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RoadMixner: Why How to Survive a Plague's Oscar nomination is so important.

RoadPlano, Texas couple say they were kicked out of bowling alley for not being a family.

WenzelRoadTransgender beauty Kylan Wenzel competes in the Miss California pageant this weekend: "We all know that beauty is just skin deep.  Beauty is not something that is earned—it’s something you’re born with or the doctor helps you with, whatever. Beauty is what you do with it."

RoadHere is what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie.

RoadHetrick Martin Institute youth share their thoughts on anti-gay slurs in response to Azealia Banks' refusal to address the one she used earlier this week in a Twitter feud with Perez Hilton.

RoadFull list of 2013 Brit award nominees.

RoadTransphobic and homophobic attack reported in Broadripple, Indiana.

RoadRush Limbaugh doubles down on homosexuality and pedophilia connection: "I didn’t make any of this up.  There are people advocating for classifying pedophilia as normal, they did a study.  A lot of people.  The results of the study.  I simply asked you to think what was your first reaction when you heard first about gay marriage?  And I said you’re probably having the same reaction here.  And gay marriage is now standard, normal operating procedure.  This could be, too."

RoadBuzzfeed's Chris Geidner profiles DOMA plaintiff Edie Windsor.

RoadHenry Cavill is off the market.

2ndamendmentRoadTwo a-holes asserting their 2nd Amendment right in Portland.

RoadWashington City Paper explores the complicated Bear scene: "And now a whole taxonomy of bears and related archetypes—cubs, muscle bears, otters, chasers—has complicated the scene, clarified its folkways, and opened it up to more ages and body types and interests. There are bear alternatives within the wider bear ecosystem—some bears are more outre or punk or traditionalist than others. And there’s a withering sense among some old grizzlies that the scene has lost sight of its inclusive ethos—and the opposite concern among others that it has become too open to outsiders."

RoadSweden ends forced sterilization of trans people.

RoadA new princess is on the way! And she's not a lady.

RoadHagel and Giglio: When homophobia comes back to haunt.

HensleyRoadOut Union J boybander Jaymi Hensley gets a massive new tattoo.

RoadLady Gaga attacks Kelly Osbourne: "Your work on E! with the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another. 'Appearance”' is the most used reason for bullying in the world. Your show breeds negativity, and over the years has even become comedic in nature…"

RoadSharon fires back: "Your open letter is hypocritical and full of contradictions…Example, when I saw you wear a dress made out of raw meat, I was sickened. When I see you wearing fur, and using it as a fashion statement, the fact that defenseless animials have been killed so you can get your picture in the press is abhorrent to me. Shouldn't you be teaching your 'little monster' fans to respect animals and life?"

RoadSoccer stud Jamie Redknapp hits the beach in Barbados.

RoadJohnny Marr no longer speaks with Morrissey at all: "We don't have any reason to, to be honest," he says, with a touch of glumness. When Marr remastered the Smiths' back catalogue two years ago, he emailed Morrissey (along with all his ex-bandmates) saying he could hear the love in the music, but didn't hear back. "It was a nice way to leave it, I think," he considers, tiptoeing carefully around too much discussion of his former partner. "You can only try and be friendly with someone for so long without getting anything back. You just think: 'Ah, f**k it.'"


  1. says

    that ink is GORGEOUS.

    the guys with guns are everything that is wrong with the abuse of the Second Amendment.

    check out David Pakman’s show from yesterday about Second Amendment distinctions – in a nutshell, either it applies to the kinds of guns that were around when the Amendment was drafted or it applies to any darn weapon currently available.

    and Limbaugh continues to soak his hands in blood.

  2. Paul R says

    Red ink doesn’t age very well, though.

    A big public fight between Gaga and the Osbournes? What silliness. Though I sometimes watch Fashion Police as a guilty pleasure, and they take pot shots at Gaga all the time. But maybe Kelly should fight her own battles.

  3. Nat says

    Andy, I wish you had linked to the actual Times piece as opposed to the dlisted remix of it.

    As for the story: I normally cannot abide the strange mixture of admiration and loathing that is inherent to every story about Hollywood sleaze. Journalists have a nasty habit of concocting a narrative imbued with meaning that simply isn’t there in reality. But after reading that piece, I hope one day someone makes a movie about the making of The Canyons. I suspect it will be infinitely more interesting than the movie that will actually be made.

    What struck me the most was the description of Deen – despite his apparent ascension to the top of the heterosexual male porn pile, he comes off as more than a little tragic.

  4. joe says

    A-holes, for exercising second amendment rights? Then I guess the writer of this blog is an a-hole for exercising first amendment rights.

    “check out David Pakman’s show from yesterday about Second Amendment distinctions – in a nutshell, either it applies to the kinds of guns that were around when the Amendment was drafted or it applies to any darn weapon currently available.”

    Really? Then the first amendment only applies to newspapers or printing presses that were around in 1791? The fourth amendment does apply to phone conversations or your computer? Only those storage places that were available in 1791?

