1. Chris says

    All they do is allow people to pat themselves on the back and think they’re activists. I haven’t ever seen any evidence of them doing anything substantive.

  2. KT says

    To me, the N0H8 photos were the LGBT rights equivilent to the LIVESTRONG bracelets – a way to show you support a cause without actually having to do anything to support the cause. Yes, the photos were nice and showed which straight allies supported us; but they could have also shown their support by volunteering with homeless LGBT youth.

  3. jeremyrain says

    The campaign started out with good intention but soon became a “hip, cool” trend of those washed-out Hollywood “stars” who wants to gather some attention. It’s dying and it should be.

  4. Richard Harney says

    The NoH8 campaign was only started amongst Adam’s friends and he was getting photography practice for his actual job which was freelance photography. He did various photo shoots for magazines. Adam had only come out to his parents a few years before this so for him to go from in the closet to activist in a matter of a couple years is a really big step.

  5. says

    irony – people facelessly and namelessly complaining about “how little those celebs did” while giving no proof nor backup for what THEY did, and have been doing….


    truly. got a complaint? really? let’s see what out-there work you’ve been doing, eh?

    mhmmmmm gurl.

  6. Dave says

    Rob – that was the question everyone asked when they made their first visit to Minneapolis. They are a self-funding non-profit, meaning they keep what they make. This raised a lot of eyebrows here.

    On their second visit to town, they made a big deal out of the fact that it was the first time that they would donate 100% of the proceeds to an outside organization. I have no idea whether they intend to continue doing that.

  7. Icebloo says

    I thought Leann Rimes was a REPUBLICAN ? Why is she attending our event when she supports a political party who hate us and are doing all they can to take away our rights ? Again, she’s just another straight person who wants the gays to think she supports us so we keep making her rich.

    ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS Leann !

  8. calpoidog says

    I never liked this campaign because it automatically painted people against same sex marriage as “haters” which isn’t the case. Not wanting one does not equal the others. This caused lots of people/media to automatically call people “H8″ ers if they were against same sex marriage and in my opinion has damaged the cause.

  9. says

    Calpiodog – what nonsense. you can’t be against gays marrying and not be “anti-gay”

    don’t be a dunce.

    it’s bigotry. it’s like i said to a great aunt: “I’ll stop calling you a racist when you stop calling President Obama a kenyan-born muslim who wants to destroy america”

    wise up.

  10. Blake says

    I would believe the homo-hostile groups were pro-family, if they ever actually tackled real issues damaging families, like divorce, abuse, etcetera.
    The fact that the only alleged threat they focus on is the rights for non-straight people to marry and parent, shows that they are not pro-family.
    And imposing your religious values on others, by creating laws, is hate and does not get a pass because it is what they believe.

  11. Richard Harney says

    Now, I can’t claim to know all of the details, because I rarely talk to Adam about it, but I can ask him where the money goes, but I’m fairly sure he keeps the money. He isn’t doing it for free you know. He does earn a living doing freelance photography for various magazines.

  12. Chris says

    Littlekiwi, I have been working at LGBT nonprofits for far less than I’d be paid in the corporate world for over 12 years, and before I made it my career I spent about 8 years volunteering for LGBT causes and campaigns. Is that enough in your estimation for me to have an opinion?

  13. says

    can you prove it, and actually show how much you’ve done, in the same way that the NOH8 folks whom you’ve chosen to dismiss have put a very visible face to the movement for Equality?

    it’s just very odd when people anonymously complain about the visible work of others….

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