1. says

    I was so annoyed by the Towleroad “survey” I just took. If it’s an advertising ploy SAY SO. Don’t waste my time and trick me into thinking the site wants feedback so that it can improve its content and coverage of LGBT issues.

  2. UFFDA says

    This is the part where celebrities are paid in dirt. And it must be hard, very hard to live with. I would wish that Jody knows nothing of it, nothing of the mockery from the underbelly of people who have nothing better to do than shred, like jackles, another’s reputation if they can. I would hate being a well-known public figure of any kind. I would hate a life among parasites.

  3. JD says

    It was an awful, confusing speech that didn’t really say anything. I get being nervous, but if it’s going to mess you up that much, come out via press release or something.

  4. Lee says

    Has there EVER been a celebrity coming-out that was deemed fully acceptable and satisfactory by the (gay) public? I would absolutely HATE to be a gay celebrity that has to come out. It is always too indirect, too in-your-face, too late, too soon, too obvious, too secretive…

    Jesus, can someone tell me how a celebrity should ideally come out, so they won’t be ridiculed and critizised for it??


    Of course Jodie’s speech is being parodied. She was a complete and utter blabbering mess bringing new meaning to WTF?!? Jodie is a classic example of the damage internalized homophobia can do to one’s mind.

    For those defending her “poignant” speech? Get help and fast.

  6. Bart says

    Who didn’t know she was gay? Why is this news. She didn’t come out at the Golden Globes, she did that years ago.

    Like the speech or don’t, who cares but don’t act like this was a big revelation when she’s been out for years.

  7. bobbyjoe says

    @Dastius Krazitauc: Funniest line ever.

    @Lee: False argument. Plenty of celebrities have come out recently without the kind of reaction Foster’s getting. Jim Parsons, Victor Garber, really even Anderson Cooper who I think most took as a decent if overdue way of coming out.

    In contrast, Foster seemed to create a self-fulfilling prophecy about how her coming out would be received. If you make a weird worldwide-televised spectacle of your coming out that seems to criticize the coming out process of other celebrities, it’s then hard to then be seen as someone who’s devoutly committed to privacy and believes methods of coming out should never be criticized.

  8. JUSTaThought says

    It was worthy of being mocked. And it is easy to mock, because it was such a mess. She began by saying she wasn’t going to make a coming out speech, because she was already out to her friends, family, and co-workers. Then about 20 Million people all over the world learned that she was gay…..or not…depending on how much they could decipher.
    When 20 Million people are informed that you are gay, isn’t that a coming out speech?
    So right away she contradicted herself and it just continued from there.
    She wants privacy but she wants to be seen and deeply understood. Okaaaay.
    She wants privacy but talked about her female partner, her children and her mother (and her mother’s condition at the end of her life) at an awards show where she could have just talked about her work. Okaaaaaay.

  9. GregV says

    The terms “to come out” and “to out [someone]” have been co-opted from mostly gay people into a variety of other contexts. Straight people talk about coming out to co-workers as a lottery winner or as an epileptic, etc., and people talk about someone in the news being “outed” as a spy or of someone at work being outed as being an alcoholic or as being pregnant, or indeed, as being single in an environment where others are mostly partnered.
    Jodie said she was comin out as single (…no just joking, no not really joking, I’m single, etc.).
    My guess is that most gay kids across America watched that speech and learned that she is single and still don’t have a clue that she is gay.
    When Ellen said, “Yup, I’m gay,” there was no confusion.
    When Jane Lynch thanked “my wife Lara,” sure, she could have been gay OR bi, but that didn’t matter because the language she used was unashamedly unambiguous.
    Jodie seems to still be uncomfortable about being seen as gay in the public eye. If you already knew she was gay, you may have read between the lines into some vague code words in the speech, but if you didn’t already know she was gay, chances are you still don’t.

    That is not necessarily a criticism of Jodie. Most of us (including me) have spoken in “gay vague” at various times when we were only comfortable with maybe leaving the questions open but not really comfortable being as clear as straight people nearly always are. That is what Jodie did, both in the “beautiful Cydney” reference and with this “coming out as single” speech.
    It’s no different than if I say to a conservative (and unknowing) person at work that “my special someone and I just got back from Vegas” and then continue to talk about the trip without using pronouns.

    It’s not a horrible thing to do, but it’s not “coming out” as gay. It’s actually a rather unnatural pattern of speech that takes pains to be UNclear.

  10. Contrarian says

    Who cares about the rambling speech? Much ado about nothing. Who in the industry didn’t know long ago? Who in the educated not brain dead part of America didn’t know already? So what if “flyover land” doesn’t know or care. Any woman not flashing her boobs or up skirt vagina in public is gay to the rednecks anyway. BTW, what is her infatuation with that anti-Semite (albeit very rich) drinker and far right-winger she gave the shout out to at the Globes?

  11. Lucas H says

    As talented as she is, her closeted-ness kinda pissed me off after a certain point. And no she didn’t come out 5 years ago, although the tabloids very publicly busted her cheating on her partner. She was outed and kept her mouth shut about being gay. Which she shouldn’t have, which is what annoys me the most about her NON-coming out now!! Now that it is safER, she still hedges the damn issue.
    My minor annoyance about her speech: the inherent narcissism. Acceptable in Hollywood, but a straw on a camel’s back at this point.
    Either way, I’ll forgive her if she starts making good movies again.

  12. Yupp says

    Lucas H. : Wasn’t that a whole room full of narcissists though? All clapping for themselves? I don’t know why they bothered to televise it. (So the peasants could watch??)

  13. coexxi says

    I’ve known for at least 10 years that Jodie Foster is gay. Many, many years ago there photos of her and her partner published.
    She was never in the closet. She didn’t have a “beard” at any point of her life.
    I hate how many people attack JF for being in the glass-closet. Especially considering the whole John Hinkley situation. Also: she was a star over 30 years ago and actors didn’t give away there private life at this time (well, most of them).

  14. Robbie says

    Why isn’t anyone mentioning that Jodie Foster has only four or five good movies to her credit? She isn’t that great a star and for years her movies have been terrible !

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