  5. says

    Those two scruffy wankers should be told by the public to leave their penis toys at home.

    What a pair of losers.

    @ Joe : Who gives a *uck about an amendment that is patently past its sell-by date ?
    Get a life……and pu away your penis toy.

  6. EdwardIV says

    Prince William’s daughter, regardless of the line of succession, would have been Princess [name] regardless. I mean, Andrew’s daughters have always had that title. I think the title is still bestowed upon by the regent, it isn’t automatic, but this isn’t any indication of anything other than their child will have it bestowed. Doesn’t seem surprising or innovative in any way. It’s probably only unusual in that they will be great grandchildren of the monarch and that hasn’t happened often.

  7. KT says

    I am starting to get so sick of all the gay subcultures – are you a twink, bear, otter, leather, queen, club kid, gym bunny, etc, etc. Who cares? Are you fun to be with, good at conversation, interested in more than just your body and sex, open minded and friendly? Much more important.

  8. says

    aint it funny, Jack?

    these pathetic second-amendment abusers create their own world of fear.

    people walking around armed to the teeth…we’re supposed to feel safe? we’re not supposed to wonder which ones are “patriots” and which are maniacs out for shooting-spree infamy?

    all the nonsense the pro-gun cowards have been spewing of late makes me ask this:

    how am i supposed to feel when i see a guy with an assault rifle walking into a cinema? am i supposed to feel relieved that he’s there, in case SOMEONE ELSE with a gun starts to open fire, or am i to be in fear that he may be the one to do it?

    similarly – how do the mentally unhinged nutcases wandering around with guns feel when they see other folks carrying guns? do they see a fellow gun-loving brother exercising his Second Amendment Rights, or do they see a threat that means they better be ready to open fire on him?


  9. Kendall says

    A show hosted by Joan Rivers has over the years become comedic in nature? Either she doesn’t get it, or they’ve made some pot-shots at her that she didn’t like.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “I am starting to get so sick of all the gay subcultures – are you a twink, bear, otter, leather, queen, club kid, gym bunny, etc, etc. Who cares? Are you fun to be with, good at conversation, interested in more than just your body and sex, open minded and friendly? Much more important.”

    Absolutely, KT! All these categories are tiring and limiting.

    So, tell me, KT, whatchu’ think of butch queens?

  11. LiamB says

    And yet, Yupp, what he said has bee echoed by many right here in the US of A. Oklahoma just got through passing a law that allows open carry, and I have heard a great number of people express those concerns. The fact that you can’t seem to grasp such a simple concept is just sad. Or perhaps, it’s merely that you are still butt hurt over past conflicts with Kiwi and refuse to acknowledge valid concerns, which just makes you pathetic.

  12. says

    aint it funny Derrick?

    “what kind of guys are you into?”

    well, I’m into guys. it’s not “what kind” you are, but how you are about it. no matter what “type” you may think you are, or others put you into, it’s all the intangibles that make you interesting. or not. 😉

  13. says

    i repeat: if we live in a culture where everyone is free to walk around carrying assault-rifles, where does that leave us?

    in a permanent state of panic, wondering which ones are carrying ‘for protection’ and which ones are carrying to become infamous killers?

    add to that the reality that gun-defenders are, CLEARLY, incredibly paranoid individuals and you have a recipe for disaster: legions of complete idiots defending their right to carry guns while also believing that others who are carrying are possibly looking to go on shooting sprees.


  14. Paul R says

    I’m with you, Kiwi. No one needs a gun. I wish they would ban hunting, given that it’s hardly sport to kill animals and few people need it for subsistence eating. (Spend that money you put toward ammo toward food.)

    And why do so many people believe the government is going to come after them? For what? The government doesn’t really care about you, and if it wanted to come after you, its bombs, grenades, and myriad other weapons will take you out long before even your assault rifle will protect you.

  15. says

    LiamB, ignore Yupp the troll.

    and Towleroad readers, i truly and humbly apologize for feeding these cowards for so long. my bad. 2013 resolution: ignore em.
    the Yupp/Jason/Rick/UFFDA/and on and on and on.

    i get it – those who have a Visible presence become the obsessions of those who can’t. and i truly apologize for my part in letting their idiocy get nourishment.

    so ignore that hack. he’s just trying to get my attention. this, btw, is the reason that those troll types are so unsuccessful in life as gay people – rather than work on changing things in the real world, they use the internet to anonymously lash out at everyone who is doing what they themselves aren’t simply man enough to actually do.

  16. Diogenes Arktos says

    The Right Wing blogosphere went ballistic about the false story that involved the New Black Panthers just standing around without weapons intimidating voters. I can only imagine how the Right Wing blogosphere will spin this story about Portland.

    @Joe: As a gay Christian, I’m not thrilled with the strong anti-religious bias of many commenters on TR, but I acknowledge their opinions and don’t call them “a-holes”.

  17. Yupp says

    Kiwi : You are always on here under different names. Artie In Lauderdale. Lipstick Lesbian. Buckie. You’re fooling no one. Your only real identity is (probably!) the trust-fund Canadaian one who lives with his parents.

