CBS Accused of Mocking Tim Tebow, Christians by Using ‘Homosexual Actor’ Neil Patrick Harris in Super Bowl Ad


Conservative web publication World Net Daily is accusing CBS of "pushing a gay agenda" and "mocking Christians" with its new Super Bowl ad, which features Neil Patrick Harris wearing eyeblack in which is written the dates of the game.

Writes WND:

CBS, the television network airing the big game this year, is now using an outspoken homosexual actor to mimic Tim Tebow’s style of trumpeting messages in eyeblack on his face.

During Sunday’s matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens, the network broadcast several spots promoting the network’s upcoming Super Bowl coverage in New Orleans…

…Tim Tebow, known for his Christian faith as well as football, became world famous for proclaiming Bible verses such as John 3:16 on his eyeblack, especially when he played for the University of Florida Gators before going pro.

One football fan who watched the CBS promo Sunday made the connection between Harris and Tebow, saying, “They’re pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they’re mocking Christians at the same time.”

The rag then goes on to note that Harris "makes no secret" of his homosexuality, has received awards from the Trevor Project, and is raising sons with David Burtka they had via surrogate.

Tim Tebow, of course, is no stranger to controversy over his religious eyeblack, nor is he unfamiliar with being drawn into Super Bowl controversy. And eyeblack has been part of at least one controversial sports incident this year, when Toronto Blue Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar took the field with a gay slur ("maricon") dabbed in his, and was later suspended and fined.



  1. arrant says

    Wing Nut Daily is certified insane but in this case at least they are right. Hard to see how CBS is doing anything else but making fun of Tebow–and perhaps his closeted status.

  2. arrant says

    Which is why it’s surprising NPH is playing along. He certainly was in the closet for years so it’s odd he would choose to mock someone who is perceived to be in one now.

  3. Douglas says

    WND can’t even get verifiable facts correct. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have one son and one daughter, not “sons.”

  4. Mike in the Tundra says

    @Arrant – you seem very certain of your accusations. Pray tell how you are privvy to such information.

  5. johnny says

    NPH “makes no secret of his homosexuality”

    Oh! The audacity of not hiding it!

    And you damn zealots make no secret of your heterosexuality, except you have lots of secrets that you DO like to hide, like affairs, hookers, drug use, etc…

  6. says

    He’s also pushing a christian agenda by writing those verses or whatever under his eyes. Would they let him on the field if he painted one rainbow flag under each eye?

  7. anonymous says

    Maybe instead of making fun of Timmy, they are making a reference to the baseball player who wrote anti-gay messages in his eyeblack this last year and was fined for it????

  8. AJ says

    Another day, another group feeling butt-hurt about something stupid. First world problems, people. FIRST. WORLD. PROBLEMS.

  9. LiamB says

    Or possibly they are just doing the standard meme bit that has been done to death for decades. Seriously, these people really need to get a life, and to stop pushing their religious agenda onto others.

  10. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but i can’t see the mockery anywhere. They are using one the the channel stars to announce the superbowl, and they are using what a nfl star use to send his messages.
    The fact that NPH is gay is totally irrelevant, and i don’t think nobody could read that much is it wasn’t for the fact that there’s a lot of gay rumours about Tebow too

  11. says

    Beyonce did the same thing in her Super Bowl ad. Is she mocking tebow/christianity too? Is she pushing the black agenda?

  12. Reggie777 says

    So, let me get this… anyone who puts a message on the eyeblacks is mocking Tebow? Wow! Talk about a delusional sense of self importance.

    Maybe Tebow will get it copyrighted along with his one knee stance.

  13. GregV says

    @Arrant: Yes, Wing Nut Daily is certifiably insane. But no, just because it’s hard to know why CBS chose an actor to advertise a game does not suggest the nuts are anything but as delusional as always about their reasoning.
    Google images of “words in eye black” and you get a variety of athletes and fans and models’ faces advertisiung a variety of messages; this wasn’t even invented by Tebow.
    CBS may have chosen NPH because he’s in a half-time show or because he’s a fervent fan or because they’re kicking off a series of spots with public figures depicted as excited fans in the stands. (Maybe the next ads in the series will show Madonna with pom-poms and a jersey with the Super Bowl date and time on it or Taylor Laughtner with the CBS eye painted on his chest for all I know.) But regardless of why CBS happened to choose NPH for the spot, WingNutDaily’s tangent sounds as delusional as they always do.

    Any reference that ridiculous rag has EVER made to gay people has always been as plausible and well-sourced as the Weekly World News stories alerting the public about a dog with human hands composing a symphony or an alien from outer space backing Bush (and later Obama) for president.

  14. Stefan says

    Wing Nut Daily is really reaching with this one, and really showing just how obsessed they are with the idea of homosexuals (fap….fap…). It’s funny to see a comedic actor wearing eye black, and it’s smart to use your visible younger stars for cross promotion. Jim Parsons is probably up next (uh oh! he parades around his gay too!). Maybe there is some other inside joke, but I doubt the vast majority of viewers would get it.

    Too bad it’s not the 1990s–we might be seeing the Golden Girls with eye black Super Bowl messages :)

  15. DRoseDARs says

    Wait wait wait, Tim Tebow is the first NFL player (or rather ANY professional sport player) who paints his (or her) face in this manner? Anyone else is just copying him?

  16. says

    The ad should have featured NPH and Jim Parsons smooching — the way Tim Twbow so famously did with that other football player.

    He Andy — out up that pic again. And use it wherever there’s an item on Timmy

  17. signs of the times says

    Nah, NPH is just trying to get Tebow’s attention, so he’ll babysit.

    It’s a good thing he didn’t write R U Available

  18. Gimme a break says

    Variations of this ad use actors from many CBS shows, not just Doogie Howser. They ran over the weekend during the wild card games. I’m sure they will run during the divisional playoffs and the conference championships as well. CBS is broadcasting the Super Bowl and they are promoting that event.

    These alleged Christians think everything is about them.

  19. says

    Apples and oranges. Tim Tebow uses his eye black to put specific pro-christian messages via bible verses. Neil Patrick Harris is NOT promoting anything anti-christian or pro-gay. He’s simply advertising the superbowl date.

    I think they should insist that Tebow stop putting any kind of messages that non-christians might find offensive.

  20. vwdavy says

    so, Beyonce Knowles advert for her show at the halftime of the SuperBowl is trying to encourage people to want TT to be a black man? i’m a bit confused.

  21. says

    oh come on you sad lil’Christards. yeah. we’re mocking you. boohoo.

    and when y’all start offing yourselves at a rate of 1 in 4 then we’ll start taking your cries seriously.

    ugh. first world white christian problems…..

  22. Michael says

    They can’t be that clueless since Tebows vid of him being a huge Nelly queen has like 400,000 views.

  23. says

    World New Daily is pretty darn hilarious, though.

    hey, folks! while you’re out with your fine-tooth comb looking for gay things to complain about, a bunch of crazymen are loading up on guns and ammo and they’re gonna shoot your children in the next few months.

    but don’t worry. they don’t do anything gay while they’re murdering your children. they’ll be totes traditionally masculine as they do it. so, yeah.

  24. dig says

    Why is WND even being spared a moment of our time? It is the craziest conservative site out there. Please do not even pretend what they write about is even misguided. They have to work their way UP to misguided. All they actually seem to do is pander to the extreme right in order to sell their weirdo books. It isn’t news or opinion…it is a scam.

  25. Bernie says

    I am not quite sure where/how/why these folks see what they see……yes, NPH is definitely pushing a gay agenda……what an assinine stretch of a crazy imagination..

  26. phrnfghllkxt says

    I love all the followers on here. Form your own identity and stop searching for warm fuzzy feelings in a robustly rediculous way.

  27. says

    Both Beyonce and Tim Tebow piss me off to no end. I’m not a big fan of NPH, and I’d rather look at his face than those of Miss 1 Percent and Mr. Football Jeebus.

  28. Mary says

    “and when y’all start offing yourselves at a rate of 1 in 4 then we’ll start taking your cries seriously.”

    Yes, because you see that unless a group has a high suicide rate, its maltreatment is really of no concern. And that’s how it goes in Kiwiland.

    I don’t see that CBS or NPH did anything anti-Christian here. Sometimes culture warriors get too much adrenaline and see insults where none were intended.

    But I do take issue with the way Kiwi keeps using the gay suicide rate to act as if no one has any right to complain about mistreatment from a particular gay individual. Did WND claim that this alleged case of anti-Christian bigotry came at the request of the entire gay community of America?

  29. Natamaxxx says

    No one is being “mocked”. This is just more of the same cross hogging martyrdom religious nuts are soooo good at.

  30. Darren says

    Is it possible that this was just a clever way of advertising
    I’m getting so tired of everything being thought and over thought and dissected.
    Let’s worry about things that matter

  31. says

    Once again, someone stole my copy of the gay agenda.

    If christians get this offended by Neil Patrick Harris, then next year the NFL should use Perez Hilton…and then they should keep him. :)

  32. EchtKultig says

    Making fun of a fake Christian isn’t the same as making fun of a real one.
    (nor is making fun of a closeted gay football player the same as making fun of an out one…)

  33. SteveP says

    You’d think the eye-black said “Butt-Sex” the way they are overreacting. There is no gay message so the fact the NPH is gay and in the ad, all by itself, is the offense? Well, feck them!