1. Mark says

    Well, we’re definitely going to have several more Democratic administrations from the looks of it, and you can bet he’s going to be invited. He may not be the center of attention, but he’ll be there. Up next: President H. R. Clinton.

  2. Chicago James says

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but, he will be back in four years. I do believe the sitting president attends the inauguration of the next president. And, tradition dictates, former presidents are always invited to inaugurations. He will be back. The crowd may not be cheering OBAMA! but he will see that type of gathering again. Fingers crossed for him to be there in 2017, for Hillary Clinton.

  3. Diogenes Arktos says

    @Mark & others: don’t count your eggs before they’re hatched… Consider that the Republicans are *ALREADY* moving state by state to change the electoral college from winner-take-all (except for two states) to voting based on the gerrymandered congressional districts that sent far more Republicans to Congress than Democrats, in spite of receiving over a million fewer votes, and would have elected Romney had it been in place for 2012 in spite of his crushing defeat in the popular vote.

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