1. HadenoughBS says

    Perhaps some rightwing extremist GOPers have been correct when recently referencing the “Soviet Union” instead of “Russia”. This new gay “propaganda” law smacks of the days of those old draconian citizen control laws when Russia and its then satellite states made up the former Soviet Union. Guess there won’t be many upcoming LGBT tours to Russia.

  2. Fahd says

    Do the Russians really think that authoritarian suppression of vast numbers of people is a viable way to govern?

  3. grench says

    This is bigger than repression of LGBTs, a tragedy in itself. It’s about the return of totalitarianism to Russia. That Russia citizens stand aside doing nothing as their freedoms are taken from them is beyond belief.

  4. candideinnc says

    Years ago, I thought the cruise taking in Scandinavia and St. Petersburg would be culturally interesting. No more! I will never spend a penny traveling to that vile country. I have family and friends who I will likewise discourage from spending travel dollars on the bigots in the East.

  5. says

    Yesterday there was the op-ed about “gay being the new black”

    Dear Russia Poland,

    you’ve forgotten your own heinously sordid history of atrocities against humanity. wise the eff up.

  6. disgusted american says

    all I gotta say is – all those cruise lines that cator to Gays, better strike Any Russian Location/destination OFF thier LISTS – Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Eric says

    Recent polls in Russia have shown that Stalin, who by some recent estimates was responsible for the deaths of 20 million Soviets, is considered a “wise leader” by Russian youth, and 34% of Russians would vote for him if he were still alive. It’s gotten so bad that in 2009 Russian President Dmitry Medvedev denounced the efforts of people seeking to rehabilitate Stalin’s image.

    While all of this is horrible news, for many reasons, a friend of mine that is a history professor can’t help but wonder if having a real enemy again, instead of perpetual wars on drugs and an emotion called terror, might make the West remember our core freedoms and rights. Of course, we have a real enemy already in climate change, but we’ve chosen to ignore it.

  8. David Hearne says

    @ Grench – Rather like the folks in the US who think that “hate speech” should be illegal, who want special treatment for “hate crimes”, who want to force Americans to surrender their right to Freedom Of Association, who want to infringe on the Right To Keep And Bear Arms, who think that Stop And Frisk is OK, who approve of DUI checkpoints, who don’t mind being stopped at the California-Arizona border for “agricultural inspection” and who tolerate the “Border” checkpoint on I-10 miles from any international border.

    Stop surrendering other peoples’ rights.

  9. UFFDA says

    Might as well be Nazis, they’re all in lock step. Pure Russianist animalitskya crapotnik. They don’t deserve Tschikovsky and must never be part of the European Union.

    There’s you challenge KIWI, go where you’re needed.
    No real balls huh. Thought so.

  10. says

    So I need to go to Russia, but you in North America in your middle-age life don’t need to simply put a face to your comments?

    Gurl, it’s the moving of goalposts like that that is the reason you have zero cred.

    keep obsessing over me. it’s funny.

  11. Stefan says

    This isn’t surprising. The population base is shrinking in Russia, the economy continues to struggle, and large parts of the population have declined into alcoholism and other addictions. When that happens, especially chronically, it’s easier for people to put faith in religion or government and for government to behave like this. The U.S. owes a lot to its relatively strong birth rate and loose immigration policies over the past half century for the current civil rights environment.

  12. MateoM says

    I mean we all knew that David Hearne is a Republican troll. But now we have a succinct admission from him.

    We should just ignore him, because he only seeks to rile up the comments with nonsense.

  13. UFFDA says

    KIWI – just two little “capers” in your bag I guess, that’s what’s funny. Plus a Lil’ C**t too. Just a gaping pie hole for Frankenfag.

  14. Rick says

    You know, the reason this is happening in Russia–and elsewhere in the world–is because the Western idea/social construct referred to as “gay” has become associated with the decadence and decline of the West. Western “gayness” is symbolized by the culture of effeminacy….and THAT is why there has been such a strong reaction against it all over the world.

    A real tragedy, but until the culture of effeminacy has been eradicated, with all the social malaise and twisted ideological notions it represents, this kind of action will become more and more commonplace everywhere in the world.

  15. says

    i thought you said i was effeminate…am i?

    if so, why don’t i have any anti-gay straight friends? why does my effeminate @ss have a father who marches in the pride parade?

    and why does my weak effeminate self live without the cowardice you do?

    no answer, of course, because you’re a cowardly troll.

    but still. it’s fun to prove how worthless you are.

