Pentagon Blocks Towleroad, Websites Designated as ‘LGBT’

John Aravosis at Americablog reports that Towleroad is among the websites blocked by the U.S. Department of Defense:

PentagonBut what's really offensive is that the Pentagon has a censorship category called "LGBT."  And if you’re deemed "LGBT" by the Pentagon, they ban you.

I wonder if the Pentagon has a censorship category titled "Jewish," "African-American," or "Latino."

The LGBT filter existed before the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, but still has not been fixed.  And the Pentagon was notified of the problem as early as last summer, 2012.  Yet no one's gotten around to doing anything about it. I'm also told that the censorship varies service and geographical reason – it's not entirely clear why the Pentagon doesn't use the same bans nationwide and agency-wide, if it's going to use any bans at all. This problem has to be fixed Pentagon-wide.

Apparently Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh are okay, however, despite the hate they spew.


  1. Fahd says

    Making the law/policy and enforcing it are two different things. In California, there are still counties that do not have standard boilerplate language in their vendor agreements concerning protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation even though the law came into effect in January 2000.

    Inaction in enforcing anti-discrimination laws and in enforcing the repeal of don’t ask/don’t tell and unreasonable censorship of is something that Lambda-type organizations should be pursuing. There’s no glamour is this kind of legal work since it involves a lot of “nagging”, but it is a worthwhile cause.

  2. Francis says

    Now that it’s been made public, expect this to change quickly. It does highlight, though, that there are still issues within the military post-DADT and we haven’t achieved full victory yet.

  3. steven lucas says

    Well, the fact is that President Obama yesterday signed a piece of legislation which allows the Pentagon to ban web sites on the basis of religious or moral objection. Towleroad can now be legitimately banned by the Pentagon on the basis that it offends morality or religious belief. Thank Obama for it.

    It must be disappointing to all who supported Obama that it’s come to this.

  4. ameoba says

    If they can filter LGBT web sites – I will just filter out the defense portion of my tax bill since the defense dept probably won’t be rushing to protect me and my rainbow flag :)

  5. steven lucas says

    I’ve noticed that both GLAAD and HRC have been rather slack in terms of pushing for federal reform in anti-discrimination legislation, namely ENDA. Will these organisations please lift their game?

  6. Jim E says

    My employer does not block anything, but I know customers I work with who have heavy filtering (including blocking social media sites like Facebook and Youtube). I noticed that the Ottawa airport blocked JoeMyGod last year, but NOT Towleroad!

  7. Yupp says

    AG : As scuzzy as Coulter and Limbaugh can be, I doubt they’ve ever made the contact info. of falsely-accused people available so gay men can threaten them with death and mutilation. So….yeah, re. Towleroad. NOT nice people here…

  8. Graphicjack says

    My guess is they are trying to ban all the porn sites, and have lumped any non-sexual GLBT site in with them in an unsophisticated attempt at keeping things clean. But why should Pentagon employees be looking at Towleroad at their jobs anyway? Shouldn’t they… I dunno… Be working?

  9. Randy says

    I used to work for the DoD and the problem is, they don’t want it known on how many hits the website would get from Pentagon employees. They think if the information goes public, it will have an adverse effect on Pentagon!

  10. says

    When I try and view my blog from work acess is denied by there ‘net nanny’ because of ‘adult content’. That reality is planetransgender is blocked because they think transsexulism is pornography. Have a nice day.

  11. Dimitri says

    Is it possible that its not the written content but perhaps the tantalizing sidebars with “hotties of the day” and saucy ads with men in speedos etc that might incite the filter? Just saying.

  12. Donald says

    So people are complaining that a company/organization can decide what their computers meant for work only use can view? And I’m supposed to find this shocking? It would only be an outrage if the Pentagon said that employees were banned from viewing LGBT sites at any time, from any device. Stipulating what websites a work computer can and can’t access is pretty standard. I mean sorry Towleroad won’t get those extra hits to justify the cost of ad space…

  13. Jim Brown says

    Funny how Conservatives believe the 2nd Amendment is sacred and cannot be interpreted but yet the 1st Amendment is subject to anyone’s personal interpretation. This is a discriminatory violation of the First Amendment by simply ‘lumping’ LGBT subject matter into ‘pornography’.

  14. Frank says

    Can still view towleroad from DOD computers in Germany as of 04 January 2013 so I think it must be just the pentagon that bans the sites. Even so, that’s a shame.

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