  18. says

    Diogenes, you may come from a similar Christianity to the one i was raised in (united church of canada); i hear a lot of anti-Christian, anti-religious talk. but it doesn’t bother me. why? i know it has nothing to do with the open, accepting, welcoming, progressive and humanist church that i had the sheer dumb luck to be brought up in.

    it’s one of those lucky moments in life: i hear the anti-religious comments and i dont’ disagree with them. at the same time knowing that any anti-religious person could attend a service at the church i grew up in and, no joke, not disagree with anything they’d hear.

    here’s hoping that the more progressive denominations are able to wean people off a need for religious beliefs to be their “get out of jail, free” card.

  19. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, now. For all of you who believe that Gay people and Transgender are separate: look at that story Andy highlighted. A Transman being brutally Gay-bashed as he was being called a “f.ggot”. Yep, we’re in this thing together.

    Talk about the absolute stupidity of anti-Gay thugs.

  20. Caliban says

    Here’s the truth on the matter, no matter WHERE you stand on the issue of gun rights. There is absolutely NO way to know if two men armed that way are on their way to a massacre or not. All you really know is that they’re carrying a means to kill you from a long-distance. Not just you but possibly many others too.

    You are ONLY as safe as they are sane, and frankly the fact that they’ve hinky enough about guns to swagger around with high-powered rifles on city streets to prove something doesn’t speak well for their mental stability.

  21. Yupp says

    Yeah, but Caliban, someone can also have a knife to stab you. Or push you in front of the subway train. I agree those two in the pic are probably resentful idiots, but….Those types shouldn’t ruin it for some people (gay and straight) who genuinely need a weapon for protection.

  22. bareback rider says

    Liberals love gun control for the simple fact that it directly impacts the most independent, self reliant, and free thinking of us as demonstrated by our refusal to proxy our personal protection out to an unaccountable government.

  23. Paul R says

    Why would a stranger try to stab you (takes time) or push you in front of a train (witnesses) unless they were raving lunatics? And if it’s someone you know, you’re spending time with the wrong people. What’s the benefit? Attackers just want money, not 10 years in prison.

    I’ve been mugged five times. In every case I was assaulted from behind with no warning. Having a weapon would have done nothing except maybe get their disgusting blood on me, and there’s almost no chance that I could have used it anyway. People who inflict random assaults tend to know how to disable you quickly, despite me being tall and fairly big. If you dress nicely and spend time in crappy parts of town, you’re marked.

  24. Caliban says

    Yupp, if someone comes at me with a knife I only have to worry about them if they come with arm’s reach. Those two could kill me from a block away and I’d never see them. You can’t outrun a bullet.

    Personally, given the state of gun laws in this country and violence towards gays, I don’t blame any gay person who DOES carry a weapon. If you accept, as most people do, that the 2nd Amendment doesn’t mean you should be able to buy a bazooka or an anti-aircraft gun then you have drawn a line somewhere. Exactly WHERE that line should be drawn is a valid topic for discussion and debate.

  25. Audi-owner says

    There are some seriously twisted faggots on this blog. Probably self-loathing GOProud supporters and straight losers trying to pose as gay men. No wonder this site went down the shitter,just like this ass backwards country.

  26. Vint says

    @EdwardIV: sorry, but you’re wrong on the “princess” issue. From 1917 until today, the title of “Prince” or “Princess” in the UK was limited to the children of a monarch and the children of the sons of any such monarch, and to the eldest living son of the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. (Of course, it was also extended to wives of Princes.) It’s automatic, it’s not bestowed: the only Prince title that is not automatic is Prince of Wales, which needs to be specifically granted. The children of a daughter of a monarch (e.g., Princess Anne’s children) are not Princes or Princesses.

    The daughters of Prince Andrew are princesses because they are children of a son of a monarch (i.e., male-line grandchildren), while this declaration affects the next generation beyond them.

    Prince William is the eldest son of the Prince of Wales. His eldest son would have been a Prince, but any younger sons would not, and any daughters would not have been Princesses.

    Now all his children will be Princes or Princesses, regardless of birth order or place in line to the throne.

    One wonders how Prince Edward’s children must feel, as the Queen had declared on Edward’s wedding day that *his* children would be styled as children of an Earl rather than Prince or Princess, to which they would have otherwise been entitled.

    Thus, the youngest grandchild of the Queen, Viscount Severn, is not styled as a Prince, but the next expected great-grandchild, the son or daughter of WIlliam, will be….

    This still falls short of gender neutrality, as the children of daughters of monarchs are treated differently from children of sons. And they still have to sort out what happens if the heir apparent is female: will they make her Princess of Wales, or not…

  27. Craig says

    All I could think about with those two with the guns is: What’s keeping somebody from shooting them in the back and taking their weapons? Carrying a gun does not insure your safety.

  28. Diogenes Arktos says

    @JackFknTwist: From High School teachers I know, joined up writing is out, printing is in. There have been serious proposals to stop teaching it in elementary schools.

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