1. MaryM says

    Fair enough.
    But DADT has been repealed.
    Once DOMA has been repealed (which is not within the remit of Hagel) then any outstanding DADT issues should also be resolved.
    That is Obama’s responsibility.
    Obama needs to get rid of DOMA (or at least sign an executive orders to state it will not be implemented until such time as it is formally repealed.

  2. Michael Bedwell says

    BRAVA for Sen. Baldwin. Apparently she’s not yet made the mistake Amb. James Hormel and Barney Frank made—taking those calls from the Obama Pressure Squad.

    But, NEWS FLASH: Hagel is NOT the central issue here—even IF he’s “evolved” and is now our best friend next to Jesus and Lassie. It’s not who wants to be added to the Obama Orchestra, but the fiddlin’ its leader has been doing. Those who bleat that we have to “trust” anything the President wants have either not been paying attention, or are fools. For no matter how often tireless Administration Shill Valerie Jarrett coos that “The President is fully committed to ensuring that all of our service members and military families are treated equally”—no matter how many times he claims it himself—INaction speaks louder than proverbial words. THE undisputed FACT is that he has REFUSED FOR TWO YEARS to order the Pentagon to do just that DESPITE having been urged to by HRC in January 2011, despite SLDN having REPEATEDLY done the same since February 2011. When the Commander-in-Chief didn’t order current liberal Democratic Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to make it happen, WHY should we believe that he’ll require Hagel [again, regardless of whether or not HE’s changed] to do anything different? WHEN are our paid advocates—and out representatives in Congress—going to SERIOUSLY put pressure on the President to FULFILL this promise?

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Michael, shut up already. You’re continuing to embarrass me.”

    @ whoever posted that – that is in incredibly poor taste. You used a name of someone who was a hero to many of us as we grew up. Terribly poor taste!

  4. says

    Tammy is in the right place at the right time,Chuck Hagel’s apology is 14 years too late! It seems he now thinks it’s the right time, but did he ever call former Ambassador Hormel to tell him he was sorry before President Obama decided to name him to the Defense Czar? Thanks Tammy, it’s good to a voice speaking to the concerns of gay people and the nation.

  5. stephen lucas says

    While I applaud Tammy Baldwin’s cautious stance, it should be stated that she is unlikely to go against the President’s nomination of Hagel. She can’t afford to oppose Hagel because then she’ll incur the wrath of Obama.

    In fact, I don’t think any of the gay Congresspersons will vote against Hagel. They’ll put the Democratic Party first and their sexuality second.