  16. Rick says

    Click on the linked article below and look at the photo: it tells you all you need to know about why these actions are taking place even though Russia did away with Soviet-era laws against homosexuality two decades ago.

    You see, the issue here is not homosexuality, it is what the bill is referring to as “homosexualism”….in other words the culture of “gay” and the effeminacy it represents and embraces, disgustingly so…..

  17. says

    “RICK” is a perfect example of what happens to gay men if they stay closeted for too long.

    they go crazy, and then blame their problems on everyone else who Came Out.

  18. MaddM@ says

    yeah….. we don’t need to do some effeminacy purge to gain acceptance, we shouldn’t need to. If we achieve queer liberation without severely debilitating patriarchy and misogyny as social institutions we get a half victory at best. It’s my opinion that to get some kind of queer rights victory while sparing patriarchal/misogynist institutions would be more work than just getting people to drop the whole part and parcel with the understanding that homophobia is firmly rooted in misogyny.

    Basically, getting acceptance by adhering to the prejudices of another doesn’t really make anyone more free.

  19. says

    hey M@tty!!!

    i just dont get the arguments. if i’m such an “effeminate stereotypical f@g” then why are all the non-gays (and gays…) in my life so pro-LGBT?

    wouldn’t my stereotypically effeminacy have driven them all away?

    *elegant curtsy*

  20. UFFDA says

    KIWI – come on, everyone in your life is scared of you, including your parents. Your sharp claws, tongue and smell. All of them are the only people you CAN associate with. They haven’t got the spine to slap you back, that…or…you tell us.

  21. says

    so my stereotypical effeminacy frightens them into doing my bidding?

    hilarious. you don’t need to jump around with you aliases – we all know it’s you typing.

    so, i’m an effeminate streotypical f@g and because of it people are “scared of me” and thus become vocal and visible advocates for the LGBT Communities.

    congrats, you’re so f***ing stupid that you just made an argument that “effeminacy” can be a powerful way to get people to be proactive.

    you’re very funny, UFFDARickTRollJasonYupp. very funny.

    and incredibly stupid.

    die in a car fire.

  22. SayTheTruth says

    Whenever you see a vote where 99.9 % of the voters agree on something, they are not voting but following orders. That’s not a democracy. Never was. Putin is the new Tsar with intervals disguised as prime minister. Don’t worry, once gays are banned they will find another smoke to cover their failures.

  23. UFFDA says

    Sputter sputter toil and flutter
    flap your little wings and mutter
    “Look my URL is proof
    That I’m the bigger better poof.”

  24. says

    It turns out the vote count was wrong.

    The ONE person who voted against the law now claims that he pressed the wrong button.

    So it was unanimous in the Duma, with one abstention (for political reasons).

    It really is quite scary, and nobody knows exactly how the law will be applied, beyond stopping gay rights rallies and marches.

    Whoever mentioned the Russian economy and people sinking into alcoholism, etc., the economy, which is based on oil, is doing quite well. Moscow has more billionaires than any other city in the world. Most Russians, aside from the intellectuals, are perfectly happy with the authoritarian clerico-fascist regime. That’s what’s sad.

    And as to Stalin, yes. I saw an interview in which the reporter asked an anti-gay Duma delegate if she didn’t think maybe they should reintroduce Stalin’s law and send gay people to the camps. Her response: “Don’t touch Stalin!”

  25. ratbastard says

    Lil’ C*unt,

    Will you PLEASE stop trolling and STFU? Please? With sugar on top?


    Russia isn’t still a formidable potential enemy? Are you serious? Russia has vast numbers of nukes and adequate to good delivery systems. Russia is an energy super power and the EU relies HEAVILY on Russian oil.


    Russia has never really had a real democracy in the western sense. The USSR [READ: Russian Empire] was ostensibly internationalist, but when it broke up Russia simply lost a chunk of it’s empire and it’s now ditched internationalism and Marxism for fascism and un-abashed nationalism. At the end of the day, both system’s have far more in common with each other than with the system’s of so-called democratic governments that exist in the west. You can wean anyone who is used to only one extremist type of lifestyle, belief, ideology, or whatever to accept a non-extremist, middle of the road, Agnostic if you will, style of government, lifestyle,ideology. Such people can be easily manipulated and swayed to accept simply another extremist ideology in place of the one they lost. It is what it i.

  26. Betty Treacle says

    I’ve yet to see a happy Russian. Poor things. Centuries of misery and they’re still no further forward. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic.