News: James Dobson, Chelsea Bigot, Cheyenne Jackson, Duck

RoadPaul Rudnick has a quiz for Tom Cruise's new estate manager

RoadFocus on the Family's James Dobson tells flock that 35 years of work is ruined.

DuckRoadGiant rubber duck invades Sydney harbor.

RoadReported $3 million offer for photo of Kim Kardashian-Kanye West spawn.

RoadTrack coach resigns over affair with athlete: "Hall of Fame women's track and field coach Bev Kearney, whose story of recovery from a paralyzing auto accident inspired people around the country, has resigned due to an "intimate consensual relationship" with a University of Texas athlete in 2002, the school announced Saturday night."

RoadRebel Wilson is considering kidnapping One Direction.

RoadMichelangelo Signorile chased down a bigot in Chelsea who called him "disgusting" after he kissed his partner: "I've not come to this age in my life, to this stage of the game in the fight for LGBT rights, to have someone call me 'disgusting' in my own neighborhood. And it's time none of us let them get away with it. I'm not saying that I or anyone should stand up to everybody engaged in a homophobic act every time. Obviously you have to be wise and safe. But whether it's on the streets of Chelsea or in Columbus, Ohio, all of us, straight and gay, must speak up when we can. Stand up and fight back. Because if we don't, they win."

RoadJustin Bieber speaks out about marijuana photos.

JacksonRoadCheyenne Jackson and Patti LuPone had a Broadway date night.

RoadMaggie Gallagher on the retirement of her syndicated column: "I've spoken the truth within the limits of my insight, which is all any writer can do. I've had an impact on my times and stood up for some denigrated truths that I do not think any society can do without. Plus, I know people trying to live by these truths and [passing] them down to their children really appreciate my capacity to put into words what is in their hearts. All in all, I feel pretty good about how I've spent my life."

RoadBoeing 787 Dreamliner catches fire on tarmac in Boston: "Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve MacDonald said the fire was in the belly of the Japan Airlines aircraft, which flies between Tokyo and Boston."

RoadProvidence, Rhode Island bishop says marriage equality sanctions "immoral activity".

RoadThey are FAMily.

TomatoRoadAll hail the tomato pill:
"Ateronon, which contains lycopene found in the skin of ripe tomatoes,
had previously been hailed for unclogging arteries but the latest
results have given researchers hope it could halt the damage caused by
heart disease – Britain’s biggest killer…The effect of the pill on
people with heart disease saw improvements in the function of cells in
the endothelium, which lines blood vessels. Ateronon was shown to
improve the flexibility of blood vessels by up to half."

RoadMale model fix: Wouter Peelen.

RoadAppeals court overturns conviction of two men jailed in 2011 for homosexuality in Cameroon.

RoadHoney Boo Boo's earnings go into a trust fund: "June tells TMZ … the lion's share of earnings from 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' (a cool $15k – $20k per episode) is being equally divided into funds for all 5 girls …  Alana 'HBB' Thomson (7), Lauryn (12), Jessica (15) and Anna (18) and baby Kaitlyn.  June says the little stars can't touch the cash until they turn 21 — except in case of medical emergencies or using it for school — saying, "I want my kids to look back and say, 'Mama played it smart. Not like those other reality TV people.'"


  1. Syrax says

    I never watched Honey Boo Boo but I always note that they never say something mean despite being attacked by virtually everyone in the media. The same media shouting about tolerance.

  2. says

    there’s a stunning reality to the HoneyBooBoo program that is no doubt the secret source of anger for many Haters: despite embodying aesthetics and an image that people love to mock and belittle, they somehow managed to be a family that cares deeply about each other, loves their gay uncle, and seem to be pretty darn happy with their lives.

    now if only someone would introduce better eating habits, because their lifestyle is just plain unhealthy.

    speaking of bad eating habits, Maggie Gallagher. *sigh*
    yes. you’re gonna feel wonderful about your life’s work when your son finally comes out. right.

  3. says

    trolls like Yupp need to b**ch online or else they’re forced to address their own sad realities and kill themselves. the internet is their burqa from which they can pretend they’re worth something.

  4. Yupp says

    You’re the troll, Kiwi. And from Canada. And you come on here under many identities (that’s how you got caught saying all Catholics need to die, when one “name” linked right back to your site).

  5. says

    and rock ON, Signorile! that’s what more people need to do. the bigots are often stunned when they get called out on it in person. they often think the targets of their hatred won’t get in their face about it. prove ’em wrong, folks. you’d be amazed at how quickly they turn.

    as for Bieber – he’s canadian. that’s just how we roll. pun intended.

  6. GREGGER says

    “And from Canada” What’s your point Yupp? You got a problem with Canadians too? You seem to have a lot of problems with just about everybody but are under the misguided perception thay you yourself are perfection personified. You aren’t.

  7. Yupp says

    eye : Hey dope, one HAS to read shakesville to see what that filthy-looking mcEwen is saying if they’re actually posting false accusations against your friends and causing them to get everything from death threats to computer viiruses, so… comparison.

  8. says

    i spent around half of each year in the USA, after living there for nearly five years. and i can back this up, because i maintain a blog and don’t comment anonymously.

    unlike Yupp, who could very well be posting from south korea, as he refuses to be just as identifiable.

    Now, Yupp is a troll who’s been here for years under many aliases. so let’s just ignore him and eventually he’ll either come up with new nicknames or finally do us all a favor and drink a vat of bleach.

    Gregger, don’t attempt to use logic and reason with trolls whose very being hinges on ignoring either.
    i’ve been guilty of feedin this idiot and i’m done. let ’em starve n’die.

  9. EYEROLL says

    Take the tin foil off your head Yupp. Your conspiracy theories are a joke (the anti-Irish one is the best though). I like how you claim misandry but yet come across as a big old misogynist yourself with your comments. Seek help.

  10. GREGGER says

    YUPP: we live in a global world, especially with the internet and television. No one country has a lock on problems or ideas and opinions on said problems. So cut your anti-everything and everybody shtick. It’s getting SO old.

  11. Yupp says

    Gregger : You’re ideas are getting old. Kiwi doesn’t and never has lived in the ghetto. He has nothing to say. He’s a trustfund baby coddled nut living with his parents and hanging out on American blogs under different names.

  12. says

    oh Yuppers, you’re funny and sad in equal measure. like i said, you lie about others to avoid telling the truth about yourself. feel free to join the other trolls in their futures as “well, we noticed this funny smell in the apartment hallway and realized it was that creepy guy and he’d been dead for five days” stories in the local news.

    and now i’m done with you. toodles!

  13. GREGGER says

    YUPP: LOL!!!! What do you think you proved with that “proof”? ANYBODY can copy and paste any link onto their name when they are posting. It’s not rocket science. For all we know YOU could have been Buckie and posted the URL address. You are such a freakin fool. You are making accusations against other people with no actual proof. Do you get your jollys being a jerk?

  14. says

    you didn’t get me at all. you simply linked to you making an anti-catholic comment and linking my blog to it. wow. you’re such a man.

    this, btw, is the reason that guys like you don’t end up ever being accepted as gay men. you pick all the wrong battles for all the wrong reasons because you don’t have the orbs to actually stand up for anything.

    so enjoy. and yeah, feel free to drink bleach. like, a lot of it.

  15. Yupp says

    Nope, Gregger. Only he could have done that himself on this blog. Everybody knows he uses several names, and THIS time he hadn’t been cautious enough. He was busted, and you were busted. And I’ll prove everything else I’ve stated here too.

  16. says

    YUPP: Gregger here. I just posted with Kiwi’s link and your “name”. Not exactly hard to do. Didn’t need Columbo to figure it out.

    The only thing you have proven is crackpots are funny.

  17. Kevin says

    Patti & Cheyenne have a date night in NYC. It’s like the two top drafts in a Gay Fantasy Football League! These two need to do a show together or at least a concert. Love em both!

  18. Yupp says

    Next…what should I link to ? I’ll show you some genuinely sick stuff that’s been done by both the moderators and posters of Towleroad, things every homophobic enemy is well aware of and wields as a weapon. The direct cause of homophobic attacks, both on the sreets and in the books. Right from Towle and Belonsky and Co.

  19. Jerry says

    It should be noted that Kearney’s lesbianism isn’t so much a problem at UT; having a relationship with a student, however, is completely out of bounds, regardless of gender.

  20. Francis says

    Michelangelo Signorile is awesome.

    Maybe his approach is a bit OTT but it’s so important to stick up for yourself when a bigot says something to you or give you a dirty look. Many people get very intimidated by people who say something hateful when you least expect it but the way to stop such occurrences from happening is by NOT giving in and NOT letting these bigots scare you into living the way they want you to. It’s easier said than done but it’s empowering and it makes a difference.

  21. bandanajack says

    can we just have fahd back? if you feed the trolls they just stick around for more. no a few of these will just continue to puke on the comments, but eventually they get tired of shadow boxing.

  22. Yupp says

    Francis : That might be. Sometimes I annoy myself, too, because I don’t feel like having to bring this stuff up all the time. But I remember people like Simon Wiesenthal (the nazi hunter) were sometimes called “annoying” too (they’d say “why doesn’t he just let it go?”, and the like). Morally, sometimes, you just….have to do what I do…

  23. BETTY says

    Are you really comparing yourself to Simon Wiesenthal? REALLY? All you do is make ridiculous claims with no proof or any sound reasoning to back them up. You are a moron.

  24. Yupp says

    And, Betty, what do YOU think about gay men from this site (I’ll give you the link if you wish) threatening innocent girls with the mutilation (by razor blade) of their vaginas?

  25. BETTY says

    Why? It won’t prove anything. You never backup your claims with real proof (for example your Kiwi/Buckie claim even though it was proven that anyone post a link under any name). Just because you think something in your head is true, doesn’t mean it really is and it usually isn’t.

  26. Yupp says

    Then…uh, Betty dude…don’t go telling me I have no evidence if you won’t even take me up on showing you. (Just for that, I’m looking it up and sending it to some gay-friendly organization to…educate them…)

  27. Yupp says

    Oh..okay…I’ll show you the posts in question and you can decide whether it’s me or the gay ghetto behind all these calls to violence. Keep in mind that these WERE straight allies who were falsely-accused of the gaybashing, though I doubt they’re allies now, after what Towle, Belonsky, and the typical gay poster did to them. But be sure to read every article on the Kentucky incident and every post.

  28. BETTY says

    Again you are making assumptions YUPP.

    I read the comments to the article. I did not see anything about razor blades and mutilation.

    I don’t know why you are blaming Towleroad for this story. They just posted a link to the newspaper article. They didn’t write the story. They didn’t make the claims in the story (the girl did). Do you blame ABC, FOX or CNN for posting stories on their websites where it turns out someone made the story up to get attentiont(I’m sure they even reported on this story as well). It’s not the fault of the news organization when someone makes a false claim to the police and they just report on it. You are blaming the wrong people. In fact, Towleroad isn’t even a news organization. They just provide links to other news sites about gay issues. They don’t report the stories. You haven’t grasped this concept yet have you?

    As for the comments by some of the posters on the story…yes, some were over the top. They were made in response to the story and at that time no one knew the girl was making it up. But quite frankly many websites have people making stupid comments (you prove this everyday here – we don’t blame Towleroad for your comments) in response to stories. They don’t represent everyone’s view and certainly don’t represent all of Towleroad’s readers or the gay community in general. In fact there was one comment that all gays should die…are you saying that is what Towleroad advocates? With your logic, yes!

    You need to stop painting everyone with the same broad brush (you have been told this before).

  29. Yupp says

    Betty : If Andrew Towle moderated the posts, those girls wouldn’t have had to fear for their lives./////The razor blades and mutilation is there. I’ll look it up and tell you where exactly./////That’s just one example of the harm the Towleroad crew caused to innocent people. I’ll give out other examples with plenty of evidence that people can believe (or disbelieve, if they prefer to think I’m the one secretly behind it all).///////Why would anyone blame me for anything I say on Towleroad? I don’t post peoples’ addresses, actual or email, and send others to endanger them like the majority of posters did to the Kentucky girls and several other times.//////Towle and Belonsky know exactly what they’re guilty of, since they totally hide from the subjects (this Kentucky story and others). They hide in real life too, as people we know mutually (including, yes, Ken Walsh) refuse to give me their addresses.

  30. Yupp says

    Betty : And, yes, I know this is not a news blog, it’s towle’s personal blog, but enough people read it where he should be morally obligated to use “allegedly” (like “allegedly push someone off a cliff”) lest he be the one legally responsible for what he causes others to do.

  31. Yupp says

    Okay, go to the Kentucky story, and poster “Sean” is the one hoping the bulldykes who rape them have “razor blades on their tongues.” This is about ten posts after “JohnInManhattan” gives out their contact info.

  32. BETTY says

    Give me a break! Go to any website with a comments section and you will see stupid posts. I’ve seen more outrageous comments on sites that ARE moderated. You’re being ridiculous. I hope they do moderate someday. Although you might not like it because your crackpot claims won’t see the light of day. You really should be careful what you wish for.

    When you post your actual name then you can accuse others of hiding. You are a joke.

  33. BETTY says

    So an idiot makes a stupid comment and you paint everyone here with the same brush. Visit any site anywhere and you’ll see stupid comments galore. It’s not exclusive to Towleroad or gay people. Should we ban all sites from comments? Scroll down further and you will see the comment about killing all gay people. Where is your outrage there?

    As for giving out “contact info”: anybody can search anyone on Facebook so it is hardly a big revelation. It is a public site (plus, most people have their Facebook profile open only to friends). He didn’t give out actual contact info like an address or phone number (which is totally wrong to do). So put in perspective. I’ve seen people do the same thing on other sites, so really, come on.

    Also, the first line of Towleroad’s posting DOES say allegedly. So why are you getting your panties in a knot?

    “Three teenage girls in Kentucky allegedly attacked Cheyenne Williams, a lesbian classmate, last Friday…”

    Honestly, you give me a headache.

  34. Paul R says

    So stop f’ing responding to him. Why do people think they’re going to get anywhere with immature troll idiots who only seek attention? One of my brothers is learning disabled, and my mother told me from a very young age that he just wanted attention, positive or negative, and not to give it to him. You’ll get nowhere. This useless back and forth persists in these comments, when they could actually be interesting.

  35. Yupp says

    No, I disagree, Betty. This was beyond “stupid comments”. This is making psychopathic and dangerous threats and giving out contact information. If it happened to you or a member of your family you wouldn’t be so “Give me a break.” And this is just one of many examples the people behind this blog have been involved in. But, if you are that determined to defend the towleroad crew and take their side, we just have to agree to disagree.

  36. Yupp says

    Yeah, but Paul R., if your brother is as good at backing up his claims as I am (I provided the links), then….maybe he’s not disabled at all. No matter how many times you say he is.

  37. Yupp says

    And Betty, anyone who comes here talking about “killing all gay people” doesn’t need my outrage because the posters promptly give him/her what he/she deserves. Any arranged plans or threats against the innocent (the Kentucky story) are met by silence at best, agreement at worst. And never an apology.

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