  7. Glenn says

    Kinda wish that an LGBT rights spokesperson could come up with a better answer than, “Nuh-uh, we do NOT all have HIV!” I mean, sure, that’s true but it sort of suggests that having HIV is in fact something to be condemned, so for God’s sake please don’t say we all have it! I know it wasn’t meant that way, but still.

  8. Rich says

    You know what? We’ll change them. They won’t change us. Yes, it’s an aggressive, offensive move on their part. But when their members start meeting us, they’ll start to change. They’ll have to deal with reality instead of some ridiculous misconceptions. Have some confidence.

  9. JT says

    Of course cap hill is the gayborhood. Where have you guys been? Young gays live on the hill, then when you get older and settle down with your husbear you migrate over to West Seattle. Everyone knows that.

  10. Denise says

    Did he actually refer to the Hill as an “LGBTQ neighborhood”? How did he manage that without laughing? There isn’t a shred of evidence that Capitol Hill is a transgender neighborhood or a neighborhood for people not gay identified but who are questioning their sexual orientation. The word is “gay” or “LGB.”

  11. Jeffrey in St. Louis says

    Rich has the right of it. It’s very to demonize a faceless “other”, but having to face their gay neighbors on a daily, casual, going-about-one’s business sort of way, that “otherness” begins to erode.

  12. HUH? says

    To Chuck, Janice, etc:

    According to Wikipedia’s page on Seattle neighborhoods, Capitol Hill is:

    “the center of the city’s gay and counterculture communities, and is one of the city’s most prominent nightlife and entertainment districts.”

    “Large-scale gay residential settlement of Capitol Hill began in the early 1960s. Accordingly, this district is also home to a sizable number of gay and lesbian couples”

    In fact, on this page there is even a picture shown of the All Pilgrims Church with a huge rainbow sign on it’s tower saying “You are welcome here”.

  13. Kaderade says

    Dude, really? Yall are going to squabble over the hill being called “gayborhood”? Im a seattle resident and I know we don’t call it the gayborhood per se but it IS known as our gayborhood. Some of my friends actually DO call it “the gayborhood” when they say they’re going out. I don’t even know why that was an issue here.

  14. Roy says

    Now will you believe that the anti-gay Christians are infiltrating the GAYBORHOOD?

    These crazy haters will stop at nothing until they destroy LGBT people. One way or the other.

  15. Bernie says

    this is such a mean spirited and under handed comment to make. they are coming into a gay neighborhood making a statement like this…how do they think this will work out for them???????

  16. says

    If they like being around large crowds of HIV+ people, they should move to Africa. Of course, one of the reasons for the rampant spread of AIDS there (next to rape and lack of AIDS education) is due to the Pope condemning the use of condoms.

  17. Janice says

    To the poster called “Huh?”:
    I never wrote that the hill is not the historically gay neighborhood. I merely said that in common talk around town, people don’t really refer to Capital Hill as “the gayborhood” but commonly refer to it as “the hill.” Don’t get so upset, dear. No one is saying it’s not a traditionally gay place. It’s just funny that the writer of this article calls it “gayborhood” as if we have said that for a long time.
    Further, it is incorrect to say that they have moved into the traditionally gay neighborhood. Their location downtown is in the financial center. Hardly a place where many LGBTQ folk (or anyone else, for that matter) lives.
    I certainly agree that most important point of the article is that these strange cult members have such archaic view of AIDS that they would make such an ignorant statement. We will have to help them broaden their minds.

  18. Bill says

    If they are in fact setting up shop in an historically gay neighborhood, we can only hope that they will suffer the same fate as General Custer when he decided to open a bed and breakfast at Little Bighorn – figuratively speaking, of course.

  19. RexT says

    It is rather entertaining to observe the crazed religious cults losing their minds having lost their ancient quest of demonizing we “The Gays’ … we’re ever so threatening as we persecute them by simply having created the end their perceived superiority.

  20. Diogenes Arktos says

    A group this homophobic is not going to be swayed by the facts of real, live gay people. Sometimes having a face to hate is helpful to a cause.

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