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'The Onion' Mocks Jodie Foster's 'Kind of Coming Out' Speech: VIDEO


Funny or Die is not the only outlet finding comedy in Jodie Foster's Golden Globes speech.

The Onion News Network reports that Foster's speech is inspiring a whole generation of LGBT youth to come out to their parents in riddle form by giving confusing speeches to their friends and family.

It has also spawned an awareness campaign called The We Are All...Single, Just Kidding, But Seriously, I Am...Together, In This Room Project.

Next stop, SNL?


Jodie Foster Inspires Teens To Come Out Using Vague, Rambling Riddles 

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  1. I've known for at least 10 years that Jodie Foster is gay. Many, many years ago there photos of her and her partner published.
    She was never in the closet. She didn't have a "beard" at any point of her life.
    I hate how many people attack JF for being in the glass-closet. Especially considering the whole John Hinkley situation. Also: she was a star over 30 years ago and actors didn't give away there private life at this time (well, most of them).

    Posted by: coexxi | Jan 17, 2013 5:39:45 AM

  2. Why isn't anyone mentioning that Jodie Foster has only four or five good movies to her credit? She isn't that great a star and for years her movies have been terrible !

    Posted by: Robbie | Jan 17, 2013 2:32:56 PM

  3. I offer my commentary on the public response to Ms. F's public speech.

    Posted by: Jess Mason McFadden | Jan 17, 2013 3:58:51 PM

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