1. Rich F. says

    Your god is a figment of your own imagination. Stop trying to blame your bigotry on something that doesn’t exist, and then use the same imaginary friend to apologize.

  2. Steve says

    What a load of crap. In his messed up worldview the only way he is trying to “help” people is converting them to fundamentalist Christianity and heterosexuality in order to prevent them for being tortured forever in hell.

  3. atomic says

    Oh please. What a transparent ploy on his part to “apologize.” He got caught showing his bigotry and now that he’s being held accountable for it, he talks about “love.”

  4. Strepsi says

    These holy rollers always confuse “a loving God” with pity for those unfortunate sinning homosexuals. Not actual acceptance.

    This guy should not be allowed near anything representing citizens — who all have equal, secular civil rights — but especially not an Ethics Committee. You have to have some ethics first.

  5. Paul in Honolulu says

    Another bigoted “nonapology.” “MAY have UNINTENTIONALLY hurt?”. “I apologize IF I offended?”. This sorry excuse for a human being does not deserve even to live in our aloha state, let alone contaminate our government with his hateful presence.

  6. disgusted american says

    of course a Brainwashed Moron like him – FORGETS that IT WAS the White man who came to Hawaii and brought DEATH with them in 2 ways: 1) disease / small pox I think
    2) religion – to STEAL the Hawaiian’s way of life,and thier culture from them.

  7. Caliban says

    “To my gay brothers and sisters and their supporters”?

    Kiss my @ss. You never were their “brother” and you never will be. You’re just another hateful old f*ck the planet will be better off without.

  8. says

    My husband is from Hawaii and a professor of architecture with the UOH for four year. My grandparents have lived in the small town of Volcano, Hawaii (Big Island) for decades but as a child who traveled to/from Hawaii every summer I can tell you being openly gay is as bad as it is in many backward states.

    Look, in my book, if you step forward publicly and degrade and belittle gay people while you seek appointment to a public position then you deserve to be denied big time. This guy should not be in any position to issue any kind of public policy whatsoever. The gall here is that he is seeking a position on the Ethics Board of Appeals. NO WAY!

  9. jamal49 says

    Considering that christianity destroyed, corrupted, polluted Hawaiian culture and Hawaiian people, it serves this idiot right that he’s been kicked off the Ethics Board.

    Christianity has destroyed, corrupted, polluted Polynesian culture, native American culture, Andean culture, the Mexica, the Maya–in short, christianity is a cancer to the human cultural experience.

  10. Strepsi says

    @JAMAL49 — to be fair, they were hardly arranging plants and singing Kumbaya when the Christians came.

    The Incan religion involved binding the soft heads of upper class kids so it grew into a desirable cone-shape, and teaching them that the best thing that could possibly happen to them would be to be sacrificed on top of a snow covered volcano. The Mayan culture involved sacred bloodletting using a strand of thorns through the tongue and penis. These religions, as well as Polynesian and Caribe, had degrees of cannibalism.

    So, in conclusion, ALL religion is pretty f***ed up.

  11. Cburg says

    “I now realize that I may have unintentionally hurt… I deeply apologize if my words were hurtful..”

    Apologies with the word “may” and “if” are never sincere. They suggest that prejudice is somehow relative.

    F*** off.

  12. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    Okino is an idiot. He once sat on the Honolulu City Council and was quoted in our local paper saying that bibical law trumps civil law.

    To the curb with this guy!

  13. Tatts says

    Just how stupid is Kirk Caldwell, who nominated this loser?

    Seriously. This guy didn’t get to be a moron overnight. He was about to be booted out of the Dem party for his support of Repubs, so he quit instead, he’s a known christian conservative, yet that’s okay with Caldwell for the Ethics Board? Why on earth would Caldwell have nominated him?

  14. dickhawaiikai says

    The only good thing about this is that our newly elected mayor responded immediately, slapping this bigot down and withdrawing the nomination (which was original put forward by our previous mayor, who is not homophobic but was neglectful in this case).

  15. says

    Funny…the most religious people I know do some of the most horrific things (have cheated, one pastor beat his wife, another born again friend stole from us even after being born again) yet my non religious, non preachy friends are some of the kindest most well adjusted people I know.

    You do NOT need religion to have morality.

  16. Neon Genesis says

    It was too your intent to hurt us and your non-apology apology isn’t accepted. The bible also says lying is a sin and you will be held accountable for your lies.

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